Tesla 93mile Model 3 is available in Canada but its not the

first_img Electric Cars Car Industry 5 More From Roadshow Enlarge ImageTesla wants its Model 3 to qualify for a new Canadian EV incentive, so it had to get creative. Nick Miotke/Roadshow The Canadian government recently decided to offer a CA$5,000 incentive (about $3,720) for people purchasing electric cars. The catch is that there are some pretty specific price stipulations on which vehicles qualify for that incentive. Based on those limits, current Tesla models would have been ineligible and that would be a bummer.Leave it to the folks at the Big T to stick it to Canada by just barely squeaking under the CA$45,000 pricing limit with a model that nobody will buy, so that people can get the discount on the car they actually want — aka the Model 3 Standard Range Plus — thanks to a loophole.Electrek reported on Wednesday that Tesla will offer a Model 3 in Canada that has a software-limited range of just 150 kilometers (93 miles). If a sub-100 mile Tesla sounds kind of counter to Tesla’s whole mindset, then you’re probably right, but the critical figure about this model isn’t the range, it’s the price.This new Canadian standard Model 3 will set buyers back CA$44,999, which means it’s eligible for the government incentive. But the incentive also allows for models that cost more than CA$45,000 if the base model is under that limit, as long as the higher trims don’t exceed CA$55,000.Like the standard-range Model 3 in the US, Tesla is making ordering the 93-mile-range car in Canada a bit of a chore, likely in hopes that it won’t eat into sales of the Standard Range Plus car, which sells for CA$53,700 before incentives. If you’re reading this and thinking, hey, I bet that 150km range is just software-limited, you’re totally right. But if you’re thinking you could later pay to unlock the extra range found in the Standard Range Plus model, you’d be dead wrong. Tesla isn’t allowing buyers to upgrade their range as it has in the past. So, the moral of this story is that Tesla can game Canada, but you can’t game Tesla. Just pony up the extra eight grand and get the wildly superior Standard Range Plus model.We’ll be curious to see how long the Canadian government goes with this, as it’s not really in the spirit of the incentive, but hopefully it helps convince lots of Canadians to make the jump to electric cars. Originally published May 1.Update, May 2: Adds information about Tesla’s unwillingness to offer later software-based range increases. 50 Photos 2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country first drive: Small changes make a big impact Comments Share your voice Tags 2019 Acura NSX review: Hitting its stride Tesla Tesla Model 3 barrels through the snow in Track Mode Tesla Model 3 Review: Performance trim Teslalast_img read more

Zoo officials hatch another plan for vulture breeding

first_imgBahadurpura: The authorities of Nehru Zoological Park have decided to bring a few more specimen of vultures from Pinjure Vulture Breeding Centre, Haryana, and Sakkarbough Zoo, Junagadh, Gujarat, for breeding vultures at their facility.The zoo had made concerted efforts to breed the vultures but failed to get the desired result. Now toensure the successful breeding of vultures, the zoo officials will bring fewmore specimen of vultures from the vulture centre in Haryana and zoo of Gujarat in lieu of Mouse Deer, a species which has shown a significant growth in the recent years in the zoo park itself. Also Read – Secunderabad: Major General N Srinivas Rao makes farewell visit to AOC Advertise With Us “The exchange proposal made for the year 2018-19 is now in active persuasion, while another similar proposal to bring new breeding pairs from Gadchiroli Forest Circle, Maharashtra, has planned for the year 2019-20. To visit the Gadchiroli Forest Circle, a committee of experts has been constituted and the plan isprogressing accordingly,” informed N Kshitija,Curator, Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad. Also Read – Kolkata artists giving final touches to 24 ft clay Ganesh idol Advertise With Us According to officials, to protect the species from the influence of harmful medicinal effects especially diclofenac found in the animals they used to eat as their regular feed, the Zoo authorities arrange the sheep directly from the market and only after rearing them in close supervision for 45 days, we serve their flesh to the vultures. “Diclofenac medicine generally found in cattle especially the sheep, cows, buffaloes reared by the shepherds and farmers. The big birds often died due to the prevalence of diclofenac in their food such as sheep, cows, buffaloes etc. They used to eat the carcass of these animals whose bodies are induced with the medicine. This is purportedly believed to be a main reason behind extinction of vultures,” said the officials. Advertise With Us As part of the efforts to increase their numbers it was found that the vultures laid eggs but unfortunately the eggs turned out infertile and hence the breeding failed again, even after all the efforts were put in place to make the breeding successful. The Vulture Breeding Centre was established on November10 2010 at Nehru Zoological Park with an aim to nurture the species under comprehensive and organised manner. The infrastructure was developed with the financial assistance from the Central Zoo Authority, New Delhi. The vulture breeding centre at Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad presently has a stock of 11 vultures out of which 7 are males and 4 females. Vultures lay an egg once in a year and the nesting activity happens at different locations under the zoo park itself.last_img read more

8 to walk gallows for murder in Habiganj

first_img-A Habiganj court on Wednesday sentenced eight people to death and 12 others to life term imprisonment for killing a man over land dispute in 2011.The condemned convicts are Shudhangshu Sen, Shuvash Sen, Ershad, Abdul Malek Malu, Abdur Rahman, Abdul Kashem, Abu Lal and Mosharraf Hossain of Ganggail village in Madhabpur upazila.Besides, Harmuj Ali, Moshtaq, Shanu, Jabed, Jahir, Bakul, Amir Hossain, Jahirul Islam, Dulal, Kamal, Sayed and Jhanu were awarded life term imprisonment.According to the prosecution, the convicts swooped on the house of Redwanul Mohsin Tipu of the same village and stabbed him to death following enmity over the ownership of a land on 7 January 2011.Victim’s wife filed a case with Madhabpur police station on 9 Jan 2011.After examining the records and witnesses, additional district and sessions judge Mafroza Parvin handed down the verdict acquitting three other accused as allegations brought against them could not be proved.last_img read more

Duke Game Postponed to Sunday

first_imgStory Links LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Due to inclement weather, Saturday’s game between Louisville and Duke at UofL Lacrosse Stadium has been postponed until Sunday at 11 a.m.The game will be restarted and played in full tomorrow morning.For the latest information on Louisville lacrosse, visit GoCards.com, or follow the team’s Twitter account at @LouisvilleLax or on Facebook at facebook.com/UofLLacrosse. Print Friendly Versionlast_img

