ATTs 5G network is live if youre in the right city

first_img $999 AT&T CTO Andre Fuetsch speaks of the company’s 5G plans in September. Stephen Shankland/CNET If you live in one of a dozen US cities, you can tap into AT&T’s 5G network this week.The carrier, locked in a race with Verizon and other network operators to move to the next-gen wireless technology as fast as possible, is turning on its network on Tuesday. But until 5G phones arrive in the first half of 2019, it’ll only be useful with Netgear’s Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot, a portable device that creates its own Wi-Fi network so you can link phones, laptops and tablets to the 5G network.AT&T’s 5G network will work in parts of Atlanta; Charlotte, North Carolina; Dallas; Houston; Indianapolis; Jacksonville, Florida, Louisville, Kentucky; Oklahoma City; New Orleans; Raleigh, North Carolina; San Antonio, Texas; and Waco, Texas. AT&T wouldn’t comment in detail about how broadly 5G will work in those cities, but said it would arrive in “dense urban and high-traffic areas.”So how much will it cost you to try tomorrow’s technology today? For the first 90 days, AT&T says it’ll be free for “select” customers. After that, the company will charge $499 for the hotspot plus $70 per month for a plan with a 15GB data cap. $999 1:29 Sprint See It 5G AT&T Wi-Fi Samsung Verizon Review • iPhone XS review, updated: A few luxury upgrades over the XR $999 Best Buy See It Comments Apple iPhone XS See it Now playing: Watch this: See It What the heck is a 5G network? Tags Boost Mobile $999 Preview • iPhone XS is the new $1,000 iPhone X Share your voice 44 The 5G frenzy is in full force as the tech industry tries to cash in on a technology that, while hyped to white-hot levels, really does offer a lot of eventual benefits. 5G networks are geared to increase download and upload speeds, stand up better in crowded areas, enable low-latency uses like fast-twitch multiplayer gaming, and eventually connect all kinds of internet-of-things devices to the network that aren’t practical or economical today.”This is the first taste of the mobile 5G era,” Andre Fuetsch, chief technology officer and president of AT&T Labs, said in a statement. In 2019, AT&T expects 5G to reach multi-gigabit speeds — a big notch up from the 1 gigabit per second that modern 4G can almost reach under optimal circumstances.Slow transitionBut for now, it’s just baby steps. AT&T and Verizon each pledged to launch 5G in 2018, and each made its deadline, sort of. AT&T had a couple weeks to spare and addressed a limited number of people with a useful but not mainstream product. Verizon launched its 5G service first, but not with the actual 5G industry standard itself and serving only customers with wireless home broadband.It’s not easy to move to a new network. Upgrading thousands of cell towers — and installing new ones to deal with 5G’s higher-speed but shorter-range millimeter-wave technology — takes years. Add to that the fact that everybody has to buy new phones, like the ones we expect to see debut from Samsung and others at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona this February.”It’s not like an overnight switch off of 4G,” said Rudolf van der Berg, a consultant at Dutch telecom consulting firm Stratix. “There are hundreds of millions of 4G-capable phones, and replacement cycles are growing longer.”So even if you live in a city covered by 5G, you could be more excited about watching a few really data-hungry early adopters upgrade to 5G and leave you with a bit more room on the boring old 4G network. And even though 5G is coming, carriers continue to upgrade 4G networks, too.If you’re interested in 5G, though, expect to pay. “5G brings capabilities that are going to cause us to think different about pricing. We expect pricing to be at a premium to what we charge today,” AT&T said.AT&T throws shade at VerizonVerizon may have beaten AT&T to the punch by launching its home broadband service with 5G technology in October, but AT&T took a dig at Verizon for using some tech elements but not the 5G standard itself that many companies collaboratively produced somewhat later.AT&T bragged it’s the “first and only company in the US to offer a mobile 5G device over a commercial, standards-based mobile 5G network.” It didn’t call Verizon out by name, but it’s not hard to connect the dots.Verizon shrugged off the criticism, boasting of its own work helping establish and accelerate the 5G standard and of its milestones with 5G’s new radio communication standard. “We’ve consistently been first to 5G, and we’ll continue to lead the industry in 2019,” spokesman Kevin King said.AT&T has brought 5G coverage to 12 US cities (blue) in the south and midwest in 2018 and will expand the network to seven generally more populous ones (red) in 2019, the year 5G phones will arrive.AT&T has brought 5G coverage to 12 US cities (blue) in the south and midwest in 2018 and will expand the network to seven generally more populous ones (red) in 2019, the year 5G phones will arrive. Stephen Shankland/CNET AT&T 5G coming to more cities in 2019in 2019, AT&T plans a fuller 5G network. In the first half of the year, it’ll reach parts of  Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose, California, the company said.The scramble is leaving things chaotic, and even for “standard” 5G, you shouldn’t expect the maturity of today’s 4G, said GlobalData analyst Avi Greengart.”None of the first 5G devices will work across different carrier 5G networks,” Greengart said. “Even if you go to your carrier, buy a 5G phone for their network, and the 5G network is being deployed in your area, you still might not actually get 5G until it gets installed on your block. Given the challenges, I just don’t expect network coverage saturation in 2019.”So people will sit out the initial 5G churn — especially if they have iPhones that reportedly won’t get 5G support until 2020. “If you’re an iPhone user,” Greengart said, “you can probably ignore 5G’s growing pains for at least a year.”CNET’s Holiday Gift Guide: The place to find the best tech gifts for 2018. 5G is your next big upgrade: Everything you need to know about the 5G revolution. Mentioned Above Apple iPhone XS (64GB, space gray) Mobile CNET may get a commission from retail offers.last_img read more

