We bear responsibility for a fruitful future says Argentine leader at UN

. “A natural disposition to unify,” and “an ability to envision the long-term,” are vital attributes in sustaining an inclusive society, she explained. Ms. Michetti acknowledged this is a time of much conflict, but this does not come without ample chances for improvement. She said: “The historical time we live in is full of challenges and opportunities.” Speaking for her country, she said Argentina reaffirms its will to become more globally integrated through building bridges with the international community. This commitment, she said, is reflected in the plans for Argentina to be the host of the eleventh World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference in December. Detailing more efforts to improve and expand cross-cultural relationships, the Vice-President underscored the importance in addressing the long-standing dispute between Argentina and the United Kingdom. In conclusion, Ms. Michetti expressed that the international community carries an “enormous responsibility to sow a fruitful future.” “Our society should be, without a doubt, a work of love. Because justice and the search for the common good are a manifestation of love in the public sphere.” Full statement (in Spanish) available here