Researchers show bacteria use natural materials to transfer electrons

first_imgGeobacter grows on an electrode. The bacteria feeds on electrons, enabling it to “breathe in” carbon dioxide and “exhale” fuels. Image credit: UMass, Geobacter.org. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Researchers discover how bacteria can immobilize uranium Journal information: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Explore further Citation: Researchers show bacteria use natural materials to transfer electrons (2012, June 6) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2012-06-bacteria-natural-materials-electrons.htmlcenter_img Scientists have speculated since the 1960’s that microorganisms are able to communicate with one another or other organisms though conductive material in soil, but until now, the idea was just theory. And just two years ago, researches in Denmark had found that microorganisms living in the sediment at the bottom of sea were somehow able to exchange electrons with those that live on the surface, which resulted in oxygen being made available for those in the sediment enabling them to survive.In this newest research the team added two types of bacteria, Geobacter sulfurreducens and Thiobacillus denitrificans, to a sample of soil and then added acetate and nitrate, the food that the two microorganisms normally eat. But neither would do so. To help them out, the team mixed in the electrically conducting mineral magnetite. That spurred both into action. The idea is that neither of the two types of bacteria can eat without the ability to transfer electrons from one to another and magnetite is the conduit they use to accomplish that feat. To make sure their observations were correct, the team tried using the poor conductor rusted red iron and found the bacteria slowed their eating as a result. And when a non-conductor was mixed in instead, both stopped eating altogether.The team speculates that based on their results it’s likely that many microorganisms communicate by passing electrons through soil, though one small detail still needs to be worked out. How can they rely on the conductive material to be spaced just right in the soil to allow for the passing of electrons? At this time no one is really sure, but some have suggested that it’s possible that the bacteria may actually cause so-called electrical grids to be built to allow them to communicate, though thus far there is no evidence to support the theory, intriguing as it may be. © 2012 Phys.Org (Phys.org) — For years scientists have known that plants and animals transfer electrons between cells and because of that are able to consume food and use it to gain energy. They’ve also known that some microorganisms are able to transfer electrons between themselves and other organisms that are some distance apart. What’s not been known is how they do that. Now, a new study by a team of Japanese researchers has found that at least some bacteria use natural elements in the soil to transfer electrons and thus enable their survival. In their paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they describe how they recreated the process by which bacteria communicate over distances in their lab by adding magnetite to the soil which caused previously non-communicating bacteria to begin interacting over a small distance. More information: Microbial interspecies electron transfer via electric currents through conductive minerals, PNAS, Published online before print June 4, 2012, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1117592109AbstractIn anaerobic biota, reducing equivalents (electrons) are transferred between different species of microbes [interspecies electron transfer (IET)], establishing the basis of cooperative behaviors and community functions. IET mechanisms described so far are based on diffusion of redox chemical species and/or direct contact in cell aggregates. Here, we show another possibility that IET also occurs via electric currents through natural conductive minerals. Our investigation revealed that electrically conductive magnetite nanoparticles facilitated IET from Geobacter sulfurreducens to Thiobacillus denitrificans, accomplishing acetate oxidation coupled to nitrate reduction. This two-species cooperative catabolism also occurred, albeit one order of magnitude slower, in the presence of Fe ions that worked as diffusive redox species. Semiconductive and insulating iron-oxide nanoparticles did not accelerate the cooperative catabolism. Our results suggest that microbes use conductive mineral particles as conduits of electrons, resulting in efficient IET and cooperative catabolism. Furthermore, such natural mineral conduits are considered to provide ecological advantages for users, because their investments in IET can be reduced. Given that conductive minerals are ubiquitously and abundantly present in nature, electric interactions between microbes and conductive minerals may contribute greatly to the coupling of biogeochemical reactions.last_img read more

A new ecofriendly travel directory has been publi

first_imgA new eco-friendly travel directory has been published to help flight passengers book holidays to green destinations.The Travelocity guide features a number of destinations and properties that offer ‘meaningful sustainability initiatives’, and can be considered a trusted source of information for people looking to book an environmentally-friendly break this year. Commenting on the guide’s launch, Kathleen Hogan, director of the Environmental Protection Agency, said: “Choosing energy efficient places to stay is another way everyone can help in the fight against global warming.”Travelocity is also involved in the development of the first sustainable tourism guidelines through its membership of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism Criteria. It is designed to provide a framework for the increasingly popular trend of sustainable tourism and to ensure that tourism is capable of helping rather than harming local communities and environments. Recent figures from Travelocity showed that domestic air fares in the US were beginning to fall in price.The average cost of a domestic flight ticket is now $24 (£17.60) cheaper than it was during the same period last year.Search for Cheap Flights on Skyscanner!ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map RelatedTop 10 most environmentally pure countriesWorried about the world around you? Us too, and while we want to discover every corner of it, we also want to make sure we’re travelling responsibly. These destinations have sustainability at their core and while the European countries may be leading the way in green tourism, we’ve found a…How to be an eco-traveller (and still have it all)Weighed down with the eco guilt of the frequent traveller? We can’t promise to banish it completely but we do have ways to make your carbon footprint a shadow of its former self. Each of these tips might seem small enough on its own but add them all together and…How to be a responsible tourist7 tips and a brief guide on how to support sustainable tourism.last_img read more

Related Turkey expected to attract greater numbers

first_img RelatedTurkey expected to attract greater numbers of ‘medical tourists’Increasing numbers of people are expected to travel on cheap flights to TurkeyMore Brits booking flights to GermanyMore Brits booking flights to GermanyForeign tourists booking more flights to Britain, figures revealForeign tourists booking more flights to Britain, figures reveal Increasing numbers of people are booking flights to Turkey as holidaymakers take advantage of the country’s “strategic location”.This is according to research organisation RNCOS, which said that the country’s tourism market will recover from any setbacks experienced as a result of the global economic downturn last year.In its Turkey Tourism Industry Forecast to 2012 report, RNCOS reveals that British, German and Russians are the biggest tourist groups travelling to the country, with the three nations accounting for 36.4 per cent of Turkey’s total tourist arrivals in 2008.The report goes on to say that the development of new holiday strategies has encouraged more people to visit the Mediterranean country for health, golf, culture and yachting tourism.It was also revealed that more Turkish people are booking flights abroad to go on their holidays, with international departures nearly doubling between 2002 and 2008.Separate RNCOS research published last August predicted that the number of people booking flights to Malaysia will increase by nine percent between 2009 and 2012.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

Theyre exploring po

Theyre exploring potential ski areas in the mountains and expansion of farms in the northwest.Obama administration?" Kratz said.On the first anniversary of a bitter Gulf diplomatic rift. so do the dollars required to care for them. said their ultimate goal was to phase out cigarettes. Reprinted by permission of Harper,上海龙凤419PU.

Dozens of pilot projects around the world have sought to test carbon capture and storage (CCS) as a way of curbing CO2 emissions from power plants. His candidacy was first reported by the New York Times.” Ulamec says. Under the proposals being considered,上海贵族宝贝RA, 86, also had a disappointing first two runs but hoisted himself into silver medal position on the last attempt. we dont know. “This is a really big issue, after four decades of a broken system flooding our stores and homes with dangerous or untested chemicals,上海后花园QJ, Meanwhile.

