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is trying to salvage peace talks that collapsed in September. spokesman Farhan Haq said the goal now was for political consultations before the end of the year.800 employees to strike in nine sites across the country, A gallon of gas went for $1. a spokesperson for the company, agencies, in an interview with 24/7 Wall St. Challenger Gray & Christmas CEO John Challenger explained that this is not the case for most companies Particularly in a strong economy many companies are "doing regular strategic evaluation of their business looking for areas of redundancy [and] looking for ways to make their organization a tighter ship" Technology companies were the largest downsizers last year with several long-time stalwarts leading the way Hewlett-Packard Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) announced the most job cuts not only among tech companies but also overall The industry as a whole announced more than 58000 job cuts in 2014 the highest number among all industries According to Challenger "technology is a particularly volatile sector in our economy [because] products become obsolete more quickly than they do in some other industries that are slower safer and have less opportunity" The industry with the second largest planned layoffs in 2014 was retail with nearly 42000 job cuts announced This figure is actually down from 2013 despite layoffs at Sears (NASDAQ: SHLD) as well as Coldwater Creek which declared bankruptcy in April Financial companies too were among the top companies cutting jobs JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM) for example was among the 10 companies with the most planned layoffs in 2014 One factor that often drives job cuts is industry evolution According to Challenger this is especially true in the retail sector "Its an area of low margins and fierce competition and technology is making a big difference in how consumers are coming to stores" Challenger said Retailers are making cuts he explained as a result of the changing retail landscape especially the fact that more shopping is done online Other companies cut jobs in an effort to continue to stay competitive Shareholders invest in companies that they hope will generate higher returns than other companies In order to provide such returns companies often restructure their operations to trim costs and increase profits which can lead to layoffs Sears Holdings which has been reporting declining sales and consistent losses in recent years is undergoing one of the most dramatic such restructurings CEO Eddie Lampert set up a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) to buy Sears stores and lease them back to the company and others This raised the companys stock price considerably despite the fact Sears is still losing money In some cases the companies that announced layoffs truly had no choice For example Coldwater Creek had to close all of its stores after filing for bankruptcy protection Not only were shareholders wiped out in the bankruptcy but also the company had to close all of its stores in order to pay off its creditors eliminating thousands of jobs in the process Challenger Gray & Christmas provided 24/7 Wall St with all job cut announcements affecting at least 500 positions through 2015 24/7 Wall St combined the planned cuts by company to identify the companies that announced the most job cuts last year We only considered publicly traded American companies However job cuts did not need to be entirely within the United States Some cuts announced last year may not be completed until later this year Consolidated revenues and employee totals are from each companys most recent financial report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission If the company did not disclose global headcount for the quarter figures from its last annual report were used We relied in part on our previous analysis of Challenger Grey & Christmas data published September 25th To the extent layoff figures were unchanged from that period discussions of companies that also appeared in our earlier article were kept the same These are the 10 companies cutting the most jobs 10 Amgen Inc > Job cuts: 4000 > Number of employees: 18000 > 1yr share price change: +2728% In recent years biotechnology company Amgen has reduced its global workforce as part of its restructuring plan to focus on drug development While layoffs in the technology sector more than doubled between the first halves of 2013 and 2014 job cuts in the pharmaceutical industry declined in that time falling by 154% Despite the industry trend the company announced in August it would cut 2900 employees In October Amgen announced it would close a research and development facility in Seattle that would result in an additional 1100 job cuts bringing the 2014 total to about 4000 The restructuring plan will reduce the companys workforce by up to 15% and includes the closure of several facilities in Washington and Colorado Amgen reported strong earnings in 2013 and in 2014 According to the company the layoffs are "natural steps in a long-term strategy" ALSO READ: 10 States With the Worst Taxes for the Average American 9 Procter & Gamble > Job cuts: 4430 > Number of employees: 118000 > 1yr share price change: +1172% Procter & Gamble announced in early November it would cut 4430 jobs the ninth highest number of announced job cuts reviewed Last year marks the fourth consecutive year the consumer products company has reduced its total workforce As of 2014 there were 118000 Procter & Gamble employees versus 132000 in 2009 As is the case with many other companies cost-cutting measures such as layoffs are often part of a strategy to maintain consistent income growth P&Gs net sales have grown each year since as early as 2012 The company reported net sales of $831 billion in the 12 months prior to June 2014 In addition to slashing employment P&G also announced in August that it would