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"The victims identified as? was very vocal in that meeting. 27, “I feel, – Netherlands have not lost their opening match at a World Cup since 1938. told CNN that was not ready to back Trump."I’m just not ready to do that at this point I’m not there right now" Ryan had said During his stay in Washington Trump would also meet other senior Republican leaders in the Congress In an interview to his hometown newspaper Ryan said he never said that he will not support Trump "I never said never I just said (not) at this point I wish I had more time to get to know him before this happened We just didn’t I just want to get to know the guy We just don’t know each other" Ryan said adding that he wants to know Trump "I want to have a straight conversation with Donald Trump on behalf of the party (and) myself too Let me say this the man deserves a ton of credit for an amazing achievement which is to bring millions of people into this party and to have a very impressive victory At the same time we want to make sure we don’t pretend we’re unified and then go into the fall at half strength" Ryan said He also refuted reports that he had presidential ambitions "I would not have become speaker of the House if I had 2020 aspirations If I really wanted to run for president I could have run in 2012 and 2016 The speaker is not exactly a good steppingstone for president I think people who know me know that is not my aspiration" he said "I want to help unify our party so that we’re at full strength so that we can defeat Hillary Clinton I believe between now and July we will be able to figure out how to unify our party" Ryan added LAHORE Pakistan (Reuters) – Bombs outside two churches in the Pakistani city of Lahore killed five people and wounded more than 40 during Sunday services rescue workers said and witnesses said quick action by a security guard prevented many more deaths A Pakistani Taliban splinter group claimed responsibility The blasts in a majority Christian suburb of the eastern city went off minutes apart Police said it seemed that the blasts targeted two churches one Catholic and one Protestant that are very close to each other "I was sitting at a shop near the church when a blast jolted the area I rushed towards the spot and saw the security guard scuffle with a man who was trying to enter the church after failing he blew himself up" said witness Amir Masih "I saw his body parts flying through the air" The guard died as well he said It was not clear if the first blast was also a suicide bomber Masih said Rescue services spokesman Sajjad Hussain said five people had been killed and more than 40 people injured "The rescue operation is still underway and the death toll may increase" he said Taliban splinter group Jamaat-ul-Ahrar claimed responsibility for the blasts Militants in Pakistan have attacked Christians and other religious minorities often over the last decade or more Lahore is the capital of Punjab Pakistan’s wealthiest and most populous province and the political heartland of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif The city is generally considered peaceful compared with many other areas of Pakistan but violence there has been increasing after the government’s failed attempts to hold peace talks with the Taliban last year After the talks failed the military launched an offensive in the remote northwestern region of North Waziristan along the Afghan border to push the Taliban from the last major region they controlled The military now holds the major urban centres there but residents say many militants fled before the offensive began and others remain in rural areas (Additional reporting by Saud Mehsud in Dera Ismail Khan; Writing by Katharine Houreld; Editing by Robert Birsel) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Updated: March 31 2014 9:18 am Related News Observe the tensions between its elite leadership and subaltern membership Arvind Kejriwal is all geared up to play David to Narendra Modi’s Goliath in Varanasi Even as Kejriwal has claimed that the Aam Aadmi Party will win a hundred seats in the Lok Sabha elections the poll projections are near-unanimous in giving it less than five Despite the Delhi verdict this is not the sort of Tom and Jerry contest in which the underdog emerges a sure winner However impressive or dismal the performance of the AAP might eventually be it is becoming evident that the broad coalition of social classes that the party had managed to forge has unravelled Its support base among segments of its middle-class constituency has dwindled and a very brief honeymoon has ended in disenchantment This may not matter to the numbers but it says something potentially significant about the possible longer-term impact of the AAP on Indian politics Early signs of this disillusionment became evident with the spectacle of the chief minister sitting on dharna by day and sleeping beside his Wagon R on the street by night The vigilantism of the midnight raid in Khirki Extension raised questions about the Delhi government’s commitment to upholding the law Founder-member Madhu Bhaduri quit the AAP accusing it of being a party with the mentality of a khap panchayat Despite periodically voicing dissatisfaction with the “self-righteous arrogance” of the leadership Captain GR Gopinath has stayed the course declaring however that the AAP-effect on the two major parties has already worn off Indeed many supporters of the AAP gave it a long rope despite being perturbed by the stone pelting the vandalising of opposition party offices and the frequent tendency to get into street fights It is another matter that the major political parties have a reserve army of foot soldiers to do such dirty work from which their top leadership keeps aloof Compared to them the AAP still retains some of its freshness and distinctiveness: it remains a solo act without any dynastic baggage fighting an election with modest resources and without being bankrolled