This woman has a unique dandruff home remedy: Wash your hair with urine

first_imgWhat is your go-to solution for dandruff? We are guessing many of you would recommend home remedies like lime juice, cold curd massages, or other things. But have you ever thought of using urine to wash your hair to get rid of dandruff?Miriam Lancewood, a former teacher-turned-wilderness explorer apparently washes her hair with urine and that has worked well for her, by her own admission.Previously a sports teacher, Miriam ditched the comfort of her home and city life in 2010 and left to live in the wilderness of New Zealand with her husband Peter.While speaking to Mamamia’s No Filter podcast, Miriam revealed that almost 9 years ago, when she left with her husband to live in the wild, she did not miss much from the comfortable city life, apart from shampoos.Miriam said she struggled with a bad bout of dandruff during her first winter away from home.However, husband Peter, might have had a trick up his sleeve. She said, “Peter said he’d heard something about the eskimos up north who treat their dandruff with morning urine. I thought I’d give it a go. What does it matter?’The 34-year-old, hailing from Wehl in Holland, recalled peeing in a little tin and wetting her hair to allow it to become more absorbent.She said that she poured the tin of morning urine over her head and she waited until she could smell it. However, Lancewood later washed it off with soap. “It works really well,” she added on the podcast.advertisementThe urine trick is just one of the many unusual things the couple does to make life a little easier in the wild.She also uses charcoal and ash to brush her teeth!ALSO SEE: Author loses necklace with mom’s ashes at airport, post goes viral. Internet saves the dayALSO WATCH: Two cute lion cubs make adorable debut at Vladisovstok zoolast_img