Prepared by WFWP Slovakia On March 27 2017 we or

first_imgPrepared by WFWP SlovakiaOn March 27, 2017, we organized an event entitled “Maria Theresia: The Female Aspect of Dominion“ on the occasion of her 300th birthday (May 13,1717). Empress Maria Theresia who grew up in Vienna was crowned Queen of Hungary in Bratislava in June 1741; naturally quite many inhabitants showed great interest when the lecture was announced. Thanks to the support of some Austrian institution in town far more people than expected came; over 50 people found a place to sit or stand in the lecture hall, others did not get over the doorstep.The presentation was given by Barbara Grabner who like so many Austrians admires her, one of Europe´s most powerful rulers. Her presentation highlighted Maria Theresia´s reforms, her marriage and motherhood (16 children), her dynastic marriage policy and how she bravely defended the Habsburg Empire against invasions from neighboring kings.Unlike many other royals before and after her she insisted to marry the man she wanted and she loved her husband Franz Stephan dearly until he died, and even thereafter. Additionally, she outlined differences with some other female ruler. In Europe there were more than 50 ruling queens and over 30 female regents during the last 1,000 years.Among the audience, there was also a well-known historian who is writing a book about Maria Theresia; he contributed some comments on her activities on Slovak territory. Two radio journalists recorded the lecture entirely. One famous journalist interviewed Barbara Grabner and the historian; the interview was broadcasted by the Slovak Radio on Sunday afternoon. Interested guests received leaflets with an overview of WFWP activities in Slovakia. A few days later the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Women in the City” made a lengthy interview and is interested in further cooperation further.The same lecture will be held in Austria and in Hungary (Budapest on April 27, 2017) in various locations. Who is interested in host such a lecture, please contact [email protected]last_img