Rumor Wii Mini console launching December 7

first_imgBack in August, Nintendo announced it was introducing a new model of the Wii console. The new machine would be offered at a lower price, but in return would ship with a smaller set of features. Those feature cuts included no vertical stand and no backwards compatibility with Gamecube games–including a removal of the game controller ports.Nintendo’s focus has now turned to the Wii U and it won’t be releasing anymore first-party Wii games. However, another new Wii console might appear next month. There’s a rumor going around that a Wii Mini console is set to be released on December 7.Where as the redesign in August removed features, it did not change the size of the console. The Wii Mini is expected to fix that by offering a Wii with a much smaller footprint while shipping it with everything you need in the box (Wii, Wii Remote Plus, Nunchuk, and Sensor Bar).If true, it would mean Nintendo sees a future for a budget Wii which it could potentially offer for less than $100. A Wii is a smaller shell will cost less to make, ensuring Nintendo retains a profit while being able to offer the cheapest current gen console on the market today by some margin.As it stands, this is just a rumor. However, if Nintendo can hit a sub-$100 price point with a Wii Mini, and bundle a decent game too, it could fly off the shelves this Christmas. And if you consider the Wii U is expected to be sold out most places until March, Nintendo could do with the Wii having one last good Christmas to boost revenue.via NintendoWorldReportlast_img