AgTube: The #Plant16 Song

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The 2016 planting season has been Deja Vu all over again for many farmers in the Midwest. The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins wrote this tune to help share their agony with the rest of the country. It this fits what your spring has been like…Crank…It…Up!Lyrics: It’s been 45 day since I started rollin’ Yeah this plating seasons been really tollin’ It was off to a good start thought I’d be spending the month of May in my tractor. I’ve been waking up every morning hoping Dirt would be right l I could get it going But now it’s June and here I sit And I’m feelin’ like such a slacker I’ve been trying not to lose my temper Always like ready set can’t go Older farmers say they always remember Springs like this but I need to see my crops grow Other neighbors say that they’re about done Please just don’t share that stuff with me Farming should be a bit more fun But I’m not even close with #plant16 All I want to do is get these seeds in With some great help in the buddy seat When I’m all done you know you’ll see it I’ll be sure to send it out in a tweet Just about finished my last corn field But I’m not even close to done Them early farms won’t have that much yield Gonna tear ‘em up and give it one more run Mother Nature wasn’t all that helpful Hope I have plenty of corn seed By July I’ll have a beer by the pool Until then wish me luck with #replant16last_img