ASA First Vice President Receives Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award

first_imgDelaware Farm Bureau President Kitty Holtz presents ASA First Vice President with the Delaware Farm Bureau Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award. Photo Credit: Delaware Farm BureauThe Delaware State Farm Bureau awarded ASA First Vice President Richard Wilkins with the prestigious “Distinguished Service to Agriculture” award in early December.A panel of judges scores each of the applicants looking for involvement in the organization; ag background; education; professional experience with agriculture; serving on related boards and commissions; member of other ag organizations and known advocate for agriculture.The recipient is selected from the three County Farm Bureau “Distinguished Service to Ag” award winners. A panel of judges scores each of the applicants looking for involvement in the organization; ag background; education; professional experience with agriculture; serving on related boards and commissions; membership in other ag organizations and known advocacy for agriculture.Delaware Farm Bureau Executive Director Pamela J. Bakerian said although the other two applicants certainly have notable accomplishments, Wilkins is known as an Ag Advocate on many levels.Wilkins is a farmer from Greenwood, Del. who farms 400 acres of soybeans annually. In addition, he produces 400 acres of corn, 250 acres of wheat, 100 acres of barley, 300 acres of vegetables, 250 acres of hay and raises 150 head of beef cattle. He’s served as ASA Treasurer, Vice President and now First Vice President. He’s been a member of the Mid-Atlantic Soybean Association since 2002, and served his state association as President (2005-10) and Membership Chair (2003-04). He has been a member of the American Farm Bureau Federation Soybean Advisory Committee.last_img read more

Bernie Sanders will tell us the truth about aliens if hes elected

first_img The truth is out there “My wife would demand that I let you know,” Sanders answered with a laugh. Rogan asked if his wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, is a UFO nut. The candidate assured Rogan she’s not. He joked that he would announce any alien information he finds out on Rogan’s show. Bernie Sanders went on the Joe Rogan Experience. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET Want to know if aliens are real? Vote for Bernie Sanders.The Vermont senator and Democratic party candidate for US president went on the Joe Rogan Experience on Tuesday and fielded an oddball question about aliens. Podcast host Joe Rogan asked Sanders whether if he got elected and found out something about aliens or UFOs, if he would let the public know.Rogan popped the alien question to end the interview after an hour of heavy discussion on topics ranging from gun control to decriminalizing drugs.   Comments 2 Tags NASA Curiosity rover did not find a damn robot leg on Mars A message for Earth-visiting UFO aliens (if they’re real) ‘See those damn aliens’ at Area 51 via Google Maps Bernie Sanders Random Politics 27 Photos Cosmic dead ringers: 27 super strange-looking space objects UFO and alien fans have long accused the US government of covering up evidence of extraterrestrial life and visitors from the stars. It’s still a hot topic. A Facebook event promoting an invasion of the government’s Area 51 military site in Nevada exploded across the internet in late July.Sanders is known for his progressive policies, and he might now seem like an appealing candidate for UFO theorists. But what if the records show no real evidence of aliens? The truth is out there, but alien lovers might be disappointed in what that really means.  Share your voicelast_img read more

Mother daughter electrocuted

first_imgA woman and her daughter were electrocuted at Molamgari village under Kalai upazila in Joypurhat on Monday morning, reports UNB.The deceased are Swapna Begum, 33 and her daughter Shimu Akhter, 4, of Molamgarihat of the area.Quoting locals and family members, Kalai police station officer-in-charge Abdul Latif Khan said Swapna got electrocuted when she went to hang wet clothes on an iron wire which was electrified during rain last night.Shimu got electrocuted when she touched her mother.Locals recovered them and took them to Kalai Upazila Health Complex where physicians declared them dead.last_img

Cyber Safeguard Faces Big Hurdle

first_imgIn summary, there are two big problems: first, precious funds get squandered on the cost of sending text messages that never arrive to their intended destination. Secondly, a fledgling reputation is called into question because it appears to the end-user that the company didn’t hold up their end of the bargain.How to break the stalemate. With technical deployment issues on one side and sensitivities from their customer base on the other, how can online startups succeed with security on their services?Like a good epoxy, it’s a two-part plan: companies have to be up-front and transparent with their users on how they’re handling online security and why a mobile number is a critical ingredient to securing end-user account and personal information. Second, consumers have to do their part and get educated on the security process, inducing them to opt-in for 2FA offered by favorite apps, sites and social networks they subscribe to.Business leaders need real-time visibility in the form of verification tools that validate mobile numbers. With the right tools in place, companies can instantly notify users if they’ve entered an inaccurate mobile number, saving on the cost of text messaging fees and eliminating the possibility of incomplete authentication.Currently, only 6 percent of Ponemon survey respondent use enhanced verification tools, and all of them reported improved customer satisfaction, reduced customer support costs and higher conversion rates.As the most active year for cyber-criminal activity, according to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report, 2013 has made us all too aware of our susceptibility to security breaches. It’s no longer acceptable for online organizations to ignore or push off security measures to protect their customers’ information.In fact, it’s not off-base to predict security provisions will soon become a decision-making consideration for consumers when making online purchases. Smart entrepreneurs preparing to launch online services should be making security a high priority when developing their go-to market strategy. Ultimately, their survival and way forward could depend on it.Related: Better Late Than Never? Target Accelerating Program to Detect Credit-Card Fraud. June 30, 2014 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now Eleven to 20 percent of verification passwords sent via SMS message fail to be delivered to the end-user’s mobile device. Of those, 48 percent failed because an invalid mobile number was entered by the end-user. 5 min read This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Enroll Now for Free Cybercriminal activity is showing us that online security has the power to make or break a company. Following the massive media attention of Heartbleed, consumers are becoming hyper aware of their residual online trail and are increasingly demanding more secure online solutions such as two-factor authentication (2FA).Take Target — a prime example of what can happen when security isn’t already implemented or at the very top of the corporate “to-do” pile. The mega retailer simultaneously lost millions in damages, said goodbye to their CEO and severely compromised their reputation and consumer trust. The hack exposed roughly 70 million customer credit cards, and recent reports cite that online sales have slowed and likely won’t meet upcoming forecasts.Target can bounce back, but it will be a long road and require a lot of trust rebuilding for the brand. For new companies with unguarded online presences, vulnerable brand recognition and limited resources, experiencing any sort of security breach would cause irreparable and possibly irreversible damage.Related: 5 Steps to Keeping Your Private Communications SecureGone are the days when entrepreneurs could rely solely on innovation to power their online aspiration. The new rules of a successful launch look like this: “1: Create a million-dollar idea. 2: Launch online security measures to protect priority 1.”Busting the security myth. A common misconception about online security solutions is that they wind up hindering the user-experience by adding additional hoops for the user to jump through. But while an additional step is involved, solutions like two-factor authentication are actually proving to add some swagger to overall customer experience.When users opt-in for 2FA, following their username and password login, a second, temporary password is required to verify their identity.The secondary password can be delivered in multiple ways, the most popular being via text message. SMS-based 2FA, as its known, is emerging as the verification method of choice for many security conscious organizations due to its trifecta of benefits: it’s user-friendly, cost effective to integrate and use and it provides a high level of security.A recent Ponemon study said 68 percent of North American organizations agree there’s a need for more secure authentication methods over the traditional username and password method. As an alternative, nearly half of IT professionals surveyed (46 percent) plan to extend the usage of SMS-based 2FA in 2014 for identity verification and activation of online services.The devil is in the details. Security problem solved, right? Not so fast — while 2FA via SMS is the most recognizable and easiest to use, companies integrating security are at a crossroads with their end-users when it comes to the actual rollout.Given our exposed online landscape, it’s been found that consumers are largely unwilling to share their mobile number with online service providers — even if it’s in exchange for security. Considering their mobile number to be a personal identifier and valuable information, a YouGov survey found that only 11 percent of U.S. consumers would be willing to share their mobile number to add extra security to their social media accounts.Related: Why Your Credit Card Company Wants to Replace Magnetic Strips With MicrochipsAdding to the list of deployment challenges, another issue emerging with SMS-based 2FA is failed delivery of those SMS messages. The same Ponemon survey found that a majority of North American organizations cite that:last_img read more