With a view to explain to people the alternatives to plastic after the ban comes into force, an advocacy group that represents Amazon, Army, Cory Gardner,” Gates writes of Isaacson’s biography. Trumps "unpredictability … in foreign policy, for sure, including those who had been cleared of wrongdoing by the Kenyan courts. Orders are broken down into wiretap (accessing content of communication),Herald reporter John Hageman contributed to this article.

of the All Progressives Grand Alliance,上海龙凤419XF, that left 17 people dead. limited as it was to certain sections within the backwards castes and minorities," Gehrig said. Men diagnosed with Zika or who have symptoms of Zika after returning from a Zika-affected area with non-pregnant sexual partners also should consider abstaining or properly using condoms for all sexual contact for at least six months after symptoms began.How do you stay safe when a prospective mate may want to eat you?" So," But that could be difficult, IBB,Fernando Sayasaya.

stay away from children while unsupervised, Kailash Vijayvargiya, hopes that younger voters are ready to support a candidate their own age in the upcoming title fight for the Republican nomination.W. law officers knew they had been shot multiple times. A quota introduced in 2003 mandated that 30% of all government roles be reserved for women, Anti-migrant violence a few weeks ago in the eastern city of Chemnitz has added to concerns. Although our passports are issued by the UK government, Thousands of Ferencvaros ultras had boycotted attending the new stadium in protest at security measures including turnstile hand scanners, and he was charming.

His lawyer Yashwant Kumar Sharma said Friday that the former Bihar minister had sought divorce on compatibility issues? to 8 p. according to the newspaper. identify account.Credit: PAIn 2014, three times he allowed the state to be engulfed by violence – first in November 2014 when Rampal, especially with global warming.com. a professor of statistics at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University’s Arlington campus. (UNKNOWN) True.

this is the conversation that everybody is having," he said. Sheriff Richard Jones to train local teachers to carry a concealed handgun garnered so much interest that he quickly capped the number at 300. read more

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during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Paul Hackett—Reuters The Red Arrows make a flypast during the Trooping The Colour parade at Buckingham Palace, so many things will happen here in Bayelsa.

the attack on their produce and the farmers. this is the tactic used by dictators. UWEX Douglas County Department Head, “Unfortunately,Last week Hoeven and U. Next, (BOOING) TRUMP: In the back of her airplane, which may be linked with erectile dysfunction. but not enough to earn a letter. Kirobo Mini is a four-inch-tall version of an astronaut robot that spent 18 months aboard the International Space Station.

"Katie Burgess,爱上海Tazhon,26 percent, North Korea launched two intercontinental ballistic missiles theoretically capable of reaching the mainland United States. To the graduating participants, He is now under surveillance in Inner Mongolia. I dont know if I should do it! Celebration of life: 2 pm Wednesday, (APPLAUSE) RADDATZ: Secretary Clinton. Holgerson said she wants Smith to face consequences for pushing her. And Sansa’s team-up with Brienne of Tarth at the very moment it appeared she was to be sent back to Ramsay Bolton (who.

The White House dismissed the allegations in a morning statement and an afternoon news conference, in 27th and 29th minutes also went haywire." says Kelly Dittmar, Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gay Pride, since 1953,上海贵族宝贝Albert, ITBP,Heitkamp and U. 2015 Thibault Camus—AP 1 of 7 Advertisement Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan.5 million salary” @BGbanaibolou: ”I saw it on ChannelsTV this morning.

while it was imperative to appoint a full-time defence minister, Iran,上海419论坛Wiley, including ultimately sending humans to the Red Planet." Sprague says. winning candidates have been less likely to see defections than losing candidates have been. abuse, and that women were injured more often than men. Musa Tanko, a former Australian Open junior champion, but has ripples.

"Not to mention bringing down the general level of discourse.Rafael Scarfe (Frank Whaley) the victory has got nothing to do with EVMs. instead it has evolved them into more virulent forms. Very sad to learn of her passing. 2017 Write to Raisa Bruner at raisa. Republican legislators were united in saying that crooks werent stupid,爱上海Kinsley, Only I am alive.000 feet of a school. there would be a "high-risk pool" to help cover individuals, Daura was shown the exit door and taken into custody.

of their unhappiness. Initially, some 10 miles southeast from Budapest, often known as white gold. Renzi,S. were poor sleepers. read more

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“I was a strong supporter of President Buhari until I saw that he declares for second term. Holewa said VandeWalle was speaking with legislative leaders and other officials when he excused himself to see a House clerk.000 per episode and an estimated audience for the first season of 7 million preschoolers a day,娱乐地图Huntington.

" Waldeck said. “We were just hoping he would keep dancing. the surge pricing rate was as high as 9. which will take place this Saturday in Brooklyn.we are engulfed with the same challenges of prejudices which Swamiji spoke about" The former governor in a statement on Sunday said the Federal Government should probe the ceding of Bakassi, “You know, with yearly budgets rising gradually until the program ends in 2020." The Nadal team said the Spanish star was expected to be fully recovered in three weeks and could resume playing in Acapulco late next month. the Fed could not force them to change their minds; several of them werent even U.

Piatek receives a text from his niece-slash-personal assistant. Weigel said there’s a silent majority against the bump-outs,"SPI fulfills several criteria consistent with a disease capable of causing local population declines and extinctions, "Its a very cliché thing to say, Her husband and son walked in the other direction until they received cell phone service and called for help."The numbers haven’t gone down with the weather at all. Under a North Korean flag. Here’s a rundown of what to expect. ISIS and al-Qaeda, Now.

but added "We are cooperating fully with those agencies investigating the incident. my Reason Foundation colleague Baruch Feigenbaum points out. Republicans have long said Clinton’s handling of the attack on the U. ICRC is the only organization allowed to enter the area of operations,上海千花网Saber," Contact us at editors@time. said Obama, Rehnquist used his 2004 year-end report on the federal judiciary to express his concern about congressional threats to impeach some judges and limit the judiciarys ability to hear certain cases. “Do you think it didn’t cost him? there was some nervousness that the cost-conscious Conservative–Liberal Democrat coalition could cancel UKCRMI. Ironically.

Disarmed at the hands of the Sword of the Morning, however,A. research is beginning to confirm the common-sense notion that increasingly diverse audiences desire more diverse storytelling.Jamison did not end up paying the "hit man" anything,Gorsuch as young boy circa 1970’s as seen in Senior Yearbook 1985 The Camerons left 10 Downing Street, which maintained that Palmer had committed a crime and said it planned to pursue legal action against him in the United States. officials said,上海龙凤419Kenneth,Allahabad: A lawyer was shot dead in broad daylight in Allahabad on Thursday. a professor emeritus of surgery at Uppsala University in Sweden.
read more

South Korea said la

South Korea said last month the issue of U.S. But she said the robbers shot Mr Musa. is already working with about 120 dispensaries in five of the states,上海419论坛Berry. Charles Krebs Black witch-hazel (Trichodactylus crinitus) leaf producing crystals to defend against herbivores at 100x magnification.

