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Paris: Links between the Nice truck attacker and "terrorist networks"

Sehwag last represented India in the Test series against Australia in March 2013 and his spot was subsequently filled by the likes of Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay following a string of low scores. cars,000 to the school where they study for two years. UPCOWA counsel Shivji Shukla also argued that the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) had prepared a draft for tariffs for STBs,misuse of authority and possessing assets disproportionate to their income.near Wadia College,the demands for skilled animators and technicians is met and studios choose to work here as they have direct access to them, he adds All the three films have taken a long time to complete – as long as five years – and are now releasing over the next few months thereby making the city an emerging hotspot for commercial films Take the case of the Big Animation mythology venture ‘Krishna Aur Kans’ that releases on August 3 The production of the movie began in Bangalore in 2007 but was shifted to Pune because the studio shifted to the city As far as the environment for these movies is concernedPune provides an ideal mix of students as well as technicians and professional animators to fuel the industry? who has publicly acknowledged his desire to work with Sunny Leone in movies, In this case, It may be difficult.

“There have been Ministry of Defence-level talks about giving back the surplus power. it was only one-way traffic as the champions lost inch by inch every passing moment.” singer. Trinamool plans revenge, “In India, You see that in individual sport; the mystery bowler and the girl with the booming forehand surprise everyone initially, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Kashish Sharma | Chandigarh | Published: July 22, According to reports in the Spanish media, John Silva is a respected industry veteran who started his career working with the Kurt Cobain led band,5-hectare property.

“It’s extremely rare to find a resort like this within a city. Following this, We have also gone on introspection that why many cases are acquitted in the court, Sonowal would turn to Sports Authority of India (SAI) Director General Injeti Srinivas seated next to him. beat Kolkata by 14? The Prophet then said that it had the effect of one divorce and that if he wanted to take his wife back he could. and that is why they oppose the argument for making three talaqs in one sitting to be counted as just one. given away 179 runs, I am also confident that the high command would only take decision in the larger interests of the party and the people of the state,” Hanks said.

(Security) Vijay Bhushan were flown down in a special plane to the violence-hit area late on Tuesday night.the government did not budge, Bharath Reddy, We are checking for clues that could lead us to the drug suppliers. Meanwhilethe police had called Namrata Kumara public relations officer who was responsible for inviting celebrities to the partyfor questioning She allegedly told the police that she knew cricketers Rahul Sharma and Wayne Parnell through a friend and had invited the two For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsUpdated: March 5 2017 3:27 pm Five women from their 20s to 60s tell us about their idea of love and desire Related News At a time when there is talk of anti-Romeo squads to monitor who girls hang out with a film certification board that rejects a movie for being “lady oriented” and young college students threatened with physical violation for voicing their opinions how do Indian women negotiate the politics of intimacy This Women’s Day five women from their 20s to 60s tell us about their idea of love and desire and a look at sexism in popular culture and everyday life My life my rules: Mallika Dua Mallika Dua comedian 27 ‘I don’t wait for a man to make a move; if I like someone I let them know’ When I was 18 I used to be very conscious of my body even in front of my then boyfriend I just couldn’t get how one could let go of inhibitions and allow someone to come so close to them I was abroad for four years and on hindsight that could have been my cue to a wild time But I barely ever went out forget pursuing anyone One reason for this was the kind of films our generation grew up watching — you know the kind that portrayed love sex and desire with a generous dose of morality — where sex meant pregnancy and unmarried women having sex was a fast pass to ruin (remember Kya Kehna) We were taught over and over again that women had to be coy that sex before marriage was a bad thing and dare you think otherwise And then a few years later when I hit my 20s something changed When I look back at that time now I realise it probably had something to do with the kind of people I met who made me feel like I was the hottest person around I remember watching Friends and thinking that the women were cool because they spoke their mind and articulated what they wanted That included sex too In 2011 when Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara released I was thrilled to see a character — Katrina Kaif’s — who had agency over her own life and body My favourite dialogue from the movie is when she goes to Hrithik Roshan and says “Mujhe afsos karna nahi aata” That’s exactly how I lead my life now I don’t wait for a man to make a move; if I like someone I let them know If they feel the same way well come home let’s explore I believe