Quiz What is your relationship with your phone like

first_img No – I’d like to use it less. Tweet I don’t have to think about it as I am phone-free a lot. Do you take ‘tech-free’ days where you don’t use your phone at all? A few times a week. Every time I watch TV. Rarely. Do you ever realise you’re just scrolling mindlessly on your phone, with no real purpose for using it? Never. Rarely. Occasionally. No. Under 7. Share your result: You scored out of ! More than 10. 31,455 Views You use your smartphone frequently – to the point that you don’t want to use it any more than you already do. Tweet If you left your phone at home when you went out, how would you feel? Share your result: Do you look at your phone in bed before you go to sleep? A few times a week. Light user Just one person. Has anyone ever remarked on how often you use your phone? Share your result: Never. Shutterstock Maybe once or twice a week. Yes. How many social media and messaging apps (eg Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp) do you have on your phone? http://jrnl.ie/3321470 Shutterstock Unhappy and restless. Shutterstock I schedule time into my week to be phone-free. Heavy user Every night. Share By Aoife Barry Frequent user FOR THE FIRST week of our Live A Better Life series, we’re starting off small: we’re getting to know how we interact with our phones before we make any major changes.As knowledge is power, it’s time for us to be honest about our phone use, and take a proper look at it.So for Day One in Week One, we’re simply asking you to take this quiz. No need to do anything afterwards, just see how you feel about the results, and let us know in the comments if you wish. Source: Shutterstock/igorstevanovic Do you keep your phone beside your bed? Answer all the questions to see your result!center_img Yes. You scored out of ! Share Never. I wouldn’t mind at all. Share Tweet Email5 Tweet Moderate user Quiz: What is your relationship with your phone like? Take our quiz and see whether you and your phone need a break – or get on just fine. I have once or twice. Free, but I’d hope I hadn’t missed anything. Do you have notifications on your phone? Shutterstock Under 5. You’re not tied to your phone – in fact, sometimes you forget about it totally. Monday 17 Apr 2017, 10:31 AM Share your result: Share Tweet Yes – I don’t think I need to change it. You scored out of ! Shutterstock Shutterstock On weekday nights, but not weekends. 0 – 2. At least once every day. Shutterstock Apr 17th 2017, 10:31 AM Do you use your phone while watching TV? You use your phone moderately – you take regular tech breaks and aren’t too tied to it. I often leave it at home. Shutterstock You use your phone a lot – and it’s something you’re conscious of. Are you happy with how often you use your phone? One or two nights a week. You scored out of ! 22 Comments No. Yes, more than one person. Share Want more? Get this wellness series emailed to you every Friday this month: Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img