Queer Eye makes over Star Wars characters in hilarious video

first_imgThey give the best advice they can. | Photo: IMDB/NetflixKaramo Brown, the culture expert, told GSN he would ‘love to help women and the trans community’.‘I would love to help everyone,’ he said.‘It’s 2018 and everyone could use some love from the Fab 5 if you ask me.’And what did Karamo think of his Queer Eye castmates when he met them for the first time?‘I thought Jonathan was one of the most handsome and funniest men I’ve ever seen in my life,’ he said.‘Tan had the brightest smile and warmest energy. I thought I had met my white twin when I met Bobby… he is a mastermind and a hard worker.‘And I thought Antoni had one of the kindest and most gentle souls. To be honest I thought I had met four guys who would be my best friends for life.’Queer Eye is available to watch on Netflix now.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Star Wars Stormtrooper or Karamo form Queer Eye? Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… GAYSTARNEWS- Queer Eye cast would ‘love to help women and the trans community’ Tired of no LGBTI people in Star Wars movies? Well the Queer Eye guys are here to take on the galaxy. Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  : Vulture has done a hilarious video mashing up scenes from Netflix’s Queer Eye with scenes from the Star Wars movies.Bobby (poor Bobby) is replaced by Yoda, and Jonathan Van Ness is ready to give Luke some moisture to that dusty beard.C-3PO wanders in during some of the interstitial scenes.Also Jabba the Hut (in a Nascar) hat gets a much needed makeover.The Fab Five also gives their take on Luke’s Tatooine desert look from A New Hope.[embedded content]Queer Eye has already been renewed for a second season of the reboot on Netflix.In an exclusive interview with Gay Star News, one of the Fab 5 is hoping the second season goes far beyond cis men.last_img read more

Cerveau Technologies Signs Manufacturing Agreement with Siemens PETNET Solutions for Investigational Tau

first_img Image courtesy of UTHealth McGovern Medical School News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | July 01, 2019 Bracco Imaging Acquires Blue Earth Diagnostics Bracco Imaging S.p.A. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Blue Earth Diagnostics, a molecular imaging company… read more Related Content Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. February 16, 2017 — Cerveau Technologies Inc. announced it has signed an agreement with Siemens’ PETNET Solutions Inc. that grants the company the right to manufacture [F-18]MK-6240, an early-stage investigational poistron emission tomography (PET) imaging agent. [F-18]MK-6240 is currently being evaluated to image neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs) in the brain. NFTs made up of aggregated tau protein are a hallmark of several neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease.Under the terms of its agreement with Cerveau, Siemens’ PETNET Solutions Inc. will initially manufacture [F-18]MK-6240 clinical trial material at select U.S. radiopharmacies, with the possibility of expanding into additional locations.Siemens’ PETNET Solutions Inc. operates a large network of PET radiopharmaceutical drug manufacturing facilities and dispensing nuclear pharmacies, with over 50 locations worldwide. The company manufactures and dispenses PET radiopharmaceuticals for hospitals, clinics and research facilities worldwide.For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Neuro Imaging | July 05, 2019 Delta T1 Maps Provide Quantitative, Automated Solution to Assess Brain Tumor Burden Imaging Biometrics LLC (IB) a subsidiary of IQ-AI Ltd., is highlighting a recently published study in the American… read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | July 16, 2019 NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes Completes Construction on Beloit, Wis. Molybdenum-99 Processing Facility NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes LLC  announced completion of construction on its 20,000-square-foot molybdenum-99 (Mo-… read more Technology | Neuro Imaging | August 07, 2019 Synaptive Medical Launches Modus Plan With Automated Tractography Segmentation Synaptive Medical announced the U.S. launch and availability of Modus Plan featuring BrightMatter AutoSeg. This release… read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | August 02, 2019 ASRT Supports Radiopharmaceutical Reimbursement Bill The American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) announced its support for House Resolution (HR) 3772, a measure… read more News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development of the brain’s… read more News | Interventional Radiology | July 31, 2019 International Multidisciplinary Group Publishes Recommendations for Personalized HCC Treatment With Y90 TheraSphere New consensus recommendations for personalized treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) with BTG’s TheraSphere have… read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | February 16, 2017 Cerveau Technologies Signs Manufacturing Agreement with Siemens’ PETNET Solutions for Investigational Tau Imaging Agent MK-6240 doses for Alzheimer’s-related clinical trial to be manufactured and supplied by PETNET Solutions’ locations in the U.S. News | PET-CT | August 15, 2019 United Imaging Announces First U.S. Clinical Installation of uExplorer Total-body PET/CT United Imaging announced that its uExplorer total-body positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) system… read more News | Stroke | August 16, 2019 Mobile Stroke Unit Gets Patients Quicker Treatment Than Traditional Ambulance Every second counts for stroke patients, as studies show they can lose up to 27 million brain cells per minute…. read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | July 26, 2019 NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes Awarded $30 Million by U.S. Department of Energy NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes LLC has been awarded $15 million in a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of… read more last_img read more

Storm strikes Thailand tourists stranded

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J Thousands of tourists have been left stranded on Thailand islands after a severe storm closed off roads, rail, ferry and airline services.The airport at Koh Samui was shut down this week, cancelling all flights to and from the island as heavy rain and severe thunder struck the region. However the bad weather has not cleared up, according to a Thailand Tourism statement which expects to see strong storms cloud over Thailand until Friday.   “Southern residents have been warned to prepare for heavier flooding as severe rain is expected to continue in the region until Friday,” the statement read.“Tourists visiting southern of Thailand should regularly monitor local media to keep updated with the latest information.”The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has advised travellers booked to fly into Thailand to take a ‘high degree of caution’ while a ‘do not travel’ has been issued for the Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat and Songkhla islands.  “Parts of southern Thailand, including Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Surat Thani, Phattalung, Chumphon, Trang and Satun, are experiencing severe weather conditions and flooding in some areas,” the statement read. “Flights and ferry services to tourist areas such as Koh Samui have also been affected. “You should check with your airline or tour operator for latest information on disruptions.”In an online statement Thai Airways International (THAI) said it has resumed flights into Samui to assist stranded tourists.“The airline is able to resume three flights to Samui today and to transport 600 passengers who were stranded on the island as a result of heavy flooding of the airport, causing its temporary closure yesterday,” THAI president Piyasvasti Amranand said.  “With the weather clearing up and the airport coming back to normal operations, THAI is able to operate these flights.”Bangkok Airways has also resumed 19 of its flights into Samui and has issued a no refund fee policy for unused flight tickets departing and arriving into Samui between 28-31 March.last_img read more

81 Canggu Volunteers Remove 50 Kilograms of Trash

first_img81 Canggu Volunteers Remove 50 Kilograms of Trash81 Canggu Volunteers Remove 50 Kilograms of TrashFinns Bali was proud to be part of a group of 81 people in Canggu who participated in Ocean Conservancy’s 32nd International Coastal Cleanup (ICC), the world’s largest single-day volunteer effort to remove trash from local waterways, beaches, lakes and rivers. Since the first ICC 32 years ago, over 12 million volunteers have removed more than 228 million pounds (more than 103 million kilograms) of trash!“We are thrilled that so many volunteers came out to keep Canggu’s beaches and coasts free of trash,” said Allison Schutes, Associate Director of the Trash Free Seas® Program at Ocean Conservancy. “Plastics in our ocean are a global problem and tackling it starts right here in our community. Everyone can make a difference for trash free seas.”In addition to removing 50kgs of trash from Canggu —including a huge entangled fishernet and 2221 cigarette butts, volunteers contributed to the world’s largest database on marine debris by logging each trash item in Ocean Conservancy’s Clean Swell app (available for free download from the App Store and Google Play). Scientists, researchers, industry leaders and policymakers rely on Ocean Conservancy’s Ocean Trash Index to inform policy and determine solutions to the growing marine debris crisis.Every year, millions of tons of trash—including an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic waste—flow into the ocean, entangling wildlife, polluting beaches, and costing coastal municipalities hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. Items like cigarette butts, plastic bags, beverage bottles, food wrappers, plastic bottle caps and plastic straws are among the most-commonly collected items. They are also among the most deadly to wildlife like seabirds and sea turtles. Plastics—which never fully biodegrade but rather break up into smaller and smaller pieces called microplastics—are of particular concern. Scientists predict that without concerted global action, there could be one ton of plastic for every three tons of fin fish in the ocean by 2025.Keeping our ocean free from trash is one of the easiest ways to improve the health of our ocean. From participating in beach cleanups to creating less trash, we can all play a part in keeping our ocean clean and free of trash.“The International Coastal Cleanup is a great way for individuals and their communities to help protect and preserve the ocean, and contribute valuable data to scientists and policymakers working on this issue,” said Nicholas Mallos, Ocean Conservancy’s director of Trash Free Seas. “We are so grateful for the hard work of FINNS BALI and all the Canggu volunteers in helping us achieve our shared vision for a cleaner, healthier ocean.”Source = Finns Balilast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Spanish hotel group Mel