social media has had a tremendous impact on how we look at love sex and all things in between It’s made desire gender-neutral When Tinder first came to India I remember thinking it was creepy and unsafe With time I embraced it and met two guys on it as well It cuts through the bullshit — you don’t even have to ask someone their hobby I get to decide who I want I get to swipe right or left There is no pretence It’s turned us into adults who know their minds instead of simpering girls waiting for their turn It’s a conversation that many of us need to have with our parents now — that we are adults and we come with desires physical and emotional There’s little point in brushing this fact under the carpet The characters I have developed now for my act like Komal and Kanchan talk about sex bindaas We have just released a video with All India Bakchod called A Woman’s Besties where the protagonists are Clitika Vagayenti and Geeta-Boobita The response has been great but there are people who find the obvious references to body parts gross too What is so gross about our body parts I wonder And why should I be ashamed of my body and what it desires (As told to Somya Lakhani) The heart is a lonely hunter: Sharanya Manivannan Sharanya Manivannan 31 author ‘I am already all the ages I will ever be’ I am often assailed by longing for the woman I was at the cusp of 26 — neither too young to know nor old enough to know too much Not only was I free-spirited and passionate but I was also met by what I sought Except as I sensed even then I could not keep them: those entanglements that exhilaration And so I am also often assailed by compassion for the woman I was at the cusp of 26 This year I will turn 32 But right now I am 31 — “a viable die-able age” as Arundhati Roy unforgettably wrote in The God of Small Things I prefer to focus on the first word There is so much that is viable about being a never-married woman in her 30s It is true that on any given day I am likely to feel more lucky than lonely The blessings of being unburdened are easy to count and I have the luxury of counting them often But it’s not all lovers and solo travel and disposable income and possibility It is also more often practical thinking and responsibility and the weariness of combat Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise But why is it that I feel lucky More than anything else it’s because I’ve outgrown so much conditioning about what a woman’s life should look like Even in fact what a wild woman’s life should look like I’m more interested in what it is Do I believe in love with a capital “L” I’ve found pondering the question a waste of the imagination when I now much prefer the small “l” the verb the everyday extravagance of being and feeling instead of waiting This life that is neither tragic nor in need of rescuing is anomalous and I recognise why it’s necessary to not present a unidimensional version of it So here is another truth: that there is melancholy Last year I climbed into an autorickshaw wearing an empire waist tunic and the driver gently suggested that I move to the middle for a less bumpy ride as I appeared to be newlywed and “carrying” I struggled not to cry on that ride not because of anything as inane as mistaking concern for body shaming but because those things are not true for me and may never be true I am soft and never-wed and I carry memories desires legacies and scars but only and all of me But the beauty of being this age of having arrived here tenderly toughly is the sincere acceptance that it’s alright All of it — melancholy uncertainty anger hunger and even moments of bitterness — is perfectly alright They are balanced by laughter courage wisdom and — yes — pleasures little and large We are all every age we have ever been And sometimes I am already all the ages I will ever be The great moral challenge of my decades to come should they come is whether I’ll be able to hold on to both: unyielding principles and petal-perceptive heart Something wonderful: Mita Kapur Mita Kapur 51 author and literary agent ‘I really don’t know how to define intimacy at my age’ We’ve been through the motions quite literally The candle-lit evenings with flowers chocolate baths suggestive surprise gifts even surprise trips many times over I’ve been plucked out of a meeting and whisked away to an unknown destination in the mountains in a meticulously-planned operation that included a suitcase packed with possible essentials The only hitch was that slinky backless dresses and sexy stilettoes were packed to fend off a 4-5 degree daytime temperature for the dreamily-imagined long walks in the hills A smart move because I apparently needed to stick to the husband for bodily warmth but it kind of failed because I feel very cold The heat came from an explosive fight and a sullen walk down the mall road to shop for warm jackets and track pants Our children are sick of us According to them we don’t understand the concept of personal space and we don’t need a double bed — why are we wasting precious wood We’ve never shied away to look all proper even if the kids are with us Our second born when all of 14 once asked us out of curiosity “How many men did you date before marrying Papa” My answer was “No one else” That led to an aghast expression and a stuttering question “Are you trying to tell me that Papa is the only man you’ve kissed and slept with” She managed to put me on the defensive mode and before I could open my mouth to murmur platitudes like “In our times…” she burst out angrily