Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Promises to Take Actions Against Hate Speech

Casablanca – The ‘private’ chat between Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg and Chancellor, Angela Merkel regarding hate speech and inappropiate comments on his social networking website became publicly known when the two unknowlingly left the microphones on during a UN-conference in New York.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised Chancellor Angela Merkel to take care of measures against hateful comments on his online network. “I think we need to work on it,” Zuckerberg told Merkel at a UN event. Further, when Merkel asked if he wanted to improve the situation, he answered with “Yes.” The conversation between the two could be heard over an unknowingly live table microphone during a UN livestream event. Regardless whether this announcement was formally or informally planned, strong actions against xenophobic comments are necessary and long overdue. In mid- September, Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas from the social-democratical party in Germany (SPD) met with Facebook representatives in Berlin in order to discuss the wave of hatred shown on Facebook. Maas showed his irritatation about the fact that revealing pictures are promptly taken off, whereas racist comments with complaints of users are rarely taken care of.Since the refugee crisis begun, some spiteful Facebook users are using the platform to spread inhumane and right-wing extremist slogans against refugees. Although Facebook is deleting inappropiate pictures immediately, racist or xenophobic utterances are not removed at short notice. This problem concerns everyone considering it leads to mass hysteria, propaganda, and cyber-bullying.