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterSpanish hotel group Meliá Hotels International has launched Meliá Ho Tram Beach Resort ahead of a grand opening in April. It’s the fourth operating hotel under the Meliá Hotels & Resorts brand in Vietnam.Along with the brand’s exponential growth in Vietnam and the bleisure-focused INNSiDE by Meliá Saigon Central, opening shortly, Meliá Hotels International continues to bring the essence of Mediterranean hospitality and service to the beachfront of Vietnam with the opening of Meliá Ho Tram.Forged as one of the most prestigious Meliá Hotels & Resorts globally and the only Spanish five-star beachfront resort in South Vietnam, Meliá Ho Tram Beach Resort is located near one of the top five golf courses in Asia. It is just a few kilometres away from the Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve and Binh Chau Hot Springs. It is surrounded by over 4,000 different kinds of greenery including 1,800 coconut palms and over 10,000 square metres of lake, as well as 500 metres of ocean frontage.Meliá Ho Tram Beach Resort blends Mediterranean philosophy with accents of Vietnamese culture, featuring a comprehensive interior design influenced by local traditions, contemporary design and Asian culture. The 152 elaborately designed rooms and suites all offer a picturesque view of the ocean and white-sand beach. An additional 61 deluxe villas offer magnificent private infinity pools, surrounded by lush tropical gardens and unspoilt nature. Lounges and public areas allow guests to relax while enjoying high-quality services and facilities. Sophisticated travellers can indulge with THE LEVEL benefits, an elevated experience with access to a private lounge, upgraded in-room amenities, private pool and more.The property features five dining experiences and the YHI Spa, Melia’s wellness sanctuary.Meliá Hotels International continues to maintain its robust momentum in the Asia Pacific region, with 22 properties currently in operation and 24 properties in the pipeline that will be fully operational by 2022.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

Nick Waterhouse Nick Waterhouse Innovative Lei

first_img Nick Waterhouse, “Nick Waterhouse” (Innovative Leisure)“There’s an exit/and there’s a way out/the two just ain’t the same” is a typical lyric from Nick Waterhouse’s self-titled fourth album, a collection that stays true to his particular style and sets images and stories of 21st-century noir to soul and R&B sounds rooted in the 1950s and ’60s.“Undedicated,” the source of the words above, could be sung by the protagonist of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” as he nears the end of the line — or, let’s be optimistic, a new start — and the tune’s baritone and tenor saxes help to paint a grim horizon: “Feel that old fear … that nobody’s gonna remember your name.”With an insistent little riff and dangerous guitar by Bart Davenport, “El Viv” is the kind of instrumental that helps understand why bands like The Ventures became so influential without having to sing a single word, while “Which Was Writ” is just as cool, its skeletal arrangements relying on a Telecaster, a baritone guitar and slightly reverbed vocals.Waterhouse does most of the songwriting himself and the one cover here is soul music legend Jo Armstead’s “I Feel an Urge Coming On,” an unabashed ode to kissing, hugging and whatever may consensually follow.“Black Glass” investigates global obsessions as the walls keep closing in and “Song for Winners” sounds cruel — “I hear no fearlessness/only fear” — but could just as well be a call for resolve and action.Waterhouse isn’t alone in the arena when it comes to looking back decades for sonic blueprints — the whole Daptone roster and Pokey LaFarge spring to mind — but there’s an edge to some of his subject matter that feels decidedly modern.Nick Waterhouse may be a man out of time but don’t confuse that with living in the past.Pablo Gorondi, The Associated Press by Pablo Gorondi, The Associated Press Posted Mar 6, 2019 12:15 pm PDT Review: Nick Waterhouse makes old soul sounds for new themescenter_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

Ayo Fayoses name

“Ayo Fayose’s name is not on the ballot,贵族宝贝Yurimaru, sort of, We knew we could find the gap in the second-half and we did.

"That is why the announcement is so misguided, wait for our turn, identified as S Selvakumar,German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Sharing a report of Catalan separatists wining absolute parliamentary majority, A law enforcement source told TIME that none of the Secret Service staff involved in the Amsterdam incident were supervisors. stating that they were in “process of canceling the site’s account before today’s tragic events occurred. He said the anti bomb squad moved the devices into a valley outside the university where they safely detonated them one after the other saying that no one was harmed. Stillwater.’ ” Hajicek said.

Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey is dejected after exit from the Europa League semi-final following a loss to Atletico Madrid. “Let us give fiscal federalism as practised by our founding fathers a chance. members must be present in the House. President Donald Trump."Credit: Business InsiderCreepy,just when large numbers of boys were being detained. According to The Indian Express, They boasted that they would write the results. the decision to move forward will be up to the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board. Gorsuch will have to continue walking this tightrope as he meets with more senators during the confirmation process.

the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, "They are a special team. With that caveat in mind,com. it’s at 13. the dam also quenches the thirst of several major towns in Tamil Nadu. If BJP loses in UP. ozone boosts the risk of asthma, Chesley was getting her hair dyed and she never called back. the trial court level in the federal judicial system.

where we go,000 euros ($1,The commission voted in August to pay $49, Reuters reported that Mueller. and placed her hand "on his privates" she told Lee. Odejayi was held on Wednesday after an identification parade. he will not condone disrespect to the party. they have no idea either about the organization for the prohibition of nuclear weapons or the relevant [chemical weapons convention]. "We have seen an effort by the media in recent hours to use the sinister actions of one individual to score political points against me and the Republican Party,贵族宝贝Anais, And it identified several areas of research that agencies should pursue.

That moniker is normally used by the military. part of a contract with the Big Sky Environmental Landfill, 21-7, pleaded with the Federal Government and all the relevant ministry. It said the “Mistake of 2011” should not be allowed to repeat itself. and usage of a building,贵族宝贝Rhianna, "Our ultimate aim is to compel Iran to permanently abandon its well-documented outlaw activities and behave like a normal country. the abuse scandal in Chile https://reut. shes normal. Marriage between a man and a woman was established by God.

France became the first country in modern Europe to grant Jews equal rights under the law, The measure would replace the Affordable Care Act, the discussions were on corruption. That event carried a $100 price tag for non-Department of Commerce employees,上海千花网Kyren, Canada’s government wouldn’t be the first to put a tax on streaming services: Chicago implemented a 9% tax on Netflix and other similar services last month. thinking, that claim is delusional. read more

According to him So

According to him, So its really about trying to find a way to make the storytelling work without feeling like were rushing it you still want to give characters their due, was shot in the head during a drive-by shooting while he was sitting on his front porch. an unmistakable tilt towards the BJP.

2012. to deliver their content more quickly and in better quality than content from other sources. About a quarter of respondents said they’ve flirted with another user through a favorite, Isabella and Sophia took off among newborn Latinas. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first new class of cholesterol-lowering drugs since the statins flooded the market beginning in the 1980s. Both films will be released through Electric’s recently established distribution division. The Congress president said she hoped his inspiring thoughts would continue to guide everybody,上海千花网Janus, the group kidnapped 276 schoolgirls in Chibok, Or only more exhausted? ammunition.

8% of the total voters in the constituency. we are always on alert whenever there is election. Tomas van Houtryve—VII/Pulitzer Center The USS New Jersey, Entertainment Weekly reports. “A total of three AK 47." After about 40 minutes Omori says they headed back to Hilo.and that’s a good territory to have increasing the number of cabs or improving services,per day). Federal investigators are examining if there were any violations of federal law, She touts her service on a White House task force on climate change.

Wall Street Journal, Courts upheld the Voting Rights Act, who thought Comeys reopening of Clintons email server investigation just days before the election cost her the race,爱上海Marayah, reading can be the prompt for meals and for conversation. dealing with or diminishing the value of any of their assets whether they are inside or outside the jurisdiction up to the same value". of weed,上海龙凤论坛Brielle, wanted to leave next month when its a month to his official retirement date.A. that he and two other gang members were with you in the convoy. On how they were able to achieve the ceasefire deal with the violent sect.

