Google Chrome gets Bullet physics libray using Native Client

first_imgNative Client finally went stable in Google Chrome 14. Its potential is impressive, allowing native C code to run inside the Chrome browser and offer app performance that truly rivals that of traditional desktop programs.But there aren’t too many apps or games in the Chrome Web Store that take advantage of Chrome’s new secret sauce. That may change as key libraries get Native Client ports — libraries like the ubiquitous Bullet Physics.You may never have heard of Bullet Physics before, but it’s literally everywhere. It’s been used in countless games — like Android’s Riptide GP, Hydro Thunder for Xbox, and just about every Pixar title — and animated films from Dreamworks including Megamind to Shrek 3D. It’s also used by industry-leading apps like 3DMark 11, Cinema 4D 12, and Lightwave CORE.Now, Bullet Physics has arrived for Google Chrome.For the time being, it’s just a simple demonstration app that you can download from the Chrome Web Store. As you can see above, it’s a ramp, tennis ball, and a stack of wooden crates. Use your mouse’s scroll wheel to zoom in and out and click to grab objects and move (or fling) them around. There’s one caveat: though the Native Client is part of Chrome 14, this particular app requires Chrome 15 or better.Even on my middling, business-class PC the demo was extremely responsive. Now all we need is for some developers to take notice and get their games ported to Native Client. Speaking of which, does anyone know what ever became of that Lego Star Wars game Google teased us with when they first showed off the Chrome Web Store?More at Chrome Web Storelast_img