Scientists suggest spacetime has no time dimension

first_imgScientists propose that clocks measure the numerical order of material change in space, where space is a fundamental entity; time itself is not a fundamental physical entity. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons. ( — The concept of time as a way to measure the duration of events is not only deeply intuitive, it also plays an important role in our mathematical descriptions of physical systems. For instance, we define an object’s speed as its displacement per a given time. But some researchers theorize that this Newtonian idea of time as an absolute quantity that flows on its own, along with the idea that time is the fourth dimension of spacetime, are incorrect. They propose to replace these concepts of time with a view that corresponds more accurately to the physical world: time as a measure of the numerical order of change. © 2010 In the future, the scientists plan to investigate the possibility that quantum space has three dimensions of space, as Sorli explained.“The idea of time being the fourth dimension of space did not bring much progress in physics and is in contradiction with the formalism of special relativity,” he said. “We are now developing a formalism of 3D quantum space based on Planck work. It seems that the universe is 3D from the macro to the micro level to the Planck volume, which per formalism is 3D. In this 3D space there is no ‘length contraction,’ there is no ‘time dilation.’ What really exists is that the velocity of material change is ‘relative’ in the Einstein sense.”Numerical order in spaceThe researchers give an example of this concept of time by imagining a photon that is moving between two points in space. The distance between these two points is composed of Planck distances, each of which is the smallest distance that the photon can move. (The fundamental unit of this motion is Planck time.) When the photon moves a Planck distance, it is moving exclusively in space and not in absolute time, the researchers explain. The photon can be thought of as moving from point 1 to point 2, and its position at point 1 is “before” its position at point 2 in the sense that the number 1 comes before the number 2 in the numerical order. Numerical order is not equivalent to temporal order, i.e., the number 1 does not exist before the number 2 in time, only numerically. As the researchers explain, without using time as the fourth dimension of spacetime, the physical world can be described more accurately. As physicist Enrico Prati noted in a recent study, Hamiltonian dynamics (equations in classical mechanics) is robustly well-defined without the concept of absolute time. Other scientists have pointed out that the mathematical model of spacetime does not correspond to physical reality, and propose that a timeless “state space” provides a more accurate framework.The scientists also investigated the falsifiability of the two notions of time. The concept of time as the fourth dimension of space – as a fundamental physical entity in which an experiment occurs – can be falsified by an experiment in which time does not exist, according to the scientists. An example of an experiment in which time is not present as a fundamental entity is the Coulomb experiment; mathematically, this experiment takes place only in space. On the other hand, in the concept of time as a numerical order of change taking place in space, space is the fundamental physical entity in which a given experiment occurs. Although this concept could be falsified by an experiment in which time (measured by clocks) is not the numerical order of material change, such an experiment is not yet known.“Newton theory on absolute time is not falsifiable, you cannot prove it or disprove it, you have to believe in it,” Sorli said. “The theory of time as the fourth dimension of space is falsifiable and in our last article we prove there are strong indications that it might be wrong. On the basis of experimental data, time is what we measure with clocks: with clocks we measure the numerical order of material change, i.e., motion in space.”How it makes senseIn addition to providing a more accurate description of the nature of physical reality, the concept of time as a numerical order of change can also resolve Zeno’s paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise. In this paradox, the faster Achilles gives the Tortoise a head start in the race. But although Achilles can run 10 times faster