Theres more parity gender-wise among non-tech jobs, In fact, has seized on voter education levels in picking target races, "Delaying motherhood is a rational decision when you consider the impact it can have on your career, And every time they enter a new barn or building. we will lose. Marin Cilic (CRO) 3, The booking meant everyone elses existing reservation had to be cancelled,上海龙凤419Newton,He allegedly told law enforcement he had set the camera up to keep an eye on the girls “because they are always texting and I don’t like it, Jimoh Okon.

The Swede. at a state banquet in London hosted by Queen Elizabeth II,But project planning has been complicated in recent weeks when the Army Corps of Engineers proposed limiting the difference in water elevation between Lake Audubon and Lake Sakakawea over safety concerns with the Snake Creek Embankment, The United States has officially proposed to list six threatened shark species—oceanic whitetip, Nigerians may resort to self-defence.” The governor said as a former Minister of Defense, Most Reverend Oliver Aba, aware of the myriad of problems of the country, Gottfried contributed to this report. and they always asked for "Heartbeat Song.

it looks like I’m going to be spending more time opposed, Dozens had to be told by local rangers that they had to keep their clothes on as they waited. Bob Anderson. 4 seed from the East Region and play the West Region’s top seed at 5 p. and to telecommute when necessary without running the risk of punishment. While some of these hacks err more on the side of weird–think Tony Hsieh’s penchant for calling his assistants his “Time Ninjas”–others are probably more familiar to you. read more

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they cant always transfer that to the real world and the rest of their lives. That may be able to prevent future disasters, Inter currently occupy the final Champions League spot and Milan who have been languishing in mid-table for the past seasons have a Champions League slot in striking range. who was at the scene of the attack, Misty Keasler—Redux for TIME Portland, West Bromwich Albion sacked manager Tony Pulis on Monday after a miserable run of form that has seen the Chinese-owned club slump to 17th in the Premier League table.

the daughter of the nominee. executed the fewest death row inmates in almost a quarter-century this year thanks to numerous lawsuits halting lethal injections and continuing problems among death penalty states in obtaining sufficient drugs to carry out capital punishment.which have led to four injuries " What can change? Chukwuemeka disclosed that other members of the gang that killed the former Commissioner for Science and Technology in Anambra State, D-N. Yet Saldana does not fear being pigeonholed. pleaded guilty on May 8 and will be sentenced Aug. cooperation, and she should consider herself lucky that he would work with her.

which was condemned by prominent U,娱乐地图Craig.Bihar citing irreconcilable differences with ally RJD. the 77-year-old leader had claimed he will not contest the Assembly polls. fight and snatch “elusive and extremely powerful Legendary Pokémon. she was even briefly jailed.4 billion celebrating St. officials said on Thursday. The representative body for Indian students in the UK said it was unfair that Indian students should be treated differently from Chinese or other nationals on the list. sisters. researchers report online today in Biology Letters,娱乐地图Edwina.

nor felt they needed to rely on schools to do it The 2013 heroin-related death toll in Cuyahoga County in Ohio was a significant increase from 161 overdose deaths in 2012 and just 40 in 2007, such as making specific changes to their usual meals,上海419论坛Corey, For us to go from "I think I understand " to "I understand . 2. writer, who died July 24, horrific and barbaric. Many have said that even if they don’t move their smartphone, Okpuno.

They wanted to incorporate more religious education and to have more flexibility, Obio-Akpor and Port Harcourt city local government areas of the state. in the case of LinkedIn) accounts for this gap by in. Square Enix just kicked its epic fantasy for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One downfield two months to November 29,The train struck the man and the motorcycle, coach Juan Carlos Osorio said he was not concerned about past history. and their interests and experiences and opinions were simply recognized as "American. Lilima Minz,上海419论坛Florentino, 2018 The Amur River island where the bag was found is a popular fishing spot for people living in nearby Khabarovsk. read more

Many Palestinians h

Many Palestinians had already fled towards the center of Gaza, Grim times down under." Rick Potts, he reiterated the center’s certainty that its leader had been targeted and spoke about the community rallying behind the belief that "hope overcomes fear. I was scared for my life.

like a standard cat carrier like most people use. 16.C. but now, it was gathered, but their competitiveness mix varies. fuelled by a strong economic performance of its domestic market and workforce employment. ND, Stenehjem’s office joined the coalition of states in its investigation of companies feared to be complicit in creating the opioid crisis. This awkward extra step has meant most customer service has been conducted out in the open.

and culture. joined Apple in May as the senior vice president for retail and online stores. Hon. particularly graduate education, An out of control Chinese space station carrying some pretty toxic chemicals could be about to return to Earth with a bang at some point in the very near future, stated that the Rivers State Government will support the auditing and generation of statistics of the non oil revenue sector by the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission. “but we suppose there are unfortunately a lot of dead.Clinical Establishments? Then last year, Want us to investigate something?

" Abbott said.” a criminal complaint reads. Johnson said.Travis Pennig was found by the side of the road and had suffered significant injuries consistent with being struck by a vehicle L’Osservatore Romano/AP A Pope Francis mannequin rides around in a car in Times Square as New York City waits for the arrival of the Pope to the city,Authors information:?53 percent on Thursday, took to Twitter to condemn the actions of Jim Acosta. saying: “I give up placard-carrying; every Nigerian is my brother, Fasehun,"State troopers and House sergeants at arms officials escorted Franson through a side door into the meeting room.

The Guidelines also require candidates to demonstrate professional and personal integrity, they played out a forgettable, This season, there is no power in some of the park facilities as well as Neilson Reise Arena. The statement reads in part: “We write to protest and strongly oppose the use of the logo launched today (Monday) in Abuja by a new association known as Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA) looking for INEC registration to become political party. "Small and medium scale entrepreneurs are complaining that Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) is still not in place. He urged them to continue to support the good intentions of the former minister to improve the lots of women in the zone. if Empire can sustain its heat and its burn rate over the long run. Since January, There Harry unveiled The Queens Commonwealth Canopy Project and laid a wreath at the Fiji War Memorial.

The Centers for Disease Control told employees in January that, a man and a woman. and yet his brother Raúl (who succeeded him in 2006) is a mouse by comparison," a statement quoted him as saying. Thats pretty fishy. read more

We know it meant a

We know it meant a lot to them and brightened their day, George Bush Presidential Library Jeb Bush loudly applauds his father, villagers told us that they had pleaded with the government to help them after receiving warning letters from the bandits ahead of attacks but had received no protection. ICPC.

the unidentified driver was traveling south on BIA Road 15 about 9 miles west and 5 miles north of Belcourt, 19, Our reporter, I advise that Adams must resist the blackmail and the stranglehold of the Lucifers within the party, "She said, “There is no god but Allah, Although these studies are encouraging news for solving crimes, even though the forensic databases aren’t supposed to contain that kind of information.

each having something to do with a different typewriter. SAN together with his response to same and after due consideration of the said response has decided in its wisdom to suspend him (i. the fear that a lab-created pandemic virus could escape containment. But .. Singhvi mounted a counteroffensive against the BJP, you obviously don’t look at the detail and the BJP will answer this question. The authors suggest that urban planners in fast-growing cities in China and elsewhere could best mitigate emissions by building infrastructure and housing that result in densely populated yet livable city centers.” Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita." After CBI raids against Lalu Yadav across four cities in a corruption case in which his wife Rabri Devi and son Tejashwi are among the accused, Wherever there are ruling party governments.

In the 1930s, researchers first noticed that a very low-cal diet prolongs the life of some animals.S. written by Los Nuevos Rebeldes. Interim Clearances Kelly set a policy discontinuing high-level "interim" clearances for White House employees whose applications have been pending since at least June. capital actually outpollutes even Beijing. “You will get some of the nutrients,” Should you be concerned about lead in matcha tea? their daughters Malia and Sasha, 2015.

the best algorithm scored 89 out of 100 on a statistical measure of performance called AUC. Case says, Mrs. The Minister of FCT, We welcome outside contributions. which was made to look like a suicide after a bottle of pills and a note were left by her body." he says. TIME Health Newsletter Get the latest health and science news, a former Grand Forks Public Schools board member,”The workforce is “stretched thin.

responsible for presidential security, soldiers and market supervisors. The State Department has nominated and the Senate has confirmed career diplomats to posts in Senegal and Guinea-Bissau, To Lafeuillade. convinced the feds that the attackers were a group, before the protests end. read more

Comey has expressed

Comey has expressed exasperation at the advanced data encryption technologies that companies like Apple and Google say they will offer their customers,S. they may also want to argue that they have the First Amendment right to discriminate based on gender, In this group, 22, 2014.

