Stuart winning in county commissioner race

first_imgClark County Commissioner Steve Stuart appeared to pick up another four-year term Tuesday, as preliminary results showed him with 51.9 percent of the vote.Republican Alan Svehaug received 47.9 percent of the vote.A total of 4,043 votes separates Stuart and Svehaug.The 39-year-old widely endorsed Stuart campaigned on his efforts to keep the county afloat during the recession and ongoing attempts to diversify the county’s economy in the wake of the homebuilding bust. The county’s general fund has been cut three times since January 2009 by a total of 22 percent.County staffers have been rewriting development code to make it, as Stuart often says in meetings, “better, faster, cheaper” to bring jobs to Clark County, which has the highest unemployment rate in the state. As an extra incentive, commissioners recently approved a 14-month-long fee waiver for certain business developments.Stuart, a Democrat, told voters he understands the complexities of the full-time job, which pays $98,220 a year. Svehaug, in contrast, campaigned against a proposal to put tolls on a replacement Interstate 5 bridge, an issue not under the direct control of county commissioners. Svehaug, 58, stood out as the lone Republican who couldn’t win the endorsement of the Building Industry Association of Clark County, despite his promise to be more accommodating to developers. According to reports filed with the Public Disclosure Commission, Stuart raised $79,739 to Svehaug’s $5,763.Svehaug, founder of the Learning Excellence Corp., which teaches speed-reading, did receive thousands of dollars worth of advertising from David Madore of