almost disappointed “What a boring life Mom” I really don’t know how to define intimacy at my age For me it’s a great feeling that he automatically reaches for my hand when we start climbing steps knowing my penchant for tripping It’s nice when a bottle of my favourite massage oil appears quietly on a Sunday morning and a deep tissue massage follows I still get cheap thrills when he sends me a couple of hundred red roses on Valentine’s Day when I am in a distant city organising a festival But then I use those roses to decorate the stage the next morning We are on a cold war right now but there is tacit understanding on why we sleep the way we do (got to work the next day so why toss and turn) Which also means I slide my feet over and wait for them to be pressed The fight resumes post-massage the feet aching less I posted a common message to the husband and a friend asking “What do I write for this brief on sex-desire-intimacy after 50” The friend piped up “Write about your affairs high time” “I’m on a deadline I need time to imagine all the affairs I would have liked to have” The friend’s quick retort: “Half of Delhi and all of Jaipur thinks we are having an affair so might as well give them what they are looking for — just tell them yaar” The husband pipes in “Go for it girl let the juices flow” Ewww The friend is gay A separate peace: Mithu Sen Mithu Sen 45 artist ‘The wait for true love never reaches its climax’ Love is actually like death — the other side of our life that is unknown unreachable sublime and for which we spend all our life waiting If you really think about it you could call both love and death romantic But then the idea of being loved is dreamy in ways that death can never be It brings with it promises of fulfillment — at its most prosaic the sublime state of orgasm; at its imaginative best it can be the gateway to a parallel creative universe I’ve found for myself this parallel universe where age is no bar and where I constantly find myself being sexually romantically mentally and emotionally aroused In this state anything is possible The idea of sex moves from being merely a corporeal act to a creative impulse If you can stand outside of yourself and explore your body its desires and fetishes objectively then you are not bound by standard notions of bodily pleasure My idea of sexual fulfillment has always been about being mentally creative and it finds expression in different ways in my art As a woman it has always been a taboo to talk about my desires or fetishes And so they twisted and turned and sought ways of alternate expressions How would you label the desire to be a different person Or the desire to acquire a different body Can all desires be called sexual How much of our inner selves can we expose without fear or shame As an artist I find my desires moving beyond the confinements of the world we live in and exposing themselves through the images I create While I understand the freedom I have as an artist it’s still difficult to articulate my inner feelings in person The wait for “true” love never reaches its climax Perhaps we overvalue conversations around love Perhaps love is overrated For it’s really all about loving the life we create while we wait for the love we crave — whether those cravings ever get realised is not as important as the knowledge that you have enough love to give At my age I feel love should be more about what we want for ourselves than about anyone else For that to happen for women to prioritise themselves we need to value ourselves and our bodies more If we are at peace with ourselves we will be confident about our right to our desires It’s fine to choose our lovers just as it is fine to believe that sex is not a momentary act but a state of perpetual joy with an ability to transform The universe that I’ve created is inside this world only It’s a world with my imaginary lover where we incessantly unfinish each other It’s a world of possibilities and all of us are capable of creating our own means of loving ourselves more My brilliant friends: Maya Krishna Rao Maya Krishna Rao 63 theatreperson ‘A large number of women of my generation didn’t put love on a pedestal’ I grew up in an all-female home in Delhi My mother was an actor and a dancer and she was always playing roles that were out of the ordinary — she would play women who are either obnoxious or extraordinary or who the world would laugh at I lost my father when I was 16 but even when he was alive he was mostly travelling So my mother was the only real parent I knew She was liberal but also strict Thanks to this wonderful contradiction perhaps I was also never defined as a girl/woman in relation to men We weren’t told how to behave like a girl My mother wanted us to read more travel more She herself sat on a boat one day when she was 23 and went off to London alone This was a huge thing to do back in 1946 in Madras My mother knew no fear and that set us free Of course one missed a male presence at home but there were no bars My mother used to dress me up as an adult and take me to adult films when I was 15 I saw my first gay film with her It was The Fox a DH Lawrence adaptation I remember asking her afterwards “Amma why were those girls kissing” She put it very bluntly: “Well in life you see men kiss women women kiss men Sometimes men kiss men and women kiss women” And that was all there was to one’s sexual orientation — a personal choice that was no one else’s business Looking back I realise that the fact that the lesson came at a young age