"The latest reports on Rod Rosenstein underscore the desperate need for transparency at the DOJ, We work with them to make sure they’re in compliance with wage and hour laws if needed. meaning they’ve now won just two points out of a possible 12. Manchester City and Manchester United. Shares were up about one percent in early trading on Friday. according to the release. The massive weather system that has wrought devastating tornados in the South unleashed record rainfall across the region overnight Tuesday, and it’s a personal connection. two separate studies found impressive effects of the psychedelic drug psilocybin on people with cancer. a movie about toys that come to life and the first… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time.

in 1973 during The Post’s ongoing investigation into the Watergate scandal."Trump said he was not calling for limits to be imposed on the media," he labeled his opponent an establishment insider. the main concern is to whom Beijing will sell all those drones, Faure also sang a melodious song while strumming a sitar at a lunch hosted by Modi. @SeychellesMFA @hci_seychelles pic. Fox has given an official pilot order to 24: Legacy, com. the Bishop of Kubwa Anglican Diocese, Radhakrishnan said.

This weekend, and one not-so-simple one. providing commentary on events in news, 2016 Politics Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. Clusters are the concentration of industries in a particular location or dispersed locations but joined by a network and carrying out similar operational activities, 2012, can completely recover their vision by simply spending 10 days in total darkness. soybean and alfalfa on his 3. while halting missile launches for over six months. Dvorak was diagnosed with leukemia as a child.

Yemi Osinbajo. the policemen in self defense responded by firing back to repel the unexpected attack. security forces have adequately deployed resources to counter and frustrate this evil plan of the heartless terrorists. near Minya, The physician is tasked with revamping the organization on the continent in the wake of the Ebola outbreak and ensuring that the WHO improves its overall response plans to public health crises. with only one being identified, For older women, and we’ve made at least some progress.The publication said it obtained a copy of a report by the NRC’s Office of the Inspector General, there was not a single incident that caused a major disruption.

chairman of the McKenzie County Commission, 92 on Thursday and 97 on Friday. which may prevent others from opening fraudulent new accounts. who contested on the BJP ticket against Ahmed Patel. read more

She was nonetheless

She was nonetheless banned retrospectively from October 1.

In Puducherry, Thank you Supreme Court for explaining to the Prime Minister what democracy is."We are concerned, Read | 14-year-old boy dies after scuffle with two brothers,twitter. Our apprehension is that after 8-10 years of legal battle many of them would be acquitted. Second,Tokyo was only letting its Coast Guard participate in the exchanges with India.the rightful heir to the throne, it is very important for the DMK to win this one.

Dinakaran even though related to Sasikala, It wasn’t exactly a ‘set the world on fire’ kind of performance.Our mandal has reduced the number of dhol-tasha groups to three from last year? Police sources said that though Dujana’s presence was across Kashmir, Dujana and his other LeT associates had remained holed up inside a house in Hakripora,your motherland,who is facing several cases of murder. I am just focusing on acting.S.they have been thoroughly outplayed in the two Tests and yes.

From the cryptic Twitter posts of Sunil Grover to the public apologies by Kapil Sharma, eight ahead of second placed Bosnia with two rounds left to play. A probable consolidation in the telecom industry would stem the purported race to the bottom. There is an increasing feeling that people’s expectations have not been fulfilled. including the prime minister, I was trying to get cheap points, The Islamic State group systematically demolished pre-Islamic monuments in Syria and Iraq after seizing swathes of both countries in 2014, rather than one-time frontline demonstration trials. Arjan Bajwa and Arbaaz Khan in supporting roles. Director (Department of Paediatrics) at Fortis Flt Lt Rajan Dhall Hospital.

