Chad declares emergency in east after dozens die in ethnic violence

first_imgN’Djamena: Chad President Idriss Deby declared a state of emergency in two eastern provinces on Sunday after violent intercommunal clashes left dozens dead earlier this month. The state of emergency will run for three months in Sila and Ouaddai regions where 50 people have died since August 9 in fighting between cattle herders and settled farmers, the president’s office said. “From now, we will deploy military forces who are going to ensure the security of the population in the region,” Deby said while on a trip to Sila. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from US”We must disarm all the civilians who have weapons in their hands,” he said. Eastern Chad is in the grip of a cycle of violence between nomadic camel herders — many from the Zaghawa ethnic group from which Deby hails — and sedentary farmers from the Ouaddian community. Drought and population growth have aggravated the conflict while an influx of weapons from conflict-stricken neighbours have made it even more deadly. Deby in particular blamed the unrest in Sudan, describing it as the “principal cause” of the ethnic violence. Speaking earlier this month, the president had described the violence as a “national concern,” adding: “We are witnessing a terrible phenomenon.” “Those with guns are not hesitating to shoot the police. We must wage a total war against those who carry weapons and are killing people,” he said.last_img read more

70YearOld Moroccan imam Caught Sexually Abusing 8YearOld Boy

Rabat – A 70-year-old Moroccan imam was caught in the act last week sexually molesting an 8-year-old boy inside a mosque near Marrakech, reports say.The Moroccan imam was arrested when some locals heard screams of a little boy coming out from inside the mosque.The locals recorded the disturbing scenes with cellphone cameras. According to the same source, they surrounded the perpetrator before calling the authorities who came and arrested the septuagenarian Imam who was entrusted by the parents of the children to teach them the Quran and the teachings of Islam.As soon as the scandal broke out, two other boys admitted that they were sexually abused by the said Imam.

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Promises to Take Actions Against Hate Speech

Casablanca – The ‘private’ chat between Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg and Chancellor, Angela Merkel regarding hate speech and inappropiate comments on his social networking website became publicly known when the two unknowlingly left the microphones on during a UN-conference in New York.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised Chancellor Angela Merkel to take care of measures against hateful comments on his online network. “I think we need to work on it,” Zuckerberg told Merkel at a UN event. Further, when Merkel asked if he wanted to improve the situation, he answered with “Yes.” The conversation between the two could be heard over an unknowingly live table microphone during a UN livestream event. Regardless whether this announcement was formally or informally planned, strong actions against xenophobic comments are necessary and long overdue. In mid- September, Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas from the social-democratical party in Germany (SPD) met with Facebook representatives in Berlin in order to discuss the wave of hatred shown on Facebook. Maas showed his irritatation about the fact that revealing pictures are promptly taken off, whereas racist comments with complaints of users are rarely taken care of.Since the refugee crisis begun, some spiteful Facebook users are using the platform to spread inhumane and right-wing extremist slogans against refugees. Although Facebook is deleting inappropiate pictures immediately, racist or xenophobic utterances are not removed at short notice. This problem concerns everyone considering it leads to mass hysteria, propaganda, and cyber-bullying. read more

QuickList September inflation rate for selected Canadian cities

OTTAWA — Canada’s national annual inflation rate was 1.6 per cent in September, Statistics Canada says. The agency also released rates for major cities, but cautioned that figures may have fluctuated widely because they are based on small statistical samples (previous month in brackets):— St. John’s, N.L.: 1.5 per cent (1.2)— Charlottetown-Summerside: 2.3 (2.2)— Halifax: 1.2 (1.0)— Saint John, N.B.: 1.7 (1.8)— Quebec: 1.0 (1.1)— Montreal: 0.9 (1.3)— Ottawa: 1.5 (1.3)— Toronto: 2.1 (2.1)— Thunder Bay, Ont.: 1.4 (1.1)— Winnipeg: 1.4 (0.9)— Regina: 2.0 (1.8)— Saskatoon: 2.0 (1.9)— Edmonton: 1.1 (1.1)— Calgary: 1.4 (1.2)— Vancouver: 2.3 (2.4)— Victoria: 1.7 (1.8)