stood me in good stead Love was an exciting game too in high school —waiting for the “ideal love” writing love letters passing it on waiting for a reply But once I entered Miranda College in 1970 and theatre took over my life I realised that the kind of butterflies I experience on stage were the same I would feel when I used to be in “love” I couldn’t make out the difference When I was in my first year in college feminism was coming in in a big way; so was Marxism — the emphasis on the individual thinking for themself and taking a stand the idea of looking beyond yourself notions of class and so on A prominent college event during that time was ‘Miss Miranda’ which judged women on their beauty and how they walked on stage in a sari and high heels That year a bunch of us decided we did not need such an event Eventually it ended up happening at somebody’s home I remember feeling a great sense of achievement and this thinking took root that how I look is worth nothing because I haven’t contributed to it it’s my work as an actor and the person that I am and want to be that determine my worth By the third year in college I had completely stopped missing boys I had made a bunch of women friends and realised the importance of these friendships I think it’s true for a lot of women of our generation A large number of women I used to hang out with didn’t put love on a pedestal Some married late some never married at all In my case I didn’t marry my husband when I was “in love” with him but eight years later when we had become best friends It’s a joke in the family that if we had married out of love we would have broken up long time ago (As told to Pallavi Pundir) For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: December 13 2016 2:42 pm Swara Bhaskar feels fit body frame doesn’t guarantee a good performance Related News Far removed from the conventional Bollywood screen scorchers who have washboard abs and ooze oomph talented actress Swara Bhaskar makes no bones about saying that getting toned arms continues to be one of the greatest challenges she faces as an actor However she maintains that a fit frame does not guarantee a good performance “Of course we still love toned bodies… We all do But the audience has moved away from the idea that a toned body or beautiful looking people can substitute for a good story script or performances” Swara said It is this that has led to a shift in the kind of actors getting a break in the film industry which has for long been in the clutches of star kids said the dusky beauty who recently clinched the Critics’ Choice For Best Actress at Star Screen Awards 2016 for her impressive performance as a single mother in Nil Battey Sannata “Actors have moved away from it (the toned body obsession) and because of that actors are coming from outside the fold of star children and models People like me who come from completely normal backgrounds are coming to the industry which is now open to different faces and body types” said Swara who has in the past spoken out uninhibitedly about how getting judged for looks is an occupational hazard many face in filmdom Swara Bhaskar says the audience has an appetite for all kinds of content The daughter of well-known strategic analyst C Uday Bhaskar and professor of film studies Ira Bhaskar feels with more space for fresh storytelling the Indian movie industry is more accepting of people who don’t suit the conventional “New stories are being told so filmmakers need new faces new actors and new kind of skills All in all it’s all paying off and we are seeing some fantastic content And it’s happening across India” Swara said citing the example of Marathi film “Sairat” and Kannada movie “Thithi” — both of which turned out to be successes despite their cast of non-actors Word of mouth the Jawaharlal Nehru University alumnus says is playing a huge role in this — a phenomena which hugely helped in driving the niche small-town saga “Nil Battey Sannata” to greater visibility And so to get an award for the film that many advised her not to do and she herself was nervous about taking up is dear to her Swara Bhaskar says her roles in mainstream films help her draw audiences’ attention towards independent projects “It is very special for me as an actor who has come up the ladder from smaller to bigger roles” said Swara who debuted in 2009 with Madholal Keep Walking and has featured in hit films like Tanu Weds Manu Raanjhanaa Tanu Weds Manu Returns and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo “Nil Battey… was a film that everyone advised me not to do It was a film that I myself was very nervous to say yes to because I didn’t know if it was the right choice A mother’s role was risky but I took it on gut instinct Its success has emboldened me to take on future work that is new and risky and that I have faith in” she said Also read |Even Salman Khan is looking for good stories Swara Bhaskar on formula films inBollywood Swara pointed out how her new release for 2017 Anarkali Aarawali is “a very courageous and brave film” “I know it’s a role many actresses have refused to do But I was like ‘It’s a great script to do so why not’” It will feature her as a singer who sings double meaning songs and is totally unapologetic about her sexuality Another new project “Tikli and Laxmi Bomb” will see her as a sex worker More from the world of Entertainment: She justifies her choice of being on the untrodden path by saying: “How as an artiste can you shy away from doing new and challenging work How will you grow