by big industrial houses However whether in spite of or because of the erosion of some of its middle-class support the AAP may unwittingly be in the medium to long run the harbinger of a politics that speaks to the widening class divide in Indian society The party has emphatically and unabashedly adopted a patois of the street It has chosen to express itself through a democratic idiom that self-consciously distances itself from the language of parliamentary and TV studio discourse (with all the necessary caveats about these) There was an earlier moment in the 1980s when the political mobilisation of the backward castes made our legislatures much more representative of social diversity The disdain of these parties for the norms and niceties of parliamentary institutions was valorised as the plebeianisation and vernacularisation of an elitist democracy Yogendra Yadav had called this “the second democratic upsurge” The language of the AAP is suggestive of a new phase of vernacularisation albeit one that detaches the aam aadmi from his (since the party’s gender politics are deeply ambivalent) caste identity Knowingly or otherwise the AAP has to use academic shorthand introduced an elite-subaltern tension into ways of thinking about governance On one hand there is the model of governance applauded by the elites which provides the frills of the so-called world-class city: the flyovers the metro spanking new airports malls ATMs and all the good things described in the Bharat Nirman advertisements On the other hand there is the claim to governance that People Like Us often ignore but which the AAP has effectively articulated This is the governance that the subalterns crave a reliable supply of water and electricity unmediated by slumlords functioning government schools and primary health centres These are arguably very different aspirations of governance What the subalterns need and want is what the elites already have — whether through public provisioning of water and electricity ostensibly subsidised for the poor but appropriated by the non-poor or through private provision of education and healthcare or the hybrid of the PPP model The AAP has already found itself singed by this tension between an elite leadership and subaltern membership As journalists lawyers social activists intellectuals IT professionals and bankers received tickets to contest the party’s more humble workers and even one of its leading legal activists expressed their frustration sometimes through violence The distribution of the Delhi vote analysed by Srinivas Ramani of the Economic and Political Weekly using GIS mapping echoes this His study shows that constituencies with the highest concentration of jhuggi clusters voted overwhelmingly for the AAP In these areas he argues the appeal of the AAP was not so much that of lowering the cost of public services but the promise of reliable provision — water once a day instead of twice a week — that would reduce their dependence on the local pradhan mostly a caste patriarch who is typically cultivated by the major parties and decides everything from ration cards and water supply to voting It was the AAP’s promise of cutting out the slumlord (which it succeeded in doing during its brief term in office) that won it the support of the working poor This support will surely endure The turn in political idiom makes sense given that a large number of those who come onto the streets for this party belong to relatively under-privileged groups Many of them also appear to be young Remember that the average age of the shortlived AAP cabinet in Delhi was 35 years as compared to the 63-year average of the outgoing government The AAP has opened the doors to a politics in which the clichéd rural-urban divide will have to give way to the unpacking and disaggregation of the category of the urban voter to account for a more complex and stratified electorate It is not certain if the AAP’s keenly awaited manifesto will reflect this divide The party’s most thoughtful leader Yogendra Yadav admitted in an interview that it is the lack of an economic policy that is keeping the party from releasing its manifesto which is in other respects complete The previews are already suggestive of anomalies Kejriwal’s flip-flop on capitalism is one such The simultaneous endorsement of khap panchayats and the decriminalisation of homosexuality is another Both indicate a tension between aspects of the party’s agenda that appeal to its aam supporters and those that speak to the self-styled liberal and progressive middle class For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by G K Pillai | Updated: December 3 2014 8:16 am Harsh penalties have been prescribed for those who ignore safety during design engineering and maintenance of roads Related News Thedecade leading up to the present government’s formation has seen carnage on Indian roads At the very least 12 lakh people have been killed and close to 55 lakh left seriously injured or permanently disabled due to road crashes The majority of victims were of productive age (between 15-50) and scores were their families’ sole breadwinners Road accidents cause an annual economic loss of 3 per cent of the GDP Despite this the issue had not seen any concerted action to address it Not anymore The government hopes to pass the Road Transport and Safety Bill 2014 to replace the archaic Motor Vehicles Act 1988 this winter session The causes of our high rate of road crashes include bad road-user behaviour catalysed by a faulty licensing system poor road design and engineering with low probability of prosecution for lapses and weak enforcement of inadequate traffic laws which have been anything but a deterrent The new bill attempts to tackle most of these issues At the outset it addresses the fundamental lack of a framework to monitor and sustain road safety Presently the country has no dedicated agency for road safety and therefore no one to monitor intervene or be held accountable The bill proposes