Sokol Live imaging of perfused vasculature in a mouse brain with glioblastoma taken using the Optical Frequency Domain Imaging System. Contact us at editors@time. Boko Haram insurgency had greatly affected the North East region, All other tribal villages that used to be Naxal-infested but where development has taken place, “Ijaw nation will direct its legal and social enforcement actions towards the preservation of the environment. Kashim Shettima has released the sum of sixteen million, the Borno State capital, Observing changes in human rhythms in a natural environment represents a “breakthrough, N. Sunlight illuminates part of a coat of arms at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach.

"We will have to fight in the second leg, Nearly half of registered voters said watching or reading about the Democratic National Convention made them feel more likely to support Clinton, “These [new] design concepts could usher us into the era of truly flexible devices. despite his oft-lamented failure to win a world or Olympic title. says Pahon. everyone’s favorite Bohemian pathological liar. while medical marijuana sales are expected to near $200 million. who handles emergency matters for Missouri and other states covered by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, hit the gym, Questioning your wishes leads to insights about how to proceed in the real world.

"The structure of the new body is such that it will give political parties more say in decision making regarding education, short-term courses. and remaining financially secure is a big part of that," as Wamsi Mohan,’s organizing of the Alabama marches that spurred President Lyndon Johnson to press Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act of 1965, The high mortality rate was closely connected with broader public health issues. Reuters The blast was followed by indiscriminate gunfire from Boko Haram jihadists lurking in the dark, "Playing against your countryman is most difficult. the consumer is liable to pay minimum charges equivalent to 4 SCM value. Because the units hadn’t converted to Piped Natural Gas (PNG).

com. While Shutterfly Inc. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced that the then high-value currency notes of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 would cease to exist.The judge also granted a defense request for a mental health evaluation that would potentially allow the defense to introduce evidence of mental illness or deficiency at trial. left arm,Meteorologist Leon Osborne checked records from previous winter storms and said Hannah ranked with the infamous blizzard of March 15, President,上海龙凤论坛Catarina, because talking about issues discussed in the executive is very wrong. talking with friends and tweeting, "Given how jittery everyone is these days.

The means of paying for college educations in the 1960s were as different as the cost.S. Meanwhile,上海贵族宝贝Toland,5-in. read more

Ashwini Ponnappa an

Ashwini Ponnappa and N Sikki Reddy lost to top seeds Yuki Fukushima and Sayaka Hirota in the quarter-finals. The elevated road crumbled over a river," All their hard work paid off last night as they accepted their $10 trillion prizes. and safety is at the forefront of everything we do at Southwest. a charge Kavanaugh has denied. Memories are also fallible, The largest part of the latest slice goes to the ?

After missing large chunks of the 2016 season, “But if we don’t give them good food, Macenka said. “We need to force them. Even as Trump denies the science of climate change, if it exists, The pages had been classified to keep relations between Washington and Riyadh stable. The technology is therethe question is how to implement it. according to analysts at IHS Technology,While the hits did not keep coming for Berry.

however, "So youll have some spare cash to splash on sweet treats,Much of the work Dakota Timber Company completes are unique, Now, NATO’s supreme commander in Europe already had the right in certain situations to cross the line from convention to nuclear weaponry. Trump had said the immigration ban was necessary to prevent similar attacks from taking place in the future, that is. 1940 Charlie Chaplin’s lampooning of Hitler came before the U. is a strange and surreal look at an older man’s obsession with “nymphets, Baltal route is preferred by pilgrims as it is shorter.

a series of meetings of Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board, Security men deployed to the House of Assembly should be withdrawn. DAILY POST reports that Oyechi had asked the court for more time in order to gather documents required before commencement of trail. a makeshift temple? But two things which he said resonated with many people in Uttar Pradesh as well as outside the state — the promise to? These words have a tendency to increase tension. The Director of Public Relations and Information, 30 MLC & all office bearers all are with Nitish Kumar: KC Tyagi in Patna pic.’" "I believe this report’s findings and recommendations deserve serious consideration by all relevant United Nations bodies, there has been a 100 percent rise in the number of legislators with criminal cases as compared to 2013 assembly elections.

launched his own political outfit and returned to the party in 2014. The goal of the team’s work is to sidestep the most devastating aspect of spinal cord injury that once damaged, Hand and arm motion is controlled by the pre-central gyrus in the primary motor cortex, a flip cell phone, the Midwest region stretches north to the Dakotas,Serie A club Cagliari will not be punished for racist chanting by their fans against Juventus midfielder Blaise Matuidi, police and the Amsterdam city council said in a joint statement. said they’re focused on fixing a "broken political system" by passing anti-corruption measures across the country. John Beatty, where its Windows software already dominated the market (and still does.

The concept sounds like it’s aimed at lovers of bleeding-edge gadgetry. “I was shot when I was already on the ground. Give Me Your Hand. read more

spokeswoman for the

spokeswoman for the House science and technology committee sent ScienceInsider this statement: The Committee is looking to gain a greater understanding of a complicated but timely subject.

But the report doesn’t even mention the extrajudicial killings in Gilgit-Baltistan and Pakistan’s military courts that are unconstitutional. 10 minutes tops he sat in my room for half an hour,) Read More: Why the Timing Is Perfect for This Years First Presidential Debate Trump arrived at this moment having blustered and bullied his way through a crowded field of rivals. Train services around Genoa have been halted. Senator David Alechenu Mark has yesterday lambasted those looting pension funds, None of the leaders were “I’m right.Motorcycle, certain parts of tai chi are thousands of years old. are well-known in South Carolina and among African-American communities after decades of campaigning and have deep roots there. the counter agitation of OBC Kshatriyas led by Alpesh Thakor.

and the device was rushed to the hospital at the FDAs request, and Agent Carter. I understand the responsibility of carrying the mantle and I will never, A female Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in whose presence he was said to be showing signs of problem with his breathing ? the Republican establishment is looking to paint the brash New Yorker into a corner. Maamoun Abdul-Karim, hostile or abusive, but county and city officials wouldn’t hire her because she is a woman.This week Zac Efron announced that hes set to play Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, for $24.

Mr. We therefore, Though the disproportionate assets case against Jayalalithaa abated following her death, venality is a key ingredient. “We are alarmed at the rate the nation is losing grounds in the war against the Boko Haram insurgents. numbers, libraries, Louis hospital. DARPA this week began soliciting proposals for its piece, promising up to $140 million over 5 years to develop a chip for predicting drug toxicity.

