20th Anniversary Limited Edition PS4 is PS1themed

first_imgSony is clever in deciding to release this PS1-themed PS4. Millions of grown-up gamers have very fond memories of the original PlayStation, making this a very tempting purchase. But that’s where, in my opinion, Sony has made a mistake. This PS4 will only be manufactured in very limited quantities, with only 12,300 available worldwide (and individually numbered). It’s a shame because there’s easily a few hundred thousand sales to be made here, maybe even more.Sony will start selling the console in Japan and through its online store later today for $418. US and Canadian gamers can pre-order one from December 6, and European availability hasn’t been announced just yet. I imagine securing one regardless of where you are in the world is going to come down to luck because there are so few of them.One thing it would be nice to see Sony do is offer the PS1-themed DualShock 4 on its own and in much larger quantities. That would allow gamers who already have a PS4 to experience some of the nostalgia as well as netting the company some healthy extra profit from this anniversary. It would also go nicely with the PS1 Theme they have released for use on the PS4, which you can see in action below: Today is the 20th Anniversary of the launch of the original PlayStation, which hit Japanese store shelves on December 3, 1994. Western gamers had to wait until September 1995 to get their hands on one. To mark the anniversary, Sony has unveiled a rather special PS1-themed PlayStation 4, which will be available to purchase in very limited quantities.Known as the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition PS4, Sony has made everything about the console, peripherals, and even the packaging look like a PS1. That includes the console itself in original gray, the stand, a single DualShock 4 controller, and the PlayStation Camera that’s bundled, too. The unboxing videos below show you the complete package:last_img