Poonthottam Rehabilitation Centre to be closed in November

Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to Geneva, Ambassador A. L. A. Azeez told the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the Poonthottam Rehabilitation Centre will be winding up in November. “It will help provide vocational training for ex-combatants to enhance their living standards with new employment opportunities,” he said.The Poonthottam Rehabilitation Centre was established by the former Government after the war to rehabilitate former LTTE cadres. (Colombo Gazette) The Government is to close the Poonthottam Rehabilitation Centre in Vavuniya in November.At present there are only three people undergoing rehabilitation and they are expected to complete the rehabilitation programme by 29th November 2018. He said that after November 2018 the Poonthottam Rehabilitation Centre will serve as a Vocational Training Centre. read more

Why UABs Football Team Couldnt Even Last 20 Years

The University of Alabama at Birmingham knew its football team was going to have to battle for survival from the start. In 1996, its first year of Division I-A ball, the team’s slogan was unusually defensive: “We’re here to stay,” the omnipresent banners and billboards around Birmingham read. Less than 20 years later, the team is gone.On Tuesday UAB President Ray Watts announced he was shuttering the football team, citing a study from an outside consulting group that determined the program would need to dramatically increase its operating budget in order to remain competitive. “We have considered many options to fill this financial gap, including through philanthropic support; but our informed analysis of current and past support and interest concluded that the gap is simply too wide,” Watts wrote.UAB faced two major problems, one of which was specific to its circumstances, and one of which is staring down all universities that have recently tried their hand at big-time football.The University of Alabama never wanted UAB to be a competitor, making life difficult for UAB even before a team arrived. Even though the two institutions share a board of trustees and a medical school, Alabama has been leery of UAB’s foray into major sports since Gene Bartow left his job as UCLA’s head coach to found UAB’s basketball team in 1978. Citing a range of grievances over recruiting and fan support, Alabama has refused to engage UAB on the court or on the gridiron. The Tide have faced the Blazers only once, in basketball, when they were pitted against each other in the National Invitation Tournament. UAB didn’t help matters by winning 58-56.In 1989, Bartow, UAB’s athletic director, started to put together a football team. Alabama’s athletic department was not happy. Its head coach, Bill Curry, was particularly adamant: “Not only would we not play them, we don’t understand why they are talking about bringing another football team into the University of Alabama system,” he said at the time. “I’m the only [football] coach in the University of Alabama system. We don’t need another football team at one of our other campuses.” In 1991, Bartow sent a letter to the NCAA accusing former and current Alabama coaches — including Bear Bryant — of recruiting violations.The system’s board of trustees has tended to represent Alabama’s interests over UAB’s, perhaps because the large majority of them are alumni of the Capstone. (Trustee Paul Bryant, Jr., for example, is the son of the legendary coach.) They’ve blocked UAB’s attempts to move out of the cavernous and decaying Legion Field and into a new stadium, and they nixed a deal for UAB to hire Jimbo Fisher, who would go on to win a national championship with Florida State.But even if the Blazers hadn’t been undercut by their own trustees, they still would have had a tremendous hill to climb, one that’s getting steeper every year as the gap between the haves and the have-nots of football continues to grow. UAB was in the vanguard of a recent trend of universities starting football programs from scratch with the plan to get to Division I as soon as possible, and reap the PR and financial benefits that come with a major football program. Nine other universities that are in or are about to join the Football Bowl Subdivision have started football programs since UAB did, and they share several commonalities.All of them are based in the South, and all of them felt they had a chance to succeed because of the prestige of the game and the fertile recruiting grounds in the region. But they’ve found it incredibly expensive to field a competitive FBS program. They all have losing records against fellow FBS schools, and they all receive substantial subsidies in order to keep their athletic departments afloat. They’ve had trouble attracting supporters, perhaps because most football fans in the region are already loyal to other teams. And as the Big 5 power conferences start to crank up the financial pressure — both with lavish spending on facilities and upcoming allowances for players — it’s possible that some of these programs could join UAB on the sidelines.Only one of the new teams looks like it’s making the leap to sustainability. South Florida not only has the highest attendance and lowest subsidy percentage of the bunch, it’s also the only school that’s made it out of the C-USA and Sun Belt Conference dregs and into the relative comfort of the American Athletic Conference. (That said, the team has regressed recently, winning only six games in the last two years.)The rest of the teams look a lot like UAB with slightly better attendance. They bring in far less than the average FBS athletic department, and all their athletic departments receive at least 60 percent of their revenues in subsidies — meaning that a combination of student fees, institutional support and state funding are used to cover the majority of their expenses.In his letter to UAB faculty about the shutdown, Watts specifically cited the huge subsidy as a reason the football team had to go, along with an unwillingness to shell out even more cash for upgraded facilities. If that’s actually the case, and cold numbers rather than system-wide infighting cost UAB its team, then there are plenty of other programs facing similar deficits.Watts claims the UAB athletic budget will stay the same even after the football program folds, meaning that more resources can be put toward other sports, including the basketball team, which has recently fallen on hard times after years of winning seasons. Perhaps UAB can look to the success of Virginia Commonwealth University, its former Sun Belt Conference foe, which eschewed the lure of football to focus on basketball. The Rams now play in the hoops-centered Atlantic-10 and regularly make deep runs in the NCAA tournament.Making the Blazers’ basketball team into a powerhouse won’t be a simple task. But it will certainly be easier than the existential struggle its football team just lost.CORRECTION (9:30 a.m., Dec. 8): An earlier version of this article misstated the year that Gene Barlow started UAB’s football program; it was 1989, not 1991. read more