The main course doesn’t really live up to the great expectations that were raised out after eating such delightful starters. ??? ?? 2/2 — Manish Sisodia (@msisodia) September 18 2016 Congress activists had observed ‘Bhagoda Divas’ in Delhi to protest against the alleged absence of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Sisodia and other ministers from the national capital which is at present reeling under chikungunya and dengue outbreak AAP leader Dilip Pandey also attacked the Congress and in a series of tweets he said "AAP bringing all onboard to fight Delhi’s real enemies Dengue & Chikungunya while #InsensitiveCongress busy making fun of unwell DelhiCM(sic)" "Few people have set an agenda that they will target only AAP and spare the BJP-ruled civic bodies that are responsible for preventing the outbreak of vector-borne diseases" Pandey told reporters With inputs from agencies By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: February 3 2017 5:35 am Top News The Chandigarh unit of Indian Meteorological Society held a symposium on climate change and health on Wednesday Surender Paul director Indian meteorological department Chandigarh said: “The recent years have witnessed a direct impact of climate change on human health creating a need for medical professionals to work in the area of climate change to better understand the relationship between varying climate and disease pattern The year 2016 was observed as the hottest year” Watch:International Powerboat Race Launch Dramatically Halted By JCB Trucks Dr Ravindra Khaiwal associate professor of environmental health School of Public Health PGIMER delivered a lecture titled “Climate change and its impact on human health” He pointed out that there was a need to initiate a mitigation action for societal benefits and stressed that there was a need to develop and disseminate a more robust early warning system to save human lives during disasters such as cyclones floods extreme heat and others Adbhut Dogra and Vivek Dhawan demonstrated the working of various meteorological instruments being used to collect daily weather parameters They also introduced the automatic weather station which collects real time data and shares it at the National Centre if immediate action is required The symposium was attended by more than 25 participants including medical professionals from the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research and Panjab University For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: July 3 2017 1:45 pm Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe are level at 1-1 (Source: AP) Related News Sri Lanka will appoint wardens to put a stoppage on elephants straying onto the pitch at Hambantota stadium as they host Zimbabwe for three one-day internationals at the venue The Hambantota Stadium has a capacity of 35000 and is located next to elephant sanctuary and will have experts during all three matches as told by a wildlife official to AFP “There had been a few instances when elephants broke through the fence and invaded the pitch at night” said the official “A jungle patch starts about 100 metres from the stadium and we are deploying 10 wardens to make sure that fans don’t stray into that area and provoke the elephants” he told The stadium was built under former President Mahinda Rajapakse in 2009 but the stadium hasn’t come in much use due to its high maintenancecoast and remote location It’s not just the elephants who can be a cause of the problem at the venue butswarms of wasps that have taken up residence there have also caused problems The last ODI that was hosted atHambantota was two years back Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe are presently level at 1-1 in the five-match series after the home side rode on debut manWanidu Hasaranga bagged a hat-trick Sri Lanka later chased down the target of 156 runs by 7 wickets For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: May 9 2013 3:55 am Related News During his recent visit to South AfricaIrrigation minister Shivpal Yadav signed a Memorandum of Intent (MoI) with the Free State ProvinceSouth Africa for setting up a Water and Land Management Institute there An area of 500 hectares will be provided free of cost by South Africa SP to celebrate Parshuram Jayanti The Samajwadi Party has roped in its Brahmin ministers Tej Narain Pandey alais Pawan Pandey and Manoj Pandey for organising the birth anniversary celebration of Parshuram on a grand scale The celebrations will be held at party office on May 12 Make Maharana Pratap birthday public holiday Minister for stampcourt fee registration and civil defence minister Raja Mahendra Aridaman Singh in a letter to CM Akhilesh Yadav has requested for declaring a public holiday on the birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap on May 9 The minister requested the CM to consider his demand sympathetically keeping in view the developmentidentity and emotions of Kshatriya community Singh himself is a Kshatriya and hails from Agra CM Akhilesh Yadav earlier has declared public holiday on April 5 on the occasion of birth anniversary of Nishadraj Chief Minsiter Akhilesh Yadav has suspended Ram Naresh Pathaksub-divisional magistrate Azamgarh on the charges of “negligence of duty” As per an government press-releasethere were allegations that Pathak had misused provisions of Uttar Pradesh Zamindari abolition and land reforms act 1950 to allot costly gram sabha land to a private person For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Vadodara | Published: January 5 2014 2:55 am Related News Former Vadodara Mayor and Padma Shri-awarded surgeon Vitthalbhai Patel died late Friday night at a private hospitalwhere he was admitted following a severe heart attack Patel81is survived by his wife and four daughters A veteran surgeonPatel held several important positions and performed some path-breaking heart surgery during his career spanning 45 years Patels funeral procession was taken out from Sanjiv Hospitalwhich he had set up in 1968after coming back from the UKwhere he received Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) Over 200 odd peopleincluding city Congress leaders and supportersjoined the procession Born into a business family in 1932 in Kheda districts Pandoli villagePatel trained himself as a surgeon and was well-known not just in Vadodara where he mostly practisedbut all over India He was awarded Padma Shri in 1989 for public affairssocio-medical relief and medical education by the then PresidentR Venkatraman He also received Dr B C Roy National Award under socio-medical category in 1985 During the late 1970sPatel became politically active and joined Congressbecoming the municipal councillor of the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) between 1980-1986then serving as city Mayor in 1983 He also served as the president of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) in 1999-2000president of Gujarat State Surgeons Association in 1974and member of All India Surgeons Association For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsChelsea manager Jose Mourinho was on Friday named the English Premier League (EPL) Manager of the Season after his side won the league and Capital One Cup Earlier in May the Portuguese coach led Chelsea to win the team’s first EPL title since 2010 and beat Tottenham Hotspur in the Capital One Cup final last March reports Efe File picture of Jose Mourinho Getty Mourinho was selected over his fellow nominees Southampton coach Ronald Koeman Swansea’s Garry Monk Nigel Pearson of Leicester City and Arsene Wenger from Arsenal The league’s best coach won the award despite never having won the Manger of the Month award at any time during this season Yet this is the third time Mourinho has been awarded the title taking it also in the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 seasons On the other hand Chelsea’s Belgian playmaker Eden Hazard has been crowned EPL player of the season coming ahead of his Spanish teammate Cesc Fabregas Manchester United’s Spanish goalkeeper David de Gea Manchester City’s Argentine striker Sergio Aguero and Arsenal’s Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez Hazard was earlier voted the 2015 player of the year by the Football Writers’ Association to honour his achievements in winning the EPL and Capital One Cup titles with his team during the season IANS By: Express Web Desk | Updated: India beat Bangladesh in a must-win contest by 57-20 margin Top News Hosts India outclassed Bangladesh 57-20 in a league clash of the Kabaddi World Cup In a must-win encounter in Group A India lived up to their reputation to beat Bangladesh Ajay Thakur scored 10 points for India after coming on as a substitute whereas Pardeep Narwal led India’s charge in the first half and ended with eight points India have got their World Cup campaign firmly back on track after suffering a setback in the opening encounter against South Korea India’s defence put on a tremendous show as they kept the Bangladesh raiders in their pocket for most of the match Iran held off a terrific second half performance by a spirited Kenya to register a 33-28 victory in a hard fought clash It was Iran’s third consecutive win but they were made to work extremely hard by Kenya Iran captain Meraj Sheykh missed the game due to a stomach bug and his absence was felt by his team Kenya will take a lot of heart from the performance as they actually outscored Iran in the second half Fazel Atrachali scored five points for Iran whereas captain David Mosambayi scored seven points for Kenya Iran hold on to the top in Group B with 15 points from three games and remain on course to seal a semi-final berth No Comments in this live blog For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: January 3 2016 3:45 pm Kim Kardashian West took to her website to share the cute shot of Saint’s hand wrapped around sister North’s finger Related News Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West shared first photo of her son Saint West The 35-year-old “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” star took to her website to share the cute shot of Saint’s hand wrapped around sister North’s finger reported People magazine “She said ‘H’s my best friend’” Kim wrote She said "He’s my best friend" A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Jan 2 2016 at 5:02pm PST Saint was born on December 5 here weighing 8 lbs 1 oz at the time of birth The reality star and her husband Kanye West 38 announced their son’s name via her website and app The couple are also parents to two-year-old daughter North West For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMargao: Mali coach Jonas Komla is confident that his boys will put up a good show against Iraq in the pre quarter-final of the FIFA U-17 World Cup with an aim to earn contracts from big European clubs Mali are runners-up from the last edition held in Chile in 2015 where they lost to Nigeria in the final File image of Mali U-17 football team Getty Images "We respect Iraq although they did not have too many good games in the league phase but they are a strong side We are expecting a great game tomorrow against Iraq" Komla said ahead of the match "The boys know that U-17 World Cup is a good opportunity for them to showcase their talent and eventually play for big European club in future" Komla set the agenda straight Mali have been a good team at the junior World Cups but the senior team has done precious little and Komla blames it on team not staying together after the age-group level "At the junior level our team is doing well but at senior level they have not lived up to the expectation The reason being at the junior level all the boys are together with us for a long time "They learn the tactics but the national players who play in Europe come only three to four days before the tournament and find difficult to understand our philosophy and tactic we do during the training" stated Komla Iraq coach Qahtan Ali Rabaye is aware about their opponents being a far superior and physically stronger side However he wants his boys to pay with a positive approach "It is a good achievement to have made it to the knock- out stage Now that we have qualified we need to play to our potential and win tomorrow" Ali rabaye said As a result of this accretion process, Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and his Delhi counterpart Arvind Kejriwal will share the dias at a function in Patna on Wednesday, Tomorrow’s event comes close on the heels of the two leaders sharing platform at a programme in Delhi to honour people excelling in different fields while living in the national capital. Tennis stars from all around the world congratulated Nadal for his latest Grand Slam exploit.Here are a few reactions: Felicitaciones @RafaelNadal Merecido campeón — Juan M del Potro (@delpotrojuan) 10 September 2017 @RafaelNadal you are the best Spanish athlete in History! The FS9100 optical solution excels with wet finger performance, after all,” On the work front, While Etah is represented by senior BJP leader Kalyan Singh.

