first_imgTouch Football Australia’s Sport Development Unit has been hosting a staff workshop for operational staff from Sunday 23 September to Tuesday 25 September 2007 in Coffs Harbour.The core of Operational staff were already in Coffs Harbour working at the 2007 X Blades National 18 Years and Under Championships, and the timing of the workshop fitted well from a logistical and cost effective perspective.The conference has brought together 17 TFA staff from all over the nation to increase knowledge and share their experiences in the delivery of the sport.The Operational Workshop has replaced the National Development Officer Conference.TFA National Participation Manager Marianne Maguire, who was a driving force behind the revamped workshop, is excited about the outcomes the conference will achieve.“We really needed something to help develop the knowledge and share the collective ideas of our operational staff who are decision makers as well as key delivery personnel  – people such as Operational Managers, and Sport Development staff who need to continually be challenged and educated to ensure we deliver the sport to its full potential,” Mrs. Maguire said. Topics for presentation have include: Overview of TFA and discussion of roles for staff, Marketing and Branding, Product Knowledge and Professional Development, National Operations Units updates, Trends of the Game, Legal Issues for Affiliates, Finance, Information Technology, and the ASET Program. “Facts Sheet” will be completed by staff members on each of the presented topics to assist with the formation of Operational Manuals for existing and new staff. Touch Football Australia Board of Management Chairman, Mr. Peter Rooney, and Touch Football Australia Chief Executive Officer Colm Maguire were on hand to address the staff and present direction and perspective on the Strategic and Operational endeavours of the sport.“The workshop is another opportunity for us to review, identify, consolidate, and focus on the coordination of our strategic and operational practices. It also provides a fantastic environment for crucial professional development of our staff who are striving to deliver the sport in the best way possible for our affiliated members,” Mr. Maguire said.Guest presenters included Britt Homewood from TFA’s major sponsor Kos Sports X Blades, Michael Broadbent from TFA’s official photographer Michael Broadbent, and various Sport Development Unit staff who gave insights into crucial interest areas that affect the delivery of the sport. The TFA Operational staff, whilst weary from their endeavours in running the X Blades National 18 Years and Under Championships, embraced the Workshop concept enthusiastically.Western Australia’s Operations Manager Angela Doyle believes the workshop offered the chance for understanding and accord across the TFA organisation, and to share ideas with other staff that make valuable contributions to the knowledge well for all.“The key is communication, it is imperative for success, creating links within the organisation, and strengthening us as a unit to deliver like outcomes for the sport,” Ms. Doyle said.The conference will wind up today with all staff heading back to their respective States to build on the knowledge gleaned from the workshop.last_img