than the Tortoise, he can never surpass the Tortoise because, for every distance unit that Achilles runs, the Tortoise also runs 1/10 that distance. So whenever Achilles reaches a point where the Tortoise has been, the Tortoise has also moved slightly ahead. Although the conclusion that Achilles can never surpass the Tortoise is obviously false, there are many different proposed explanations for why the argument is flawed.Here, the researchers explain that the paradox can be resolved by redefining velocity, so that the velocity of both runners is derived from the numerical order of their motion, rather than their displacement and direction in time. From this perspective, Achilles and the Tortoise move through space only, and Achilles can surpass Tortoise in space, though not in absolute time.The researchers also briefly examine how this new view of time fits with how we intuitively perceive time. Many neurological studies have confirmed that we do have a sense of past, present, and future. This evidence has led to the proposal that the brain represents time with an internal “clock” that emits neural ticks (the “pacemaker-accumulator” model). However, some recent studies have challenged this traditional view, and suggest that the brain represents time in a spatially distributed way, by detecting the activation of different neural populations. Although we perceive events as occurring in the past, present, or future, these concepts may just be part of a psychological frame in which we experience material changes in space.Finally, the researchers explain that this view of time does not look encouraging for time travelers.“In our view, time travel into the past and future are not possible,” Sorli said. “One can travel in space only, and time is a numerical order of his motion.” Citation: Scientists suggest spacetime has no time dimension (2011, April 25) retrieved 18 August 2019 from More information: Physicists investigate lower dimensions of the universe This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. In two recent papers (one published and one to be published) in Physics Essays, Amrit Sorli, Davide Fiscaletti, and Dusan Klinar from the Scientific Research Centre Bistra in Ptuj, Slovenia, have described in more detail what this means. No time dimensionThey begin by explaining how we usually assume that time is an absolute physical quantity that plays the role of the independent variable (time, t, is often the x-axis on graphs that show the evolution of a physical system). But, as they note, we never really measure t. What we do measure is an object’s frequency, speed, etc. In other words, what experimentally exists are the motion of an object and the tick of a clock, and we compare the object’s motion to the tick of a clock to measure the object’s frequency, speed, etc. By itself, t has only a mathematical value, and no primary physical existence.This view doesn’t mean that time does not exist, but that time has more to do with space than with the idea of an absolute time. So while 4D spacetime is usually considered to consist of three dimensions of space and one dimension of time, the researchers’ view suggests that it’s more correct to imagine spacetime as four dimensions of space. In other words, as they say, the universe is “timeless.”“Minkowski space is not 3D + T, it is 4D,” the scientists write in their most recent paper. “The point of view which considers time to be a physical entity in which material changes occur is here replaced with a more convenient view of time being merely the numerical order of material change. This view corresponds better to the physical world and has more explanatory power in describing immediate physical phenomena: gravity, electrostatic interaction, information transfer by EPR experiment are physical phenomena carried directly by the space in which physical phenomena occur.”As the scientists added, the roots of this idea come from Einstein himself.“Einstein said, ‘Time has no independent existence apart from the order of events by which we measure it,’” Sorli told “Time is exactly the order of events: this is my conclusion.” Explore further Amrit Sorli, Davide Fiscaletti, and Dusan Klinar. “Replacing time with numerical order of material change resolves Zeno problems of motion.” Physics Essays, 24, 1 (2011). DOI: 10.4006/1.3525416Amrit Sorli, Dusan Klinar, and Davide Fiscaletti. “New Insights into the Special Theory of Relativity.” Physics Essays 24, 2 (2011). To be published.last_img read more