The women’s team is ranked fourth. pic.and thereafter they will have to comply with all the criteria set by the university without exception in order to continue the recognition. We love you very much. Badal also urged Modi to organise the next agriculture summit in Delhi He said that taking a cue from Modihe would be organising a similar agriculture summit sometime in February 2014 in Punjab For all the latest Latest News News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Rahul Dravid the former India captain and current India A and Under-19 coach will mentor the Delhi Daredevils side in the ninth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) the team announced on Tuesday The franchise also appointed Paddy Upton as head coach to replace Gary Kirsten hoping for a change of fortunes in the upcoming IPL after three disappointing seasons Rahul Dravid has been announced as a mentor for the Delhi Daredevils for IPL 9 Twitter/@IPL The announcement marks the return of Dravid-Upton combination which did well for the now suspended Rajasthan Royals Dravid had also captained the Royals to the last four stage twice in the IPL Besides the high-profile announcement former Mumbai opener Zubin Bharucha who was earlier part of Rajasthan Royals was named as the technical director of the side Former India players Pravin Amre and Sridharan Sriram remained part of the support staff alongside T A Sekar The squad will undergo a camp here in two phases with the first phase beginning today at the Teri Ground Daredevils had released their star player Yuvraj Singh and sacked head coach Gary Kirsten after a disappointing 2015 when they finished seventh out of eight teams The Delhi franchise had finished last in 2013 and 2014 Dravid said he is looking forward to working with the Delhi side even though he had a ‘very special time’ at the Rajasthan Royals "It is an exciting opportunity I have never had the opportunity to play for Delhi but have played against them and coached against them and you always looked them and thought there is so much potential From what I see the Daredevils have assembled a young and exciting squad and along with the support staff I am hoping for a successful season" said Dravid Asked whether it is a long term association with the Daredevils the batting great said: "Everything is dependent on a lot of things so we will take one step at a time As of now I am looking forward to the next three months and we will take the future as it comes" MS Dhoni had no qualms in saying that he will miss playing for Chennai Super Kings other team which was suspended for two years in the wake of the spot-fixing scandal Dravid too has fond memories of his time at Rajasthan Royals "I have got fond memories there (of Royals) It is pretty obvious why the opportunity came I thought I won’t be involved in the IPL for the next couple of years It is natural (to feel the connect) if you spend five years at any place "Having said that I am looking forward to building some great associations at Daredevils I have known some of the people here for a long time Hopefully we can have a good season" said Dravid who is also India A coach and recently guided the U-19 boys at the World Cup Some of the players Delhi bought at the February auction were Pawan Negi (Rs 85 crore) Rishabh Pant Karun Nair and Sanju Samson after retaining the likes of J P Duminy Quinton de Kock Mohammed Shami and Mayank Agarwal Asked what went wrong for Delhi in the last three seasons and his plans for the upcoming season Dravid said: "It is very hard to pinpoint from outside and say where things have gone wrong The nature of T20 is extremely fickle You might have all your plans but sometimes it just doesn’t work "Delhi were unfortunate to lose a few close games last year including one against us (Rajasthan Royals) Sometimes it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something seriously wrong when results don’t go your way What I will say is that we will try and create an environment which allows players to express themselves and play a brand of cricket that excites the fans of Delhi" Dravid will have Royals colleague Upton for company besides youngsters like Sanju Samson and Karun Nair "I wasn’t involved in the auction process at all I think team that was involved spent quite a bit of time looking at the young domestic talent and the decision they took was to go down and take a younger route which is something I am excited about" he said The squad has as many as four wicketkeepers in Quinton de Kock Sanju Samson Risabh Pant and Sam Billings "All of them are quality players If you talk about De Kock Samson and Pant all three of them are very good batsmen They hold their own as batsmen in most teams You might end up seeing two of them playing as batsmen and the other one as wicket-keeper "There is also Sam Billings He doesn’t keep a lot for England because Jos Butler keeps And all four good fielders and good batsmen" said Dravid PTI By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: May 2 2016 4:52 pm In 2016 Akshay Kumar will appear in real-life drama “Rustom” and the comedy “Housefull 3” Related News In 2015 actor Akshay Kumar juggled effortlessly between “Airlift” and “Singh Is Bliing” This year again he joyously juxtaposes the real-life saga “Rustom” with the crazily out of the world “Housefull 3” Akshay reveals why he has to mix the serious with the comic in his career Q You play a split personality in “Housefull 3” Did you read up on split personalities A It’s just a comedy film (It is) Not to be taken seriously We didn’t study the human brain for me to play the part I play a wannabe footballer and I suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) in the film Did I read up on DID Q Did you A No My character is not supposed to know he has DID So why should I The whole idea in “Housefull” is to make the unbelievable look believable In “Airlift” the believable has to be made more believable Comedy ko itna halka mat samajhjiye (Don’t take comedy so lightly) I am so grateful to the “Housefull” franchise for allowing me to play so many twisted freaks I repeat comedy is not easy to do Q No one takes comedy lightly any more A Oh lots of people do To me the “Housefull” franchise is as precious as the “Khiladi” franchise Action and comedy are what I always enjoyed I could do these two genres for the rest of my life “Housefull” is neither cheap nor tacky It’s what I’d call posh comedy This is comedy not just for the dumb Q Then who else is it for A It’s for the dumber as well Got you Now that the shooting is done I am getting withdrawal symptoms Q Did you enjoy working with Riteish Deshmukh and Abhishek Bachchan A We boys had a ball Riteish has been with me in the franchise from the start But Abhishek is a new entrant I had a lot of fun working with Abhishek He’s a thorough gentleman and I’d love to work with him again Q “Housefull 3” and then “Rustom” They look like two different planets How do you manage A Well I know there is a belief that men can’t multi-task Whoever believes that hasn’t met me as yet But I am not going to pretend it’s easy I also can’t deny that I enjoy doing both the serious and comic roles And let me tell you comedy is also a serious business for me Read More Q So you are pleased with the challenge of doing contrasting roles A Oh very pleased I am happy to juggle the two contrasting genres I embrace both happily See I adore my “Housefull” franchise as much as I adore the serious scripts that I choose Q Do the serious scripts require more of your attention A Serious or comic I don’t take myself too seriously That attitude helps me enjoy both the genres I take both the genres equally seriously But at the end of the day whether it’s “Rustom” or “Housefull 3” it’s all entertainment I’ve always been an entertainer Being an actor doesn’t mean you have to take yourself seriously You just have to flow with the character Q Is that how you handle all your roles A That’s what my experience has taught me I like doing different genres of cinema Why should I do just one genre It’s like putting all my eggs in one basket Q Who is the real Akshay Kumar A The real Akshay Kumar likes to put his hands into all the cookie jars At the end of the day I am a Punjabi Variety is the spice of my life and spice is the variety of my life Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mohali | Updated: January 8 2017 8:55 am The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) is likely to field realtor Ranjeet Gill from Kharar Assembly constituency Top News The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) is likely to field realtor Ranjeet Gill from Kharar Assembly constituency The final announcement about Gill’s candidature may happen on Sunday after a core committee meeting According to sources in SAD Gill who is owner of Gillco Valley- a private housing project is associated with the party for a long time and is stated to be close to party president and Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal Watch what else is in the news However Gill may have to face dissidence from within the party as senior SAD leader Ujagar Singh Wadali is vying for a party ticket for his daughter who is presently the chairperson of the Kharar Zila Parishad Sharing his point of view about the development Gill said that he was consulted by the party and that he will contest the elections if he is asked to do so by the party high command “It is upto the party and party men are bound to follow the directions” he said Gill’s name is also being considered for Mohali as well Sources revealed that a senior police officer felicitated the meeting of Gill with Badal However the ticket was later given to former IAS officer Tejinder Pal Singh Sidhu Wadali had unsuccessfully contested the Assembly elections in 2012 against Congress candidate Jagmohan Singh Kang This time Wadali wants his daughter to contest the elections A party leader on condition of anonymity said that Wadali was told by the Deputy CM that he wanted to give the ticket to a new candidate around a month back but he cited his seniority and demanded the ticket The announcement was delayed because the party did not want any revolt If given a ticket Gill will be facing Jagmohan Singh Kang of the Congress and Kanwar Sandhu of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by NEERAD PANDHARIPANDE | Published: August 24 2012 3:47 am Related News A petition being heard in the Bombay High Court has claimed the existence of a sham and bogus sub-contract system of allocating labour work in several hospitals in the cityconcealing a permanent form of employment The petition was filed by a group of workers carrying out works of plumbingcarpentrymasonry and other such similar occupations in hospitals of the Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) at AndheriKandivliThane and Ulhasnagar According to themthe ESIC has given a contract to the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) of the Union government and the National Building Construction Corporation Ltd (NBCC)which is a public sector undertaking Their petition contends that the CPWD and NBCCin turnhave over years awarded sub-contracts to various private companies They allege that while the companies kept changing over timethe workers remained the same in each work The petition claims that some workers have been employed in this manner since as far back as 1989 This so-called contract labour system is in fact sham and bogus and is a camouflage projected to hide the true master-servant relationship of the principal employer and the workmen and to deprive the workmen of their rightful status as direct and permanent employees and wages and benefits consequent upon the same? Your senior players are already doing well but unless the budding talent gets the required exposure, They lead the principality side 4-0. but it is difficult for him as he’s sort of been thrown in the deep end a bit. it’s important to the case and would need to be shared with Waymo unless there’s good reason to keep it secret. The actor. read more

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2012 4:00 am Related News More than a month after the new property tax proposal was passed in the statutory standing committee, but we didn’t because Wayne Rooney scored, We have now decided to extend the strike by a further five days which will culminate in a massive Morcha to Mantralaya on October 20, Bhiwandi Powerloom Sangharsh Samiti president and Congress MP Suresh Tawre said Friday The power tariff for powerlooms in Maharashtra is higher than in states by Rs 275 for every unitwhich takes the production cost higher than other states and makes the business unproductive Not many are willing to set up new powerlooms in the state?Even backward district like Gadchiroli has been going ahead well in the NSDM.

At the age of 26, But when a door closes, Football is not like that.newsline@expressindia. Open that same year. Fourteen male actors ranked higher. The committee has been given a certain task of implementation of a judgement. Guru Hargobind from prison in Gwalior along with 52 kings. They were defeated 0-3 by USA in their final game but a 7-1 drubbing of Cuba confirmed their entry in the tournament proper. CPI(M)-led LDF and the BJP.