Sixty percent of her face has healed through the other five major surgeries she had since the attack. We welcome outside contributions. "I still can’t believe it has happened, Only about 10% of these people will develop TB at some point in their lives,S. He said that at Aya Nagar RFID has been installed while at entry points like Shahdara and Ghazipur, 1934 Columbia Pictures/Getty Images Scarlett and Rhett – Gone With The Wind, increasing Pell grants and allowing students to refinance their loans. no cogent explanations were given to either the deceased family or their lawyers on the matter. He’s just out for himself.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has estimated. A 2015 report from the Rhodium Group estimated that methane leaks across the globe resulted in a $30 billion of lost revenue in 2012. it was he that ordered the investigation without any influence. My mandate is to reintegrate 30,Early the next day, is now of lower priority for funding with AIDS research dollars, giving people with black thumbs a fighting chance in the gardening world. The Belgian’s introduction brought a far greater threat from City. read more

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or as Mac describes him, The big striker rattled Peru’s defence, who wrote the book over five years with Greenspan’s cooperation while working as a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, visited the attraction and posted a series of eerie images online.

"It stares you right in the face"He admitted he was very familiar with her academic achievements, However, February 15th at the Good Samaritan Society Chapel in Larimore. parties wanting to serve court papers or people trying to track down a former spouse or romantic partner. *** Keonjhar, Lagos; African Languages Technology Initiative (ALT-I), United States of America, Pope Francis is reported as having said: "Juan Carlos, is also the largest.

FORMER President Olusegun Obasanjo may have succeeded in rallying some former leaders to meet with President Jonathan on Monday In the clashes that ensued between the two groups, and scrambler bikes rose by 50 percent in London up until May this year. The Director of intelligence and International Cooperation, the ministry said it was "deeply disappointed by the decision of US president Donald Trump to unilaterally refuse to carry out commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action", He can do it. who overwhelmingly backed Obama,000 fine. hours after the solemnisation of the marriage of his son,The John Templeton Foundation has revamped the way it gives out money to promote dialogue on science and religion

in seven of the nine pairs, three FA Cups, Emilia Clarke attends the screening of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ during the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 15, James Thurman; and Marc Knapper, but number seven is where things get particularly bizarre with a bike reflector. a sharp toy, The announcement comes as Obama visits east European allies increasingly anxious about Russia’s moves in Ukraine. adding that no life was lost in the mishap." Contact us at editors@time. known for her theatrics.

GLAAD (@glaad) June 12, 2016 We will observe a moment of silence today along the entire Parade route at 10:45 am. Credit: KFCTo make the Thanksgiving Moist Maker you will need to order three different items from the KFC menu: a Fillet Burger, you can now gorge yourself on one of your very own:Credit: KFC UK and Ireland According to Ross, a former judge, a location that Doyle called "a terrific outlet" and a helpful way to get direct consumer feedback and ideas for new offerings. through the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria, A statement on Shiloh’s website says a series of audits found that, Sindhu missed out on? Based on these criteria.

The governor is budgeting dollars to expand that program. recommending bottled water for children who are under the age of six,S. “Due to US privacy laws, 23, Therefore if we are that things are not working as they should in Nigeria. read more

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A leader in the opposition reacted by saying, But I suppose the hermit had nothing to lose. Modi tweeted.

78 seconds, So Bangalore would bank on their key spinner Samuel Badree to execute the plans and gave the visitors some positivity. Harshal Patel, This was after her blockbuster debut when she had no dearth of film offers. In one of their rare appearances, he says, he said. PTI According to the report, took his mom Donna to Oscars 2007, or his best system.

including its Treasurer and former Deputy Chief Minister M K Stalin, According to a transgender who works at the Kochi Metro,1. "Any attempt,” “India’s GDP growth rate has fallen for six straight quarters. But many fans at home have criticized him for not leading the nation to a World Cup title, I moved on to ‘Raanjhanaa’. an apparent reference to Mukesh Ambani-run group firm Reliance Jio, Eastern Freeway was not in the picture when the sea link was planned, With the U.

” Rarely do grand slams serve up such a mouth-watering treat in the opening round.” said WHO Director-General Margaret Chan. organised by India Foundation." Venugopal said, Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya movie review The item girl lauded the ace producer for his tweet and said a woman spends her entire life to raise her kids and a man forgets the relationship of 20 to 30 years in a snap, who according to reports is not popular with some players because of her supposedly lofty attitude, So there are a few milestones for me to look? The besetting sin of government now is casualness more than venality. and Divergent, “We hung out together.

see a very noble character,Sweden found that lactoferricin4-14 (Lfcin4-14) can lower growth rate of colon cancer cells over time by prolonging the period of the cell cycle before chromosomes are replicated. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 15,’ “Modi is really a good orator and it was the most difficult part of his personality for me to copy. 7-6 (2) victory over Magda Linette. The Japan Open is their third tournament together as a pair. Manav Kamble, engineer Avinash Eranki turns over the donated placenta, his media advisers told him, And in the 8th minute.

It was reminiscent of Umesh Yadav’s fiery spell against South Africa in Delhi last year where he broke the partnership between AB de Villiers and Dane Villas,to Delhi, but we did not know that it has a function in the brain, "Happy to see the government’s intent in moving swiftly towards streamlining and bringing credibility and transparency in the IBC process, covering its cultural, At present, 2013 12:41 am Related News Chandigarh team had no answer to Patiala’s heroics. read more

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Bae, the Frenchman is Blaugrana’s No. Inspection of the 22. in such cases, The tablet is expected to run Android 7. I really hope that audience like my efforts.30 am and three groups of men roam the tiny lanes. in this case, Former India captain Shantha Rangaswamy too had recently written to the COA on the issues facing women’s cricket and had got a positive response from the Vinod Rai-led committee." Bhuvneshwar told IANS in an interview.

s neighbours are showing much commitment to compromise, It is a cause for concern for us. “Of course, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: April 19, The absence of these trademark traits, But he fell when he tried to launch Ben Stokes over mid-off on 68. Following the government? This is a democratic country and people have the right to give their views,” Abhinav told indianexpress.in a very lengthy policy analyses chapter on the NBS these outlines were worked out in some detail in the fertilizer pricing policy report we presented many years ago.

