Zillows AIPowered 3D Home Tours Available Now on iOS

first_imgStay on target We’re all busy people. Between work, kids, Game of Thrones, taxes, and self care, who has time to schedule tours of potential new homes?No one, that’s who.That’s about to change, though, with the launch of Zillow 3D Home.The real estate firm this week unveiled its AI-powered mobile platform, which lets iOS users capture and view 360-degree panoramic photos for free.“Previously, 3D tours were only found on high-end or expensive homes, due to the high cost and time-intensive capture process,” according to Josh Weisberg, senior director of product development for Zillow 3D and computer vision. “Now with 3D Home, adding an immersive experience to a home listing is fast, easy, and free, which benefits buyers and sellers at all price points.”It’s especially handy among Gen Z and Millennial buyers, many of whom find 3D tours or recorded video of a home important in their decision-making process.(As a reluctant Millennial, I will admit that seeing a prospective rental in full—from the comfort of my couch—automatically puts the seller in good standing.)The 3D Home app, currently available only for iOS, walks users through the 360-degree-image capture process, then uses artificial intelligence to stitch together “seamless” tours. It can also enhance photo exposure and select thumbnail images to be represent each room.If you’ve ever used Google Street View, you’ll have no problem maneuvering through Zillow’s 3D Home program. Simply click on a specific space to go directly there, or drag and tap your way through the dwelling.Finished tours are accessible via the My 3D Home dashboard to edit, share privately, or add directly to a listing.Zillow piloted the program early last year in select U.S. markets, and quickly saw strong demand for the technology across the country; during field testing, nearly half of the thousands of 3D tours were generated outside markets supported at the time.Download the Zillow Real Estate & Rentals iOS app now to start touring homes, without ever leaving your own.More on Geek.com:Warby Parker’s AR App Lets You Virtually Try on GlassesYou Can Virtually Try on Sneakers With This Cool AppWarm Up With a Virtual Tour of Lava-Covered Exoplanet 55 Cancri e McDonald’s Plans to Serve AI Voice Technology at Drive ThruCIMON Returns to Earth After 14 Months on ISS last_img