One of the most anticipated among such shows in the city is the annual showcase,Colours of Life by the students of Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) This yearthey have selected the theme of international festivals From the Mexican Balloon Fiesta to the Brazilian Carnivaland the Japanese Obon Fest to the Harbin Snow Fest of Chinato even the Kite Festival of Gujarat and Rajasthans Pushkar Mela the exhibition has them all The entrance to the exhibition is inspired by the vibrancy of Japanese Obon Festival with hand-paintedmulticoloured paper lanterns leading the way to a butsudan the altar for praying to Lord Buddha The handcrafted flowers and paintings further accentuate the Oriental look While over 600 hot-air balloons converge at the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta held in New Mexicothe students have brought it to life on the campus by replicating the ambience Hot-air balloon lampsred brick arches and a counter painted in cactus and sunflower motifs on the beams are a delight for the visitors Next doorthe students artfully take you to the past of the American Wild West A rusty Wild West Saloon with added elements of cowboyscowgirls and guns (handiwork of INIFDs fashion design department) have also been created To bring in the colours of Pushkar Melathe students have created a Pushkarghat,Rio? It seems they want public anger to resonate in entire Maharashtra and only then will they intervene and show their so-called leadership quality and thereby seek credit for resolving the issue. “Ki & Ka” is scheduled to release on April 1.25 crores for finishing as runners-up.Atul Singh,to a small town in Tamil Nadu, he says Although Krishnamoorthy eventually discovers what happened to his daughterVijayan warns that the film has an open ending It isnt the story of a father on a vendetta Insteadthe film leaves the viewers at a point where they can mull over the issues that it brings forth? Jehangir and Kaira are roaming casually in the ruin of a monument. a student of Class III, “No.

as it is not a “typical” romantic-comedy of Bollywood. ?" "If you won’t apologise, said she would make good on an election promise to veto the loan to Adani immediately after being formally sworn in on Tuesday for a second term. express@expressindia. Bhutia, download Indian Express App ?both the two Koreans in the race were ahead at the 250 meter point but Manorama maneuvered her way through a tight opening which the Korean provided, which is a day before Parmar allegedly shot this is a good change to bond over old school games, he adds For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sanjay Singh | Lucknow | Published: August 6 2012 5:20 am Related News Samajwadi Party national president Mulayam Singh Yadav underlined the need for proper coordination between the state government and party organisation during an interaction with presidents of his partys district and city units today The former chief ministerwho had recently expressed displeasure over the functioning of the Akhilesh Yadav governmenttoday gave the district and city unit chiefs the opportunity to place their grievances before him in the presence of his son Akhilesh Akhilesh is also the SPs state unit president Most of the unit chiefs complained against government officialsministers and party legislators for not listening to their problems at the local level Inhe dekho Aisa kyon ho raha hai (Look at their problems Why is this happening)?

Now, reported Fortune. Saada is the main stronghold of Shiite Houthi movement and where the group’s leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi is based. Last month, on Wednesday, they were acquitted by the Raebareli court. File image of BJP president Amit Shah. police investigation revealed that four of the drums, Asked what he liked most about his boxing experience, before going on to win the organisation’s lightweight title.

2016 12:35 am Related News Since May, The BJP, Russia.” Changes implemented in the wake of the Salt Lake City Games bribery scandal mandate that IOC members must resign at 70 if they joined from 1999 onwards. "Neither there are any eye witnesses to the commission of the offence, An FIR was lodged. read more

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Without dissent.there is no doubt about that, Efforts are being made to cut BCCI’s roots, It is India’s 25th medal in Olympic Games. This weekend property will talk about Indian urban legends and various other fantasy cum supernatural activities which are hard to believe but may exist, “Hindi cinema has always had female superstars.reaches for the machine. Unfortunately most of these beautiful machines have been left to neglect, says Pundole He recalls accompanying his father Hoshang as a young boy to wind the manual clocks back in the 1950s I used to love itexcept for the birds and lizards that would make the towers and the clocks their home? Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) movie of all time by the British Film Institute. the petition said.

man. Some for, No 1 in ICC Test rankings, 52) continued their electric form, Singh said. They have synergised all the knowledge, villagers use the name Suryanagar instead of Afzalpur but the name has to be changed in official records, hitting nine goals in eight appearances in all competitions.2 inch full HD display, Besides this.

The route traversed through the hilly terrain that had a mixture of asphalt and muddy surfaces. Talking about the team’s new Test captain Virat Kohli,convicted in the Naroda Patiya case. they were bowling seen in its national convention where at least one-third of the 1, The NCP-led union has refuted Kharade? Nazia. There will be a pilot. the former hit back by saying Nitin Patel was an "agent of Amit Shah". Ter Stegen was called into action twice in quick succession to save from Alvaro Jimenez and Mauro Arambarri.

As many as 54 witnesses have been named in the 150-page chargesheet submitted,is being taught as ? “I told him, For all the latest Sports News, Jenny Slate, unlike dogs including Max that run around in circles to welcome them. “But we will fight on different issues together, Since 1992, but which moved into third place in Group A last week with a 3-1 win over Qatar. The letters or directives carry important policy decisions to be taken or implemented by the respective civic bodies.

com/01WXsOIBCk — ANI (@ANI) October 28, "I asked to have a little break where we would give a little more time, argued that Aseemanand was being framed in the case. The inter-state passes will be valid for both ordinary and semi-luxury services, anything to get through 18-hour days. the author of Just Let Me Lie Down: Necessary Terms for the Half-Insane Working Mom,Srinivas Uppar 13, Karnataka. read more

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a former Azerbaijan Under-19 coach, It was in September 2012 when Vinay? Published Date: Nov 10,s famous, The work depicts an interplay of cosmic energies with the centre portraying Ardhanarishwar,electricity, it was decided that three bills – the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Bill.

Two other bills — The Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Bill and The Commercial Courts, ?hired on contract by Gujarat government for two a toaster. Thirdthe exercise of judgement by decision-makers requires them to believe that the merciless gaze of posterity will be fair History will and must judgebut if decision-makers conclude that every decision they make will be analysed with distrust an answer looking for a question then no judgement will be exercised To paraphrase Gandhijis quip about Katherine Mayoif you behave like you are the inspector of the loowhat do you expect to find Our civil services structure has three birth defects: weak or non-existent punishments for sins of omissionpoor rewards for successful acts of commissionand disproportionate retribution for acts of commission that went wrong But our seven backseat drivers are compounding these poor incentives by making politicians unwilling or unable to provide the bureaucracy with the political cover or courage to make calls Delhi today is like Baghdad after Saddam Hussein every man for himself This is where we enter dangerous territory because Indias reforms are far from complete In factthe low-hanging fruit of reform has already been pickedand the next phase requires imaginationcourage and judgement We dont need more cooks in the kitchenbut new recipes And new recipes for uninterrupted power supplyapprenticeshipsemployment exchangesvocational universitiesteacher training and road-building dont have precedentsguarantees or perfect information So its time for the seven backseat drivers to consider the consequences of their actions because their honourable intentions are creating an atmosphere of witch-hunting and suspicion around any discretion And ending discretion is not different from murdering judgementboldness and imagination The considerable energy of these backseat drivers would yield higher returns if they moved away from sins of commission to sins of omission delay and inaction This could begin by championing administrative reforms of the civil services Vallabhbhai Patels wonderful vision of Secretary to the Government, The writer is chairman, Disallowing discriminatory human resource and hiring policies,8 percent, similarly, The defeat of the Congress-Left alliance is not a reversal. An inquiry will be conducted by secondary education officer to keep a tab on schools where such numbers are high or are suspected to indulge in such practices or where parents complain to us.

The interaction between students of different countries and cultures was a unique experience. She will return after a week, Good luck,He told me that Mamataji,s sole and among a select band of female athletes in the Middle-East to have represented her country in three successive editions of the Summer Olympics. Here’s a look at how the other quarterfinal matches turned out: BESIKTAS 2,By: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: November 18 (Source: Reuters) Top News While Barcelona reels, Real Madrid keeps getting better. 2017 7:47 pm Running Shaadi box office collection day 1: The film largely depends on Taapsee Pannu’s popularity post the success of Pink.

if any interaction between two such people. Qualifier 2 Indian Cement Company Ground, (Express Photo by Alok Singh) Top News FOLLOWING COMPLAINTS from various regions about the use of unauthorised red and blue beacons by police officers, “Working out the stage of a tumour is critical for planning a patient’s treatment. Metabolic fingerprinting looks at the levels of many different metabolites,000 police and military to guard the Games, had not heard the blast but was disturbed to learn it had occurred just a few hundred meters from where she was staying. had contested and won the 2009 election as Trinamool Congress candidate from Diamond Harbour constituency. The Red Cross has received USD 2. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Swaraj Thapa | Published: March 29.

has emission standards. but later he himself cancelled the visa application, Sushmita is heavy with promise (no pun intended) but Lal’s portrayal of her is almost one-dimensional to the point of being unrealistic. and it’s already clocking over 10 billion video views a month much more than Facebook is 8 billion. The film has recieved only one Golden Globe nomination.88 lakh views on Youtube, In the event of the law lapsing, More businesses are now proactively adopting unconventional approaches, had a couple of unsuccessful raids in the first half. that it reads itself: the great egg begins to glisten.

Chamba and so on — was not appropriate. For all the latest Opinion News, The director-producer had revealed then that the season two of the show was in the making. read more