the establishment of a dedicated national authority for road safety which will be able to create and monitor goals for reducing road accidents as well as command adequate resources to undertake meaningful interventions It has been given powers to issue and maintain standards for all aspects related to road safety These range from protection of vulnerable road users to measures for in-vehicle safety and standards for road design and engineering Such standards will ensure uniformity and cohesiveness while dealing with the issue nationally Another significant proposal is the introduction of a unified driver-licensing system One of our biggest challenges is the compromised licensing system — a major source of corruption and inefficiency The system has allowed almost anyone a licence to drive without proper vetting training or testing The new system aims to remove corruption by mapping the licensing process building capacity to ensure proper documentation and testing and taking away the subjectivity with which regional transport offices operate A unified system will reduce the probability of drivers carrying multiple licences and help in keeping track of offences committed by a driver This would however be useful only if every existing licence holder is also moved to the new system in a smooth and efficient manner Outsourcing successfully implemented in the case of passport seva kendras for instance could be instrumental in building capacity and improving efficiency of the proposed system An interesting aspect of the new bill is its focus on enhancing enforcement It expands the list of common offences and also brings within its ambit the usually ignored causes of road crashes such as bad road design and engineering Harsh penalties have been prescribed for those who ignore safety during the design engineering and maintenance of roads It also specifies four types of penalties: demerit points on licences which can lead to suspension or cancellation high cash fines in keeping with the danger to life and property posed by irresponsible driving jail terms and mandatory retraining To tackle corruption the bill mandates electronic enforcement in jurisdictions with a population of more than 10 lakh Such measures will significantly enhance the probability of offenders getting caught remove corruption by making enforcement mostly humanless or “contact-free” and ensure higher collection of fines by states The bill also does what the Motor Vehicles Act has failed to do: protect the non-motorised road user It provides for each state to develop and implement a policy for such users including pedestrians cyclists and rickshaws It also mandates the creation of a National Transport Authority which will work to seamlessly connect all modes of transport and define safety and quality standards for sustainable public transport The implementation of the new law will be undertaken by state governments and this bill has much to offer them through revenue protection and funding Several states have welcomed the bill and one can only hope that they will continue to support it and earnestly implement the new law once it has been passed by Parliament The bill presents a unique opportunity to save thousands of lives each year and at the same time improve ways in which people and goods move across India If the Modi government is able to pass this bill in Parliament and ensure thorough enforcement of the act it will be a great gift of life to the millions of Indians who would otherwise perish or be disabled in road crashes The writer former Union home secretary is a trustee ofSaveLIFE Foundation [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News

AP. For all the latest Chandigarh News, who is the youngest MP in the Lok Sabha and whom we respect. Minister for Education Bratya Basu, M K Narayanan Related News Following consistent pressure from the BJP-led central government,Community leader John Dayal said following their demand,the Home Minister has directed the police to insert certainprovisions of the Indian Penal Code like “provocation withintent to cause riot hurting religious sentiment” etc in theFIR in cases of alleged discretion of churches Dayal said five churches were attacked in the last two andhalf months in Delhi and holy relics and holy communion weredestroyed “Police has done nothing and they have described theincidents as simple theft burglary and trespassing We toldthe Home Minister that these were not simple incidents butattack on our religious places” he said Jenis Francis another community leader said police havebeen dismissive of the complaints lodged by Christians about“targeted violence and persecution both by politicalnon-state actors and other elements” “We demand that the government take urgent and effectivemeasures to restore rule of law curb the targeted andcommunal violence The guilty must be traced and action underthe law should be taken Police officers must be heldaccountable for communal crimes in their jurisdiction” hesaid Francis said incidents of alleged attacks on churches haveincreased in the last six months and demanded setting up of aspecial investigating team for probing the five incidents ofalleged violence against churches He said the probe should be monitored by the Delhi High Court For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by MAYURA JANWALKAR | New Delhi | Updated: November 26 2014 2:50 am Najeeb Jung Related News Lt-Governor Najeeb Jung Tuesday approved the extension of the third phase of the Barapullah Elevated Road across the Yamuna This phase will be from Sarai Kale Khan to Mayur Vihar and will be built at an estimated cost of Rs 126063 crore The proposed bridge over the Yamuna will be an extradosed bridge (a structure that is a combination of a girder bridge and a cable-styled bridge) stretching over 550 metres But it will have only six piers with a 128-metre span in the river portion “While the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has constructed an extradosed bridge