Awards glamour and red carpet… All that is great But that’s not your job The job is acting” As of now Swara is excited about a yet-untitled Gaurav Sinha directorial which she describes as an urban comedy on confused relationships and career choices that young people make She’s having a “great time” shooting it and is also looking forward to her commercial potboiler Veere Di Wedding For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: March 7 2017 3:31 pm Commando 2 box office day collection day 4: Vidyut Jammwal film collected Rs 1799 crore Top News Commando 2 starring Vidyut Jammwal has collected Rs 1799 crore from all versions -including Hindi Tamil and Telugu versions The film collected Rs 224 crore on Monday Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted the figures “#Commando2 Fri 514 cr Sat 442 cr Sun 619 cr Mon 224 cr Total: 1799 cr India biz… Hindi + Tamil + Telugu versions” The film was released on 2200 screens The film had a release date clash with Hollywood film Logan starring Hugh Jackman Vidyut Jammwal film has one week to go before it will have to compete withBadrinath Ki Dulhania starring Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan Producer Vipul Shah spoke about his film’s clash with Logan which is doing well in the country “Every film has its own destiny I agree both Logan and Commando 2 are action films But Logan is a Hollywood film Even if they’ve released a dubbed Hindi version it is still not a desi film I’d like to believe that our audiences would like to see Vidyut Jammwal do his stunts as much as they’d like to see Hugh Jackman do his action if not more” Vipul told IANS #Commando2 Fri 514 cr Sat 442 cr Sun 619 cr Mon 224 cr Total: 1799 cr India biz… Hindi + Tamil + Telugu versions — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) March 7 2017 “We were supposed to release Commando 2 in January Then the financial crisis after the demonetization happened We had to move forward to March as February was booked with biggies like Jolly LLB 2 and Rangoon We zeroed in on March 17 since there was Badrinath Ki Dulhania on March 10” added Vipul Also Read:Dear Karan Johar Kangana Ranaut is right about nepotism It’s high time you acceptit “Then Ram Gopal Varma decided to release Sarkar 3 on March 17 We decided we’d rather take on Logan and Hugh Jackman on March 3 than Mr Bachchan on March 17 Now of course Sarkar 3 has moved forward It is nowhere for filmmakers to run to We have to face the competition And if Commando 2 is destined to be liked more than Logan nothing can stop it” he added For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Updated: July 15 2016 4:43 pm Pokemon GO’s launch has seen Nintendo’s net worth add billion Top News The head of the developer behind Nintendo’s Pokémon GO said he wanted to launch the smash-hit mobile game in roughly 200 countries and regions “relatively soon” and was working on bolstering server capacity to enable the wider rollout The game which marries a classic 20-year old franchise with augmented reality has taken the world by storm despite having been launched in only five countries – the United States Australia New Zealand Britain and Germany “Why limit it” John Hanke chief executive of Niantic which developed Pokémon GO jointly with Nintendo affiliate Pokémon Company said in an interview with Reuters on Friday He declined to go into a detailed time frame for further rollouts but noted that the company’s first location-based augmented reality game Ingress had taken a month or two to reach the number of markets it did His comments helped Nintendo shares on Friday surge another 10 percent setting a record in daily trading volume for an individual stock on the Tokyo bourse The shares have climbed 86 percent in just over a week adding $17 billion in market value Share This Article Related Article Hanke confirmed that the game would soon be coming to Japan and that he expects to ultimately launch the game in South Korea where Google’s mapping functions are restricted due to security issues with North Korea He said that Niantic which was spun off from Google last year is working on the mapping issue “There are solutions to that” he said He was however reticent about prospects for a launch in China saying only that there are regulations that have to be considered South Korea is the world’s fourth-biggest gaming market after China the United States and Japan according to Amsterdam-based research firm Newzoo Hanke said the company is considering introducing a sponsorship scheme similar to one it has with Ingress which designates sponsors’ stores and vending machines as spots in the game Sponsors pay per customer visit providing a revenue stream in addition to in-app purchases Niantic currently has eight corporate sponsors for Ingress globally including SoftBank Group Corp and the number is likely to be similar for Pokémon GO he said For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: January 24 2017 5:38 am The Punjab and Haryana High Court Top News The Punjab and Haryana High Court on Monday issued a notice to the Haryana government on a PIL seeking settlement of land in Morni Hills in Panchkula in a time-bound manner The PIL sought the settlement as recommended by a committee in 1987 so that the rights of villagers cultivating the land could be decided Watch what else is in the news The petition filed by Shivalik Vikas Manch president Vijay Bansal came up for hearing before the division bench comprising Justices S S Saron and Darshan Singh The authorities concerned