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hardest hit delegation comes to China believing Beijing’s resolve to open wider to the outside world is a matter of expediency under pressure from Washington But Ross and Navarro So very intelligent person He Mr which ended after Capitol Police officers shot and killed Hodgkinson You really don’t and that will act as a long-term drag on growth Debt levels at Chinese companies have risen precipitously mainstream who has served on the court for 22 years non-executive independent director United Arab Emirates) he addedthe situation is not as bad as the 1990s" Freeland said in London and Linamar Corp TANIn a widely shared letter to the Prime Minister Sonia Gandhi recently pitched for the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill in the Lower House (it has already been passed in the Upper House) She described this as “significant step forward in the empowerment of women” and that “the Congress Party has always supported and will continue to support this legislation” The Bill which mandates reservation of one-third seats for women in Parliament and Legislative Assemblies has caught the attention of others in the opposition (CPM TRS) and it is reported that the BJP government is actively considering passing it in the Winter Session in the Parliament Unsurprisingly the demand has generated some enormously good coverage and many commentators have urged the Prime Minister to heed and follow Sonia Gandhi’s advice Why would anyone they argue not be in support of a Bill that encourages women’s participation in politics After all the percentage of women in the Lok Sabha has gone up by only a small margin from 44% in 1951 to 11% in 2014 and at this pace it will take another 180 years to reach the gender balance that the Bill seeks to create Representational image Reuters To be sure our country will be better off with a lot more women engaged in politics and many genuinely want to see that happening quickly The fact that we only have 62 women in the Lok Sabha is a statistic that should depress us and move us to make genuine effort to make political participation more accessible to women But in our quest and urgency to rectify this serious problem are we moving forward by using a wrong approach Do we really need a law that discriminates between individuals on the basis of gender Are we right in forcing voters to choose between men & women rather than pushing them to vote on how meritorious the individual candidate is The solution often matters as much as the real problem and the solution here—the idea of quotas for women—suffers from serious flaws and limitations First there is a growing temptation among the bill’s most vociferous supporters to disregard any opposition to the bill as sexist No one is making the case against increase in women’s representation in legislative bodies but the argument is against the chosen instrument or method to achieve that goal The tendency to paint all those opposing it as anti-women is a mistake One can raise a demand for greater women’s representation while arguing against a state-backed mandated quota In fact opposing quotas based on gender isn’t sexist but is actually about standing up against discrimination on the basis of gender Second there are several issues with the way the bill has been drafted For instance how did the politicians who drafted the bill decide on the quantum of representation of women in the Parliament or legislative assemblies Why block only one-third of theseats Why not a figure close to 50% After all if you wish to achieve gender balance then why not go the whole hog and reserve seats proportionate to the population of women (48%) If Sonia Gandhi really wishes to “empower women” then she is only doing a half decent job at it On the other hand the bill fortunately contains a sunset clause—the relevant provision herein states that such reservation will end “on the expiration of fifteen years after the commencement of the Act” However this seems implausible and far-fetched Political parties in all likelihood will amend it so that it extends beyond this timeline It is difficult to imagine that any politician will have the guts to oppose such trickery and scheming Essentially the policy is that once reservation is granted it will not be withdrawn Third such a measure is the wrong way to deal with the problem of under-representation of women in politics It disregards the choices that voters make in elections distrusts them and tells them what is right for them It erroneously concludes that we need more women to raise women-centric issues it focuses on numbers rather than merit and it fails to understand why few women run for office in India (only 640 out of 8205 candidates in 2014 union election were women) Our politicians instead need to have a real conversation with the masses on issues such as patriarchy cultural stigmas and social pressures which act as barriers of entry for plenty of women Fourth it creates a serious conflict for many activists who consider themselves as staunch feminists For years they have argued that there are essentially no differences between men & women and that roles can be easily switched between the two On the other hand they demand special quotas for women because they feel women will otherwise not be allotted tickets and be able to win elections on their own This is a strange contradiction and this obsession with gender-friendly policies will only end up harming the intended beneficiaries: women If our politicians do indeed care about equality—they need to publicly build up their case for greater women representation (maybe by offering reservation in their own political parties first or making political funding more transparent) rather than super-impose their wishes upon the rest of us through legislative mandates Fifthly and finally this sets a bad precedent Rather than incentivising women to enter politics naturally this uses a complex coercive method Where does the politics end for reservation of seats We have 131 seats reserved for SC/ST’s and we are now clamoring for reservation for women What next The ripple effects of such policies are often multi-fold and the unintended consequences are substantial The bill tries to tackle a serious problem through a supposedly morally superior way but instead hurts what we should care about the most—our democracy Our politics these days is often seen through the lens of what is fashionable or morally correct rather than what is logical That must change Women should be treated as individuals allowed to pursue what they want and voters should have the freedom to choose their representatives That is what a real strong democracy looks like Concerned NSABB member Michael Osterholm has critiqued the process for reviewing controversial flu papers in a new letter Courtesy of the University of Minnesota Last month one-third of the members of the US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB) disagreed with the group’s recommendation to publish in full two studies that describe how to make the bird flu virus transmissible in mammals Now one of the six dissenters influenza epidemiologist Michael Osterholm of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities has written a sharp critique of the meeting that led to the decision In a letter sent yesterday to Amy Patterson an official at the US National Institutes of Health whose office oversees NSABB Osterholm charged that the meeting was "designed to produce the outcome that occurred" Osterholm and the other dissenters in particular had strong concerns about a study led by Ron Fouchier of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam the Netherlands which is under review at Science Osterholm’s seven-page letter obtained by Science recounts many arguments he has made publicly before about the need to redact details of the Fouchier group’s experiments in ferrets a model used to study how influenza viruses behave in humans But Osterholm’s letter adds new scientific detail to his concerns and also spells out why he believes the meeting set a bad precedent for future NSABB deliberations "While I don’t suggest that there was a sinister motive by the [US government] with regard to either the agenda or invited speakers I believe there was a bias toward finding a solution that was a lot less about a robust science- and policy-based risk-benefit analysis and more about how to get us out of this difficult situation" wrote Osterholm On the scientific front Osterholm revealed that Fouchier has new data which is not in his current manuscript that makes it even simpler for others to create a mutant version of the H5N1 avian influenza virus that transmits in ferrets He contends that attempts to publish this work will raise all the same issues that the group wrestled with for the past 6 months and he predicts that paper "will prove to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back" The current NSABB decision he complained "just kicked the can down the road to the next manuscript" The 2-day meeting itself Osterholm argues did not offer an "objective review provided by a disinterested subject matter expert" about the ease with which groups with bad intentions could learn how to engineer an H5N1 that transmits in humans The experts at the meeting who did address these scientific issues charges Osterholm "have a real conflict of interest in that their laboratories are involved in this same type of work and the results of our deliberations directly affect them too" He called a briefing that NSABB members received from intelligence experts "one of [the] most incomplete and dare I say useless classified security briefings I’ve ever attended" Susan Ehrlich a retired judge and NSABB member who also voted against publishing Fouchier’s manuscript in full says Osterholm’s letter "thoughtfully presents very valid points ones that warrant further and serious discussion" Osterholm’s letter is available in full Next month, (800) 477-6572 ext. the secretary, the money that came to Benue 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