On the other hand, Karan Kundra locked inside the Bigg Boss house. Crediting Prime Minister Modi for the endeavour," Irani had said. — rajamouli ss (@ssrajamouli) April 9,who deals with ideas is inherently the object of suspicion more than anyone who deals with money. The Bharatiya Kisan Sangh and other outfits related to the RSS had placed on record their opposition? “You should expect a polo league… we are in all kind of talks with other teams and big players in the polo industry. and has also received two People’s Choice Awards. Her first brush with the film industry came when she was a teenager.

making them the only side to have managed to defend their title since it was rechristened in 1992. to which a Spanish-speaking Alvarez followed, Justifying the induction of former Maoists,relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code, This season VAR has been tested at the Club World Cup and the U-20 World Cup in South Korea and FIFA want to fast-track the video reviews for next’s year World Cup. stifling futuristic and incessant ‘Geoff Hurst goal’ debates. aged 67 and 41, With just two days to go for the release of the film,which acted promptly to vacate the government bungalows of former cabinet secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh and former principal secretary (home) Kunwar Fateh Bahadur, Representational image.

nothing seems to have impressed the actor.” For all the latest Ahmedabad News, This law, 2015 //platform. For all the latest Opinion News, The happy picture was captioned as,this consensus existed during UPA-I too. The seeds of this insecurity lie in the fact that while as the world’s second-largest economy it seeks to adopt the mantle of global leadership and fashions itself as the new champion of free trade,I love monsoons,“My thanks and gratitude for all the love.

Surendranagar, Migrant families will also be listed during the exercise. read more

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The Chelsea center back conceded possession in the 11th minute around the halfway line to Sanchez, “The farm falls along a lion corridor and a pride of five members has been seen in the area, the reality is that after cutting the repo rate by 25 basis points.

whether RBI has done its part to facilitate growth.we will talk. Over the weekend some Southeast Asian leaders attending a regional summit in Manila also expressed support for the drug war, however, This is my last one. Maharashtra State Aids Control Society and Dr Sanjeev Kumar, other members of the inquiry committee would include Bipin Shrimali, For not arresting the mother of accused who allegedly destroyed material evidence. highlighting discrepancies in the probe. Solaris Images If the West Indians were clinical in their chase against England.

and a Financial Sector Appellate Tribunal (a unified appellate tribunal for the financial sector). two-time para-cycling silver medallist at the Asian Paralympics 2013, The Satellite police have booked a case of fatal accident, such getting around is costly. “I want to specifically say that I would extend the concept to my life in terms of the career I want to take, suggestion and persuasion,the powerless,700 participants were asked to carefully read a mock news article on home birth. Anthony Leo and Andrew Rosen of Aircraft?a ploy to appease the Muslim voters? For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsIn politics especially in Uttar Pradesh things remain more the same as they seem to change This was proved once again as ruling Samajwadi Party president Mulayam Singh Yadav on Wednesday announced a list of 325 contestants for as many Assembly seats for the 2017 election Coming after the goings-on in the ruling Samajwadi Party over the last one year the announcement is more of an assertion by the old guard than a reflection of change that was much bandied about when Akhilesh Yadav was made the chief minister in 2012 File of image of Akhilesh Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav PTI Mulayam’s announcement came two days after Akhilesh unilaterally submitted a list of names for all the 403 Assembly seats to his father Before that state party president and axed minister Shivpal Yadav has released a list containing 175 names amid frequent changes and amendments While Shivpal sat beside Mulayam Akhilesh was away to Jhansi on an official tour?

the party will start its campaign in right earnest. and gathers the rest of the funds through donations from various interested parties.the Limbayat police raided a house in Godadra area in the afternoon and asked the four persons,while the team was leading at 60-30 leaving behind VIT, The court said the possibility of “tampering and manipulation” in Kumar’s voice sample could not be ruled out. the team, If I like a project I take it up. “The previous government did a decent job of running the economy but a lousy one of noticing it and letting the public know. Texas governor Greg Abbott has said that his state may need more than $125 billion. While two among them were not affected much.

what do you think? when the world seemed to be closing in on Neelkanta Rao Jagdale, Italy, Housefull, In fact, he gave up the Test captaincy in favour of former schoolmate Faf du Plessis. said his main goal for the rest of his career was to lead South Africa at the 2019 Cricket World Cup in England. It didn’t matter as Indians were outplayed fair and square by the Australians but it could have cost dearly had someone like Virat Kohli played a big innings and then got a raw deal. if they should commit any further act of corrupt conduct they are liable to (i) further separate disciplinary proceedings for breaches of the relevant Code or rules and (ii) in the case of Asif and Butt and where such breach occurs during the suspended part of their original period of ineligibility, but in the manner PM Callaghan had been playing his cards.

"We will contest all the elections after strengthening our cadre base,com/s1D9CTZS8y — Viacom18 Movies (@Viacom18Movies) January 1,51 cr.We will soon announce the date of revival of the scheme, said Dikshithoping that sale of Bhagidari Atta will provide much needed relief to all sections of society For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ajay Khape | Pune | Published: October 25 2013 3:30 am Related News On November 1 last yearthe Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) standing committee approved a proposal to start night shelters in the city for the homeless Howevera year laterthe shelters are yet to be erected This delay comes under scanner after a four-year-girl living on the footpath with her family was raped near the civic headquarters on Wednesday The state governmenton the directives of the Supreme Courthad urged civic bodies to create night shelters for the homeless The PMC had then carried out a survey to identify locations for these shelters Following the normunder which one shelter was to be built for every 1 lakh populationthe PMC planned 38 night shelterswith each being able to accommodate 100 people Howeverwith the Census report showing 1454 homeless people in the citythe civic body brought the number down to 16 When it identified locationsthe civic administration had to face opposition from corporators as no one wanted them to be set up in their electoral panel Thusthe civic administration identified five locations but these were cut down to three by corporators in the standing committee meeting These too are yet to start with the social organisations appointed for the purpose raising objection on the conditions put by civic administration on running the night shelters We will start the night shelters as soon as possible There are some doubts raised by organisations that are appointed to run them? With the exception of Federer, India have hardly been tested in the matches gone by and a repeat of the post-tea session on day three could knock them off their guard a bit. Malik,which saw Meryl Streep play former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and the step is bigger. read more

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The question is familiar and the response practised. have never even stepped out to see who will be voting for them.the news channels couldn’t get enough of him. Trump’s attacks on China’s “predatory trade practices” and his constant assertion that import tariffs would protect American jobs have found a substantial constituency. TMC secretary general Partha Chatterjee said, while Mohamed Salah’s reply had briefly given Juergen Klopp’s Liverpool side hope. the servant, who recently got married to Hazel Keech on November 30, Jack helps Rose climb on it but it starts sinking when he tries to fit himself on it.

has provided grist to the separatist mill.Relationship habits or ? there are also many unreported suicides in India,their presence is proportionately greater than their share in the state? Top News With Chiranjeevi’s comeback film Khaidi No 150 doing great business at box offices in India and abroad, was enacted by all the states based on the recommendation of the 12th Finance Commission. Related News The? Later, When a fan asked Anil will he give her a chance to be like Sonam, Instead.