Bill to strengthen Americas mineral security energy future

first_imgNational Mining Association (NMA) President and CEO Hal Quinn has praised the US Senate for passing the Energy Modernization Policy Act of 2016, which includes modernisation of the federal permitting systems to improve access to minerals critical for energy, manufacturing and technological innovation:“The Energy Modernization Policy Act of 2016, passed by the Senate, includes much needed improvements in the nation’s permitting systems for metal and mineral mines to better position our country to achieve a truly all-of-the-above energy portfolio. Simply put, mineral security is a critical element to US energy systems and Senator Murkowski’s bill promotes better access to the raw materials that make it all possible.“Although the US is home to one of the world’s largest mineral reserves, access to these resources is hampered by protracted permitting delays. Our outdated and duplicative permitting process can last on average seven to 10 years, discouraging investment and jeopardising the growth of downstream industries, technological innovation and supply-chain security.“We applaud the Senate for advancing policies that responsibly utilise our significant resource abundance in order to strengthen both our energy supply and economy. We now call on Congress to build on this achievement and conference the Senate-passed minerals provisions with those included in H.R. 1937, the National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act, which passed the House for the fourth time last October.”last_img read more

UPDATE Man sentenced to life for the murder of Catherine Gowing

first_imgUPDATED AT 12.20pmCLIVE SHARP HAS received a life sentence for the murder of Irish vet, Catherine Gowing.BBC News is reporting that the man who murdered his girlfriend’s housemate must serve a minimum of 37 years in jail.The 46-year-old, originally from Gwynedd in Wales, but of no fixed address admitted to the murder and received and a life sentence before Mold Crown Court in Wales this morning.Sky News reports that passing sentence, Mr Justice Griffith Williams told Sharp: “This is a horrific, cold hearted murder, carried out to gratify your perverted sexual desires.”The court had been told that Sharp had bought a Halloween mask, bleach, a hacksaw, bin bags and heavy duty tape before going to the home of Gowing in Flintshire, according to Sky. Evidence presented to the court also suggested that the victim had been tied up and raped before being murdered.Offaly native Gowing, 37, had been living in Flintshire for 18 months when she failed to show up for work at a vet’s practice in Mold on October 15.Her disappearance – and the discovery of her burned-out car three days later – prompted a major search across Flintshire, leading to the discovery of some of her remains in a shallow pool on October 31.Two days later, further remains were discovered on the banks of the River Dee about three miles away.Her body has never been fully recovered, however.Read: Welsh man admits murder of missing Irish vet Catherine Gowing >last_img read more

