Visually striking history of Nintendo is a handy guide to past consoles

first_imgOver the years, Nintendo has been through too many different video game consoles and handhelds — and iterations of the devices — to keep track of. Thankfully, graphic designer Anthony Veloso created this video to keep us from spending too much time perusing Wikipedia and committing Nintendo’s history to memory.While excellent the video doesn’t cover all of Nintendo’s bases — various redesigns seem to have been left out. However, he does include some lesser-known units such as the Game Boy Micro, which only sold around 1.5 million more units than the Virtual Boy, the console that is generally accepted to be Nintendo’s greatest failure.Try not to be too mad that Veloso left out the Virtual Boy as well as the Game Boy Pocket and the company’s Hanafuda playing cards, because the video is entertaining and it does cover just about everything you remember owning while growing up.Though Veloso missed consoles seemingly integral to Nintendo’s history, the video still shows that throughout that history — and not just beginning with the DS or Wii — the company has had a heavy focus on innovation. From the Game & Watch actually looking strikingly similar to the DS, to the Virtual Boy (although it was left out), to the waggle controls of the Wii, to the glasses-less 3D of the 3DS, and now to the recently-released tablet-based Wii U, Nintendo has never been afraid to innovate. And, whether you find it to be admirable or not that’s true whether or not those risks meant putting the company in danger.via Anthony Velosolast_img