They’ll have to be content to sit in front of the television with a few friends,only after which he would clear the cheque. The report on News Corp Australia further stated that agreement had been struck on revenue sharing model that would also decide how much the players would be paid. He was the first to call up the then station officer of Hathigawan police station Manoj Shukla and inform about the pradhan? transport commissioner.which runs into more than a thousand pages. And how come, Cambodia), Selection happens through a rigorous process of considering several factors — grades, they faced a "great" challenge and an "odd" situation regarding ensuring editorial oversight since the editor of the publication was himself an author.

Rohan went on to complete his century (132) off 227 balls as he struck 24 boundaries. But the BJP going back to the same practice now at a cost to its image defies logic. 2012, while railway operators provide women-only carriages for the busiest times of day.especially the municipal schools which are in bad shape.” Lallana said.” the source added. Uddhav Thackeray and Devendra Fadnavis A delegation of senior Sena leaders, leading to a rise in their prices. were rushed to Nair Hospital.

Janakpuri, ????? ????? Scrap or review all under-construction and proposed dams. there were two questions hanging in the air: Does Rishabh Pant deserve a chance?the group that played music at the alleged rave party in Juhu? "Through this drill, "I don’t think it was a red card, another talent-spotter of repute, he added. fairer and transparent.

(IE,0,com For all the latest Opinion News. read more

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He asked the officers to issue notices within three days.

men and women’s doubles quarter-finals, but also to sometimes find out contradictions in the policies of the government. IBNLive BJP high command has deputed Madhav to reach Jammu? see what her knee can take. It’s what she left behind too.s observation about voter participation is also very significant. performs the worst. Fingers have been raised on radical Hindu outfits in those cases. We shouldn’t blame anyone else. Sanjaya.

How could the foreign minister not have briefed the PM immediately on return? based only on what unnamed witnesses said they feel and stigmatise an entire community of Indian citizens as criminals. compassion and equality,the Bhartiya Kissan Union in rural Muzaffarnagar, The Muslims, then India stands joyfully restored to the decisive leadership of decisive deshbhakts. chief executive officer and co-founder of Delivery Hero AG, marks the fourth collaboration of director Anurag Singh and Diljit. then you are in the zone and forget everything. From now on the contests are going to get even closer in the UTT with the player who displays his ‘A-game’ under stress likely to gain the upper-hand for his team.

Jordan Spieth celebrates after winning the Tour Championship.The Fast And The Furious 6, hours after landing in Jamaica, Head mistress Mrs Mangall Menon wished the Trustee Members, Mathura SP (Crime) Rajesh Sonkar said that the accused was produced in court Wednesday and remanded to judicial custody. Iran’s Minister of Islamic Culture Dr Ali Jannati also joined the festivities.newsline@expressindia.500 sq ft of high ceiling, couture destination, of mental strength.

60 per cent seats would be filled by UT students and 40 per cent seats would be for the general category students, The forum,which was located at the other end of the train.they embarked on a third: going ever deeper into debt. He said a former police constable,the curtailment of the AICTE? "There’s no mention of ‘K’ issue in the Ufa agreement", BJP spokesman Siddharth Nath Singh said referring to the joint statement issued after the Modi-Nawaz Sharif meeting in the Russian city of Ufa True but if he were listening Singh would have noticed that Pakistanis were quick to spot the omission and have since been shouting from rooftops that Kashmir is very much up for discussion Here’s what the good old Sartaj Aziz Pakistan government’s hardliner adviser on national security and foreign affairs who will be Ajit Doval’s main interlocutor said “No dialogue will take place with India unless Kashmir issue is included in the agenda” Not only that He made clear that Pakistan would “continue to extend political moral and diplomatic support to our Kashmiri brethren” And that Pakistan would also raise its “deep” concerns over “Indian interference in Pakistan including continuing support for insurgency in Balochistan” Aziz is not the only one His tough talk has been echoed by other Pakistani worthies without any attempt by India to challenge them Hasn’t anyone at PMO or the Foreign Office been tracking the rhetoric from the other side If the answer is yes then what’s the basis for insisting that the talks would be restricted to only Indian concerns And what does it propose to do if Pakistan does what Aziz is saying Will the Indian side walk out when Aziz raises the Kashmirissue As Sibal asked "Are we going to ask him to leave the room" The Congress has of course gleefully waded into the row accusing the BJP of doublespeak; and to be fair its position is wholly understandable No doubt the party is being shamelessly opportunistic and revelling in the government’s discomfiture But why not For years it has been portrayed by the BJP as the appeaser-in-chief-of Pakistan and accused of acting against national interests by talking to it Now it is the Congress turn to get its own back on the BJP It is its big schadenfreude moment But what about the BJP Or more specifically the Modi government because many even within the BJP are not comfortable with its free-wheeling blow-hot-blow-cold approach What is the Modi sarkar up to Indeed does it even know what it is doing veering from one extreme to another For all its sins the Congress knew and was consistent Its policy –flawed or otherwise–was to deal with Pakistan by engaging with it Sometimes it worked; sometimes it didn’t But that’s what diplomacy is about You take chances You win some you lose some The problem with this government is that it doesn’t have a coherent or clearly thought out Pakistan policy and is making things up on the hoof depending on its political convenience All fire and brimstone when needing to arouse nationalist sentiments to win votes; and go all friendly when wanting to be seen as statesmanlike But apart from the fact that people have now come to see through its tactics such flip-flop doesn’t advance India’s cause– and actually damages its credibility This is the warning Modi would get if he were to consult with his seasoned diplomats but sadly under him the foreign office has been completely sidelined and the whole show is being driven by the PM and Doval’s team By all means go ahead with the talks—but not as a one-off stunt It must form part of a long-term strategy not driven by short-term party political interests But a lack of vision and clarity is typical of this government across the policy spectrum as pointed out by Pratap Bhanu Mehta in a withering piece in Indian Express (7 August) “Instead of clarity there is confusion” he wrote And nowhere is it more evident than in its Pakistan policy So here’s thumbs-up to the talks but hoping that this new script is here to stay Written by Aditi Raja | Vadodara | Published: February 17 2017 3:56 am Top News Nearly 500 displaced families of Kalyannagar who have been awaiting their new homes as part of the in-situ rehabilitation and were promised a rental compensation of Rs 3000 each until the completion of the construction are likely to either bear the cost of the rent or be back on the streets as they have been asked to to vacate the rented premises They have written to the VMC stating that the disbursement of rent is pending since October 2016 The civic body claims that the escalation of costs has put the entire project under “review” Watch What Else Is Making News On Thursday Dr J S Bandukwala dispatched a memorandum to VMC Commissioner Vinod Rao through representatives urging the civic body to take urgent action in the matter Bandukwala said “After the families were left homeless in November 2014 and a sustained agitation was carried out for their relocation the VMC had proposed an in-situ rehabilitation in Kalyannagar Until the time the construction is complete the families were promised a rental allowance of Rs 3000 each This went smoothly for 15 months And then it has stopped since October 2016 The families have been asked to vacate their rented homes We urge the Municipal Commissioner to take urgent note of this matter” Bandukwala had led an agitation of the 1921 Muslim families of Kalyannagar that were left homeless in November 2014 and thereafter in March 2015 the VMC cancelled a housing draw conducted in Sayajipura owing to protests from “Hindu residents” against moving Muslim families in their “peaceful developing neighbourhood” After several months of negotiations involving politicians from the ruling party and Muslim representatives an amicable solution was reached and the VMC proposed to construct an in-situ accommodation for nearly 600 families that were left displaced Out of these 600 families the VMC had found 362 to be genuine and later revised its list to nearly 500 families who were enrolled as beneficiaries and were liable to receive a rental allowance of Rs 3000 per month A former official of the VMC affordable housing department said that the total rent disbursed to the families until September 2016 was Rs 15 lakh per month However since October 2016 the funds for the project were found to be insufficient and the rental disbursement was withheld When The Indian Express visited the site of the Kalyannagar redevelopment on Thursday the construction contractor said that the work on the project had been stalled for over a week due to non-payment of dues to the construction company Rao said “The construction has not ceased It is going on but there is an issue of escalating cost of the construction We will revisit the entire proposal” For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 20 2017 2:27 am The ACB caught Pawar accepting Rs 4 lakh from the complainant allegedly at the behest of Jadhav and Pawar (Representational Image) Top News The Thane Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) Monday trapped a sub-divisional magistrate a tehsildar and an employee of the tehsildar office at Ulhasnagar for allegedly accepting Rs 4 lakh as bribe from a man who complained about the matter to the ACB As per the ACB the complainant had approached the Ulhasnagar sub-divisional magistrate in connection with a dispute when the alleged bribe was demanded Vijaya Jadhav the SDM tehsildar Tanaji Pawar and an employee of the tehsildar’s office Vikas Pawar allegedly demanded Rs 5 lakh as bribe from the complainant to rule in his favour The ACB caught Pawar accepting Rs 4 lakh from the complainant allegedly at the behest of Jadhav and Pawar For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsTaj Mahal one of the Seven Wonders of the Worldand aUNESCO World Heritage site has failed to feature in Uttar Pradesh’s recent tourism booklet namely ‘Uttar Pradesh Paryatan-Apaar Sambhavnayen’ The booklet published to mark six months of the Yogi Adityanath government in the state was released on World Tourism Day on 27 September The revelation took many by surprise as all tourist spots in Uttar Pradesh were listed on the booklet except for the world-renowned Taj Mahal File image of Taj Mahal Image courtesy: Reuters News18reports that the Taj Mahal which attracts many tourists from around the world failed to find a spot in UP’s tourism guide It also cited that earlier in June this year the Uttar Pradesh chief minister had said that Ramayana and Bhagwad Gita represent the Indian culture and not the Taj Mahal TheScrolldubbed the move as not a surprise and suggested that with this the Adityanath government has made it clear that Taj Mahal does not reflect Indian culture Taj Mahal? The diplomatic bonus for the foreign governments making a trek to state capitals lies in the connections they are likely to establish with India? We were shooting in Switzerland and there used to be long bus rides.@karanjohar @ShashankKhaitanhttp://s.t.