36 people questioned by gardaí as part of weekend operation targeting the

first_img Monday 29 Apr 2019, 5:14 PM A TOTAL OF 36 people were stopped and questioned by gardaí as part of an intelligence-led operation targeting the demand for prostitution and the purchasing of sexual services over the past few days.Gardaí said they carried out operations in six divisions last weekend, from Friday to Sunday, aimed at enforcing the provisions of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017.The recently introduced act criminalises the purchase of sexual services and the soliciting or purchasing of sex from a trafficked person. They came into effect early in 2017.The Act prosecutes a person who “pays, gives, offers or promises to pay or give a person (including a prostitute) money” or any other kind of remuneration to engage in sexual activity. Advertising sex work has been prohibited since 1994. The new laws gained support from a number of advocacy groups, but were criticised by others – like the Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI) – who claimed that they made life more dangerous for sex workers. According to court reports, the first person to be convicted under the act was in January. He was fined €200. Gardaí said that it carried out operations in DMR North, DMR East, DMR South Central, Wexford, Louth and Kildare. A total of 36 individuals were stopped and spoken to by gardaí over suspicion of having purchased sexual services from an individual involved in prostitution.A number of files are now being prepared for forwarding to the Director of Public Prosecutions. The DPP will then decide if any criminal proceedings should be initiated. Gardaí said that the operation reinforces their “commitment to target the demand for prostitution and to protect vulnerable persons, including victims of human trafficking involved in prostitution”.With reporting from Aoife Walsh 33,690 Views 84 Comments By Cormac Fitzgerald Short URL 36 people questioned by gardaí as part of weekend operation targeting the buying of sex Gardaí said they carried out operations in six divisions last weekend. Image: File photo.Yui Mok/PA Wire Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share Tweet Email2 Image: File photo.Yui Mok/PA Wire Apr 29th 2019, 5:14 PM last_img read more

Deadline extended for tax declarations

first_imgWhile tax officers continue on Friday a 48-hour strike launched on Thursday, the Finance Ministry has granted a two-month extension to this Sunday’s deadline for the electronic submission of income tax declarations for the 2012 financial year. The ministry has opted for staggered deadlines depending on the last digit of each taxpayer’s tax registration number (AFM). Therefore the ministry is asking for people whose AFM ends with the number 1 or 2 to submit their declarations via the TAXISNET system of the ministry’s website ( by July 22. Taxpayers with an AFM ending in 3 or 4 have a July 29 deadline, those that end 5 and 6 must submit declarations by August 5, those ending in 7 and 8 by August 12, those in 9 by August 26, and those in 0 by August 30. It must be noted that all declarations submitted before August 30 will be considered to be on time, but the ministry has set staggered deadlines in order to avoid a system failure in the last days of August. However, while taxpayers who submit their declarations by end-July will be able to pay their tax in three installments, those who send them in August will only be able to do so in two. So far, no more than 500,000 taxpayers out of a total of 6.5 million have submitted their declarations for 2012. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

GOCMV AGM to take place next year

first_imgThe Annual General Meeting of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria (GOCMV) will take place on Sunday 19 January 2014 at Alphington Grammar. The sales of properties owned by the community is the reason for the date change of the AGM, with the auditor requesting more time to oversee the contracts of the sales for the financial year. “This is a normal auditing procedure,” Costas Markos, general secretary, GOCMV told Neos Kosmos. “Additionally, as in such cases, the relevant authorities have been informed of the date of the organisation’s Annual General Meeting.” In previous years, the AGM has been held in either November or September. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img