eliminate as many as 100 underperforming brands to further improve results 8 Sprint Corp > Job cuts: 5000 > Number of employees: 36000 > 1yr share price change: -4027% Sprint Corporation one of the nations largest cellphone carriers stated at the end of October it would lay off 5000 workers for restructuring purposes Earlier that month Sprint cut 452 jobs at its headquarters in Kansas Sprint had 36000 employees at the end of 2014 down from the approximately 38000 employees it had the year before Despite the layoffs Sprint may roughly double its store count in a deal with RadioShack which recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy If the deal is finalized Sprint would operate as a store-within-a-store in nearly 2000 RadioShacks 7 Intel Corp > Job cuts: 5350 > Number of employees: 106700 > 1yr share price change: +3566% At the start of 2014 after poor earnings and growth forecasts Intel announced it would implement cost cutting measures Part of the measures included plans to reduce its global workforce by 5350 people or 5% of its headcount throughout the year According to Intel spokesperson Chris Kraeuter the cuts would primarily consist of "people retiring redeploying or leaving voluntarily" In addition the chip maker announced in April that it was shutting down its assembly and test operations in Costa Rica While this eliminated 1500 jobs Intel continued to employ more than 1000 engineering finance and human resources workers in the country 6 Sears Holdings > Job cuts: 5400 > Number of employees: 249000 > 1yr share price change: -932% While layoffs are not always a sign of weak revenue retail holding company Sears has been closing stores and shedding employees for years as a result of faltering sales The company reported revenue of $362 billion for the 12 months through February 1 2014 down by more than $36 billion from the previous period According to Challenger Gray & Christmas Sears announced in October 5400 job cuts the sixth largest compared with other US public companies However Sears is closing stores so fast that it may be difficult to keep track In 2014 the company closed 235 stores most of which were Kmart locations The layoffs were announced at a time when most retailers were hiring workers for the holiday season As of the beginning of 2014 Sears had roughly 226000 US employees including part-time workers ALSO READ: Cities Where Crime is Soaring 5 Coldwater Creek > Job cuts: 5500 > Number of employees: N/A > 1yr share price change: -9284% Womens apparel retailer Coldwater Creek filed for bankruptcy in April after it was unable to find a buyer for its operations Shareholders in the company were wiped out as the company began the process of closing its 350 stores and laying off its 5500 workers However there may be a silver lining for at least a few employees As part of bankruptcy proceedings other retailers bought a number of Coldwater Creeks leases While most employees may be out of luck customers may be able to soon buy Coldwater Creek merchandise again Private equity firm Sycamore Partners bought the Coldwater Creek brand name The new owner relaunched the brand as Coldwater Creek Direct an online retailer that aims to sell women apparel via a catalog For the rest of the list please go to 24/7WallStreetcom Contact us at [email protected] color purple is so inextricably linked with the artist Prince that the musician is often referred to as “The Purple One” and with good reason He sported the color constantly named an iconic album and movie Purple Rain had instruments and performances completely saturated in the color and reportedly decorated an NBA player’s entire mansion (including the fountain water) in the plummy shade In fact Prince’s love of purple recently inspired a custom Pantone shade named “Love Symbol #2” in honor of the time when His Purpleness was known as the artist formerly known as Prince However contrary to popular belief his sister Tyka Nelson told The Evening Standard that her brother’s favorite color was not purple but orange Nelson revealed Prince’s surprising preference while talking about a collection of his belongings from his estate at Paisley Park which it should be noted is mostly decorated in shades of purple “The stand out piece [of his collection] for me is his orange Cloud guitar” she said “It is strange because people always associate the color purple with Prince but his favorite color was actually orange" Prince’s fondness for orange isn’t so hard to fathom despite his seeming preference for purple he dressed in orange from time to time including the shimmering orange pantsuit he wore to the 2015 Grammy Awards Write to Cady Lang at [email protected] were stunned to find a long lost statue of the Greek god Apollo resurface on eBay selling at the bargain basement price of $500000 But buyer beware the ownership could be in dispute According to the UK Guardian a fisherman in the Gaza Strip claims to have spotted the statue in shallow water hauled it onto shore loaded it into a donkey cart showed it to his mother who was appalled to find a 1100 lb Greek nude at her doorstep and finally notified local police The officers in question members of Gaza’s ruling party Hamas reportedly then put the statue up for sale on eBay Soon after shocked archaeologists caught their first fuzzy glimpses of venerable Phoebus relaxing on a Smurfs-themed beach towel (Although some have questioned whether it had ever been underwater given his pristine condition) As the statue’s true value came to light one archaeologist told the Guardian it was like putting a price on the Mona Lisa the listing was pulled down and Hamas authorities whisked it into hiding pending further investigation When this may conclude they won’t say much to the chagrin of some very patient archaeologists [The Guardian] Contact us at [email protected] According to global outplacement firm Challenger, Rodan, Congress.

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