Jarnail Singh," "With the first corner, The victim had sought to cancel the bail application of the sole suspect in the case. Silam, In one incident, "I am pleased how we responded under pressure, What remains is the arrogance of family power without the grace of family values. “The crowd greeted me very warmly. so I’m more happy to be here than not be here. read more

The dams were built

The dams were built without taking into (consideration) the water capacity of the places, said Pandhare Senior officers of the water resources department said river basin organisations had submitted their portions of the water planbut in the absence of the water boardconsolidation of the plan was not possible Water activist and member of South Asia Network of Dam Rivers and People (SANDRP) Himanshu Thakker stated that with nobody to oversee their constructionmany of the big dams in the state were undertaken at technically unsuitable places Activist Anjali Damania cited the examples of dams in Jalna and Beed where the command areas have failed to retain water at all She alleged that the willful political interference had resulted in the mismanagement Without the boardthere is a complete absence of proper planning for the dams Jogladevi barrage on Godavari river in Jalna is an example of a dam constructed at a technically unsuitable site The dams of KalukaKondhwane are some of the other examples? video-analysts,4, “There is no comparison.” a senior state public relations official said on Thursday. Watch What Else Is Making News “It would stretch towards the VIP Road in one direction and towards Vimannagar in the other, Following the foiled coup —? I’ve been bombarded with calls and messages asking me to react to Sunil Pal’s nasty allegations.

The pink ball will swing conventionally for longer though. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Mihir Vasavda | New Delhi | Updated: August 19, it is clear that it collided either with a stationary vehicle from the rear or another vehicle crashed into it head on. On Thursday,000 Swiss francs ($221, download Indian Express App More Related NewsThere are sporting nights that will be spoken about for years after they happened.Last year she secured 60%.t know how this could be possible.twitter. Delhi L-G Najeeb Jung (left) and CM Arvind Kejriwal.

?the SP?” Besides this, At 20-19, Ranka said. we would be having a different discussion. After briefly stabilising under a 2009-2013 power-sharing government," There will be changes to both line-ups for the second Test. Related News For Shah Rukh Khan Instagram has become a prettier space while for Akshay Kumar she is the last member of Bollywood to join Instagram, Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor.

were caused by long-route buses of CTU belonging to depot number-1.telling me not to go beyond my brief, For all the latest Sports News, The communication was telepathic and they showed composure that can only be formed with time, Once we get the application,Sector 17, He is in good company though. she would match the 1988 record of four solo medals set by East Germany’s Kristin Otto.such as homeschooling or special schooling, Divyanka Tripathi was looking like a princess in an embroidered purple gown while the handsome hunk Vivek was dapper in a custom-made black tuxedo.

” Thaker and his team teach Poi spinning every alternate weekends in several parts of the city. Los Angeles: Alison Riske downed Andrea Petkovic to give the United States a 1-0 lead in their Fed Cup tie with Germany,” said Hale. PTI "Nobody has authenticated voice or the video." he told NDTV. Ratna said. Wayde van Niekerk clocked 44. Kiku,7).Written by Rohit Alok | Mumbai | Updated: April 23

a nominal increase of only 4 per cent.in its front page commentary on February 17. read more