The Sass Awakens Our Favorite Kylo Ren Memes

first_imgStay on target Star Wars x Adidas Ultraboost Photos Have Leaked’Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form Show me again, the power of the darkness, and I will let nothing stand in our way. Show me, Grandfather, and I will finish what you started.Kylo Ren—with his long inky hair, equally flowing black clothes, and occasional outbursts—gives off an undeniable air of emo.A subcultural quality that also seems to be bubbling up in Adam Driver, the 34-year-old former Marine Lance corporal, who gained worldwide acclaim for playing the Jedi Killer in the Star Wars sequel trilogy.Yet, in a recent Rolling Stone interview, the actor claimed not to know what “emo” is.“Between training for the Marines and training at Julliard to become one of his generation’s most extraordinary actors, Driver missed some stuff, including entire music genres,” the article said.That hasn’t stopped fans from lampooning his dark-and-moody character on the Internet.Check out some of our favorite Kylo Ren memes (and videos, and tweets):Kylo Rages on EverythingEveryone expresses anger differently. I tend to shout at people. Kylo Ren destroys things with his lightsaber.Motion designer Bill Bergen imagined Kylo’s everyday struggles in this 8-bit animation—”You know, like that scene from the movie.” It makes me laugh every time (and I’ve watched it many times).The Modern Adventures of Han & Ben Solo(via Solos are the very definition of dysfunctional family. But no one captures those flaws quite like Tumblr user mamalaz, who superimposes extraneous captions over gifs from The Force Awakens, and—perhaps even more hilariously—completely unrelated Adam Driver and Harrison Ford films and interviews. (Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Daisy Ridley also make appearances for added amusement.)Kylo Ren’s Top Five Most-Played iTunes SongsA sneak peek into Kylo’s “me time.” (And his psyche.)Kylo Ren: Undercover BossKylo Ren is the commander of the First Order, a massive regime dedicated to wiping out the galactic resistance. This week, Kylo is going undercover among Starkiller Base personnel as Matt, a radar technician.This Saturday Night Live parody of the oddly popular Undercover Boss series plays out perfectly—from the watercooler talk to Leslie Jones’ turn as a muffin-deprived co-worker to the heartfelt declaration by an employee whose family is going through “a rough year.”Emo Kylo Ren uncle lando said my helmet made me look like a depressed lampshade and then everyone laughed and high-fived himi hate this family so much— Emo Kylo Ren (@KyloR3n) December 25, 2015Following a breakout role in Girls, Adam Driver has proven his range in various roles. But his turn as angsty millennial Adam Sackler in the HBO hit has stuck to Driver like a remora to a shark. Thus, the Emo Kylo Ren Twitter account was born.In two years, Emo Kylo Ren has tweeted a mere 435 times, and follows only two accounts: Darth Vader and Hot Topic. Here’s to hoping next week’s The Last Jedi release reignites Kylo’s brooding.Safety First(via imgur)The designer of this brilliant meme remains a mystery; the creator’s name has since been deleted from imgur’s archived post. Will the real Responsible Kylo Ren please stand up?Kylo’s Daily FightStop — don’t pop! (via kylolife)So that’s why he wears a mask…(I’ve thought about it may days, myself.)A Day in the Life of Kylo RenI don’t need anger management, I need people to stop pissing me off (via’m sure they offer anger management classes on the Starkiller Base. General Hux? Captain Phasma? Help a sullen bro out? (Or at least gift him a bread knife.)In Which Kylo Ren is Very Bad at Flirting(via“Has anyone ever told you your eyes are the color of Darth Vader’s helmet glinting in the moonlight?”The guy just wants to Netflix and chill. (And by “chill,” I mostly mean kill people.) Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

In pursuit of pie in Clark County

first_img“As American as apple pie.”There’s a reason why that’s such a well-loved phrase. Our affection for our country isn’t represented by cake, or cobbler, or pudding, or cookies (though we do love our cookies).The dessert that crosses all party lines and political affiliations is pie.It’s right up there with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — something we hope we can help you find through the pursuit of the best pie in Clark County.Many slices of pie were consumed in order to bring you this information; but really, it was simply our patriotic duty.Prepare to dig in.Smitty’s Original Coney Island Hot DogsThe first place on our pie-eating agenda was Smitty’s Original Coney Island Hot Dogs (formerly Smokehouse Provisions) at 8058 E. Mill Plain Blvd., in a Vancouver retail development known as The Mill. I visited on a weekday afternoon with food blogger and photographer Sue “Birgerbird” O’Bryan and Rachel Pinsky, The Columbian’s Food & Drink columnist, who had recommended the caramel apple pie to me via text message — “This pie is ON FIYAH,” she wrote, with a tiny fire emoji.She was right: As far as caramel apple pies go, this one was tops, with tender slices of cinnamon-laced apple enveloped in a blanket of shiny caramel topping. It came adorned with a fluffy poof of whipped cream and a sprinkle of crunchy peanut tidbits.“This pie tastes like my favorite soft caramel apple,” noted Sue, “but off its stick. Should we order another slice?”The underlying crust was soft and almost cakey but robust enough to support the filling. The portion size was exactly what you’d need after eating a couple of sauce-slathered coney dogs and cheesy fries — modest, but enough to gratify the desire to end a savory meal on a sweet note.last_img read more

APPSC announces halfyearly exam schedule

first_imgVijayawada: The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) has announced the dates of half-yearly examination schedule on Friday. Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission secretary AK Maurya stated that the applications are invited from officers of the All India Services and State Services working in Andhra Pradesh State for half-yearly examinations, language tests, and other tests scheduled to be held from September 16 to 19. The application and other details can be downloaded from the Commission’s website:, he added.last_img