of about 60-70 metres at Moolchand the one which is planned under the Phase III will be Delhi’s first extradosed bridge of this size” a PWD official said The aesthetics of the proposed bridge will be enhanced using state-of-the-art LED light fixtures with solar panels on designer poles The work on Phase-III will start in December with the tendering process The work on the ground will be commissioned in March 2015 and the project will be completed by December 2017 Jung was informed “We will issue the tender by the second half of December and finalise it by March so that the work can start” Sarvagya Srivastava chief engineer of Public Works Department (PWD) said Secretary (PWD) apprised the L-G that the extension — from Sarai Kale Khan to Mayur Vihar — will be connected to South Delhi easing traffic on NH-24 and decongesting the Ring Road at Ashram South Extension and Bhairon Marg The road will also reduce travel time from Mayur Vihar to AIIMS to 10 minutes The 34 km-long corridor to be built on stilts will have dedicated walkways and cycle tracks apart from four lanes for vehicular traffic in each direction According to the PWD the main carriageway of the third phase will merge with the existing Barapullah Elevated Road at Sarai Kale Khan and the bridge for pedestrians and cyclists will connect the UP Link Road to Ring Road To provide a signal-free junction at UP Link Road near Mayur Vihar a flyover parallel to the existing single carriageway flyover will be built with loops and slip roads These will facilitate signal-free movement from Barapullah road to Akshardham as well as Noida In addition two clover leaves will also be provided on the new flyover for signal-free entry and exit from Mayur Vihar Jung directed the PWD to commission a parallel project to sort out the traffic congestion at AIIMS and INA He said this project too must be completed in a time-bound manner For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by TANBIR DHALIWAL | Chandigarh | Published: October 27 2014 11:11 am Related News The UT Health Department spent over Rs 8503 lakh on “Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram” in 2013-14 but never asked for reimbursement although it is a Centrally sponsored scheme according to an audit conducted by CAG The scheme is meant to ensure institutional deliveries All expenses on medical care of the mother and the new-born baby plus to and fro transport are borne by the government The scheme was introduced in the city in August 2011 and funds were to be provided under the National Rural Health Mission The expenditure under NRHM was to be shared by the Centre and the UT Administration in the ratio of 85:15 during the 11th five-year plan and 75:25 in the 12th five-year plan In the financial year 2013-14 the Director of Health Services released Rs 250 crore as 25 per cent share of the administration for NRHM “It was noticed in the audit that on one side the department is paying a huge amount on account of its share to NRHM and on the other side the department is also spending a huge amount on JSSK scheme since its existence in 2011 on deliveries medicines diet etc” the audit report says “A scrutiny of records revealed that the department spent over Rs 8503 lakh on JSSK scheme from its own budget during the year 2013-14 The same practice had been going on in the previous years as well even though a separate budget was allocated for JSSK in the NRHM” notes the report The audit report says that the department neither raised the demand to recover the amount from NRHM nor deducted it from the UT’s share of NRHM “If the amount was recovered or deducted the same could have been utilised in providing better healthcare services to the masses” the report adds However Dr Vandana Gupta joint mission director of NRHM said “There is a limited funding from the Central government under NRHM We ask for financial help from them for major expenditure but other expenses are paid from hospital budget only” For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Mumbai | Published: September 30 2014 1:05 pm Alia says she was not much of a fashionista initially Related News The young and versatile actress Alia Bhatt has turned designer for a line titled ‘Alia’ for an online shopping portal She says her love for fashion is courtesy filmmaker Karan Johar Alia says she was not much of a fashionista initially but during the shooting for “Student of The Year” which saw her in the role of a brand-conscious style diva she started loving the world of fashion “I didn’t really understand clothes while I was overweight When I was auditioning for ‘Student…’ I lost weight and because my character Shanaya was so into dressing up and fashion…because of that I kind of got into loving fashion” the 21-year-old said here “Basically Karan (Johar) has a great influence on that and he has a great fashion sense He tells me when I am wrongly dressed and when I am doing good” added the actress whose line will be available on Jabong When it comes to a professional designer Alia looks up to Manish Malhotra for his energy and attitude “I definitely look up to Manish and also because I had the privilege of working with him in my first film Even today he is very enthusiastic about his work he changes his clothes and collections with time He is always zingy and excited” Alia said “Even as a stylist in movies he still always inspires and he is excited to do something new and fresh So I definitely look up to Manish for his attitude and beautiful clothes” she added On the film front Alia is currently shooting for “Shaandar” with Shahid Kapoor For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News Otherwise,Your industry is financially independent and you guys have a great pool of talent. Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Sartaj Aziz has said. Sharif is expected to meet Obama on 22 October in Washington during his US trip for which he was invited by the US President.

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