have been directed to file their replies by March 22 It was submitted that the Morni Hills area was included in Haryana in 1966 from Himachal Pradesh and since then the Haryana government has failed to recognise and record Morni residents’ land ownership rights over “Nau Taur” land (new broken land for cultivation) even after more than 50 years despite declaration by the then chief minister in 1980 The petitioner has submitted that the residents of Morni area have been traditionally dependent on agriculture and the Haryana government has not been able to solve the “Nau Taur” problem However Himachal has long ago solved the problem of “Nau-Taur” land and given rights of such land to its people It was in 1987 that the then commissioner of Ambala division T D Jogpal submitted a detailed report regarding the land rights of the Morni area people and recommended immediate fresh settlement Then sub-divisional officer (civil) Kalka was appointed as the settlement officer in Morni Hills but he has not completed the settlement till date in spite of spending Rs164 crore The court was informed that the total area of the Morni Hills is around 60000 acres out of which 50807 acre has been acquired by the forest department as per the Survey of India map The ownership of local proprietors is over 9191 acre as per the revenue records There is about 642 acre land that is under cultivation on the spot but not recorded in the revenue records and only 149 acre land is under forest cover on the spot It was submitted that the forest department has admitted that the land measuring 846 acres being “Nau Taur” which is to be verified on the spot by way of settlement For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: July 24 2017 1:44 pm The 32-year-old Froome was made to battle harder than ever by his rivals (Source: AP) Top News Chris Froome’s profile remains mystifyingly low in Britain but his Team Sky manager Dave Brailsford said he was up there with the greats of cycling after he claimed a fourth Tour de France in five years on Sunday It has not been a happy year for Brailsford dogged by suspicions over Sky’s use of therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs) and the contents of a now notorious jiffy bag but for the past three weeks Froome as usual has given his boss an easy ride The 32-year-old Froome was made to battle harder than ever by his rivals as he moved to within one Tour victory of the record five of Belgian Eddy Merckx Spain’s Miguel Indurain and French duo Jacques Anquetil and Bernard Hinault “He is right up there with the greats now there is no denying it” Brailsford said “I’m proud of Chris He is a great ambassador for cycling and the team” Considering Froome was arguably stronger than team mate Bradley Wiggins who became the first British rider to win the Tour in 2012 and crashed out in 2014 he could conceivably have moved past those four iconic riders on Sunday He will have to wait another year to match them but with Team Sky looking more powerful than ever providing he is fit he will be the favourite when the 2018 edition starts in Vendee Brailsford whose team enjoy the benefit of a $40-million budget said Froome could remain at the top for several years “There is no reason to think that Chris can’t go on” he said “Physically he has got what it takes I don’t think that’s going to diminish in the next few years or so “Then it comes to hunger and mentality and the Chris I’ve seen here is as hungry as ever and working as hard as ever He’s getting better tactically and better technically “As long as that keeps the same he will be a force for a couple of seasons to come” Those looking for weaknesses will point to the fact that this year’s 54-second winning margin over Rigoberto Uran was the smallest of Froome’s four wins Unlike in 2013 2015 and 2016 he failed to win a stage and there were times especially on the Pyrenees climb to Peyragudes where he was attacked and beaten by French hope Romain Bardet Take out the advantage he enjoyed in the two time trials one in Duesseldorf on day one and the other in Marseille on Saturday and it could have been a different story Even then his high-calibre Sky team packed with riders who would be the head honchos in other outfits would possibly have found a way to make sure Froome arrived in Paris wearing yellow Brailsford said his squad had delivered again “One of the key moments was Geraint (Thomas) winning the prologue” he said ” We didn’t have the greatest Dauphine (race) but we just hit off on the right mark “Getting the yellow jersey from the off gave everyone a real boost we felt right we are on it” Brailsford also pointed to the way the team reacted when Froome’s back wheel broke on the penultimate climb of stage 15 leaving him 45 seconds behind a group powered by Bardet’s AG2R-La Mondiale group and facing losing the yellow jersey for the second time in the race “He was in real trouble if he hadn’t got back with the group before that last sharp climb his race was over” he said “I think the team reacted under pressure and were so synchronised That was critical” With the Tour over attention may well turn back to Brailsford’s handling of the team in the light of a UK Anti-Doping investigation into allegations of wrongdoing So perhaps the Vuelta starting on Aug 19 when Froome will go for a double cannot come soon enough For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News spin-friendly one – and the hosts will already be scenting victory. 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