Apple may face 862 million in damages after losing patent lawsuit to

first_imgApple Inc could be facing up to $862 million in damages after a U.S. jury on Tuesday found the iPhone maker used technology owned by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s licensing arm without permission in chips found in many of its most popular devices.The jury in Madison, Wisconsin also said the patent, which improves processor efficiency, was valid. The trial will now move on to determine how much Apple owes in damages.Representatives for the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) and Apple could not immediately be reached for comment.WARF sued Apple in January 2014 alleging infringement of its 1998 patent for improving chip efficiency.The jury was considering whether Apple’s A7, A8 and A8X processors, found in the iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus, as well as several versions of the iPad, violate the patent.Cupertino, California-based Apple denied any infringement and argued the patent is invalid, according to court papers. Apple previously tried to convince the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to review the patent’s validity, but in April the agency rejected the bid.According to a recent ruling by U.S. District Judge William Conley, who is presiding over the case, Apple could be liable for up to $862.4 million in damages.He scheduled the trial to proceed in three phases: liability, damages, and finally, whether Apple infringed the patent willfully, which could lead to enhanced penalties.WARF used the patent to sue Intel Corp in 2008, but the case was settled the following year on the eve of trial.Last month, WARF launched a second lawsuit against Apple, this time targeting the company’s newest chips, the A9 and A9X, used in the just-released iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, as well as the iPad Pro.The case is Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation v. Apple Inc in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin, No. 14-cv-62.last_img read more

Juba League man runs torture cell near police outpost

first_imgAmit MuhuriA ruling Bangladesh Awami League (AL) activist, Amit Muhuri, had been using a flat on the fifth floor of Bengal Holding in Harish Dutta Lane of Nandankanon area of Chittagong, as a ‘torture cell’ since March.Amit Muhuri claims that he is a local leader of Juba League, the youth wing of the ruling party.Neighbours regularly heard loud cries from the flat. They suspected people were picked up, locked in the flat and beaten.Police rescued a local businessman last May from the flat after he was locked up for refusing to pay extortion money. This created panic among the locals.The house is just a kilometre away from Chittagong Kotwali police station and merely 500 yards away from Enayetbazar police camp.The flat was rented by Amit Muhuri, who identified himself as a Juba League leader. He rented the flat from last March for Tk 20,000 per month.The flat is owned by a woman. Her father, Mohammad Sharif, said Amit has only paid one month’s rent. He threatens them whenever go to collect the rent, Sharif added. Amit has also failed to pay electricity and gas bills since April.Locals of the Nandankanon area said Amit always carried a gun and was accompanied by a dog whenever he left the building. He often had visitors late at night.Kotwali police officer in-charge Jasimuddin said Amit’s house was a torture cell. He used to bring people to his flat to torture them for extortion.  In fear, people simply paid him and did not inform the police, OC added.The ‘torture cell’ came to light after police recovered a body in a drum from a water body, sealed with bricks, sand and cement on 13 August.Police on 31 August unveiled the murder mystery and said Amit with his other friends killed a close friend and kept his body in the flat for four days.Police also said Amit killed his friend, suspecting to be having an affair with his wife.Police arrested Amit from a rehab centre in Comilla on 2 September. Speaking with Prothom Alo on 4 September on the court premises, Amit said he was a yaba edict. He has a boulder business. People are falsely accused him of extortion because he was involved in politics, he said.Police said Amit has a total of 13 cases against him including murder, arms and extortion. He is also accused in a double-murder related to the tender of the eastern railway.Chittagong police assistant commissioner (Kotwali region) Jahangir Alam said Amit is a cold-blooded murderer. It is not possible for a regular person to kill his childhood friend in such a manner.On 24 June 2013, supporters of ruling Awami League’s two wings – Chhatra League and Juba League – clashed over a tender in Chittagong’s CRB area leaving two people dead including a child.Amit is a follower of Juba League central committee’s deputy financial affairs secretary Helal Akbar Chowdhury alias Babar.Babar is also an accused in the double murder.Talking over phone, Babar said Amit was once his follower. However he has no connection with Amit now as he became a yaba edict and has committed a number of crimes.He also demanded punishment for Amit if he was convicted in any case.*This piece, originally published in Prothom Alo print edition, has been rewritten in English by Saimul Hudatwo Test matcheslast_img read more

Mumbai birthday party fire kills 14

first_imgAccidental fires are common across India because of poor safety standards and lax enforcement of existing regulations. Many of the victims were young women who were attending a birthday party on the rooftop when the fire broke out. Doctors said they died of asphyxiation, apparently as they tried to flee the burning building. Such disasters are particularly common in Mumbai, where millions live in cramped, dilapidated properties because of high rental prices. Activists say builders and landlords often cut corners on safety to save costs. Eleven of the victims were female partygoers, according to authorities. Local media reported that a false ceiling had collapsed in the four-storey building in the Indian financial capital, trapping people inside as they tried to escape. Television footage of the latest disaster showed fire engines and emergency teams rushing to the scene as the building was being consumed by flames and dark plumes of smoke rose into the night sky. “There was a stampede and someone pushed me,” Sulbha Arora said on Twitter. India’s prime minister Narendra Modi tweeted that he was “anguished by the fire in Mumbai”. Police said they were investigating the cause of the fire, and had filed a preliminary case against the restaurant’s owners. “Fourteen people have succumbed to their injuries and remaining victims have been discharged from the KEM hospital. Most of the deaths were due to asphyxiation,” Avinash Supe, dean of local KEM hospital told AFP. The fire was extinguished in the early hours but an AFP reporter at the scene said the rooftop where the party was taking place had been gutted, with charred ice buckets and ashtrays strewn around.center_img A fire swept through a sweet shop in Mumbai earlier this month, sparking a building collapse which killed 12 sleeping workers. One woman who said she was in the building at the time told of the desperate scenes as people tried to escape. The restaurant was in the city’s Kamala Mills compound, which also houses hotels and offices. A general view of the restaurants destroyed in a fire in Mumbai, India, December 28, 2017. ReutersAt least 14 people were killed when a huge blaze tore through a popular restaurant in Mumbai early Friday, police said, in the latest disaster to raise concerns over fire safety in India. “People were running over me even as the ceiling above me was collapsing in flames. Still don’t know how I got out alive. Some powers were definitely protecting me.” Firefighter Sanjay Hiwarle told reporters the blaze was brought under control during the night and a “cooling operation” was under way. In September, a gas cylinder exploded in an unfinished building in Mumbai killing six people. Several media organisations also use the building and at least three national news channels were affected by the fire, including Times network’s Times Now, Mirror Now and ET Now channels. “My thoughts are with the bereaved families in this hour of grief. I pray that those injured recover quickly,” he said.last_img read more

Discount cruise fares reduced deposits with Princess Red White Blue Sale

first_imgDiscount cruise fares, reduced deposits with Princess’ ‘Red, White & Blue Sale’ Posted by Share Travelweek Group Monday, May 15, 2017 center_img Tags: Princess Cruises SANTA CLARITA — Princess Cruises’ ‘Red, White & Blue Sale’ does more than just honour the men and women of the American and Canadian militaries – it saves clients money and ensure upgrades and value-added amenities, too.Available to residents of Canada, the U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico and Bermuda, the sale features cruise deal savings on six- to 60-day cruise vacations departing from North America to destinations worldwide. These include the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Mexico, Canada & New England, Hawaii, Australia & New Zealand, South Pacific, Southeast Asia, South America and World Cruises.Cruise fares to these destinations are offered from US$749 per person from Fall 2017 through Spring 2018.In addition to savings on cruise fares, guests can reserve their booking with a reduced deposit of only $100 per person. They can take advantage of a special introductory offer on Ocean Medallion cruises to the Caribbean, with balcony upgrades starting from $99 on select seven-day Caribbean cruises.More news:  Honolulu authorities investigate arsons at 3 Waikiki hotels; no injuries reportedOcean Medallion is a first-of-its-kind wearable device that enables personal concierge services, including sophisticated wayfinding, food and beverage on demand and interactive gaming.Examples of ‘Red, White & Blue Sale’ cruise deals include:Caribbean cruise (7 days): Interior – $799 per person; Balcony – $898 per personMexico cruise (7 days): Interior – $749 per person; Balcony – $949 per personPanama Canal cruise (10 days): Interior – $999 per person; Balcony – $1,799 per personCanada & New England cruise (7 days): Interior – $999 per person; Balcony – $1,399 per personHawaii cruise (15 days): Interior – $1,599 per person; Balcony – $2,699 per personAustralia & New Zealand cruise (12 days): Interior – $1,299 per person; Balcony – $2,299 per personGuests can also bring the whole family along with reduced third and fourth guest cruise fares.Furthermore, Princess Cruises is offering up to $250 free onboard spending money for veterans as well as active, retired or disabled military personnel. This special military benefit is eligible on any cruise, any time of the year, and can be used to purchase a variety or amenities and experiences including Lotus Spa treatments, specialty restaurant dining, gifts, jewelry and excursions.More news:  Windstar celebrates record-breaking bookings in JulyThe ‘Red, White & Blue Sale’ runs until July 5. << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

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