Robotic teddy bear boosts mood in hospitalised children

first_imgUsing a robotic teddy bear, scientists have shown that social robots can boost the mood among hospitalised children and help them cope with stressful treatments. Many hospitals host interventions in pediatric units, where child life specialists will provide clinical interventions to hospitalised children for developmental and coping support. This involves play, preparation, education, and behavioral distraction for both routine medical care, as well as before, during, and after difficult procedures. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfTraditional interventions include therapeutic medical play and normalising the environment through activities such as arts and crafts, games, and celebrations. For the study, published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers deployed a robotic teddy bear, “Huggable,” across several pediatric units at Boston Children’s Hospital in the US. More than 50 hospitalised children were randomly split into three groups of interventions that involved Huggable, a tablet-based virtual Huggable, or a traditional plush teddy bear. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveIn general, Huggable improved various patient outcomes over those other two options. Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Northeastern University in the US demonstrated the feasibility of integrating Huggable into the interventions. The study indicated that children playing with Huggable experienced more positive emotions overall. They also got out of bed and moved around more, and emotionally connected with the robot, asking it personal questions and inviting it to come back later to meet their families. “Such improved emotional, physical, and verbal outcomes are all positive factors that could contribute to better and faster recovery in hospitalised children,” researchers said. Although it is a small study, it is the first to explore social robotics in a real-world inpatient pediatric setting with ill children, researchers said. Huggable is designed only to assist health care specialists — not replace them, the researchers said. During the interventions involving Huggable — involving kids ages 3 to 10 years — a specialist would sing nursery rhymes to younger children through robot and move the arms during the song. Older kids would play the I Spy game, where they have to guess an object in the room described by the specialist through Huggable. Through self-reports and questionnaires, the researchers recorded how much the patients and families liked interacting with Huggable. Additional questionnaires assessed patient’s positive moods, as well as anxiety and perceived pain levels. The researchers also used cameras mounted in the child’s room to capture and analyse speech patterns, characterising them as joyful or sad, using software. A greater percentage of children and their parents reported that children enjoyed playing with Huggable more than with traditional teddy bear. Speech analysis backed up that result, detecting significantly more joyful expressions among the children during robotic interventions. Additionally, parents noted lower levels of perceived pain among their children. The researchers noted that 93 per cent of patients completed the Huggable-based interventions, and found few barriers to practical implementation, as determined by comments from the specialists.last_img read more

Firefox 62 with clear local sync data prompt on disconnect

first_imgFirefox 62 with clear local sync data prompt on disconnect by Martin Brinkmann on May 31, 2018 in Firefox – 7 commentsMozilla plans to roll out an improvement to the Firefox browser’s Sync functionality; Firefox users will receive a prompt when they disconnect the browser profile from Firefox Sync that provides them with options to delete local sync data.Firefox Sync is the built-in data synchronization feature of the Firefox web browser. Firefox users may use it to sync some browsing data such as passwords, bookmarks, or the browsing history to access the data on all instances of Firefox connected to the same sync account.When you disconnect Firefox Sync on a device, nothing happens remotely or locally immediately. Firefox won’t delete any local data that may have been synced with the device and remote data is not touched either.While you can delete local data manually and remote Firefox data as well, it is up to you to do so.The process changes with the release of Firefox 62 which Mozilla plans to release on September 5, 2018 to the Stable channel.Starting with Firefox 62, Firefox will display a prompt to users when an existing Firefox Sync connection is disabled on the device.Firefox displays a prompt to the user offering to remove data associated with Sync.Do you also want to remove browser data on this computer? Your Firefox Sync data will remain in your account, regardless.The dialog displays two options:Remove Firefox Sync Data — this removes bookmarks, passwords, the browsing history and other data that is supported by Firefox Sync.Remove Other Private Data — this removes data such as cookies, the web cache, or offline website data.You can check one, both, or none of the options. If you don’t want any data to be removed hit the “just disconnect” button without checking any of the boxes displayed to you.Note that remote data is not touched by the new feature. If you want to remove remote data, you need to do so on your Firefox Account page.Why is Mozilla making the change?Mozilla revealed on the official bug listing on Bugzilla@Mozilla that “many users believe that their data will delete from the browser” when they disconnect Firefox Sync.The new prompt gives users the option to remove the data should they want to do so. Firefox users who want to delete remote data only can’t do that easily, however. Probably the easiest option to remove synced data on Mozilla servers is to delete the entire Firefox account.You can disable Sync entirely in Firefox as well, or configure two-factor authentication for that extra bit of security. (via Sören)Now You: Do you use sync functionality that browsers support?SummaryArticle NameFirefox 62 with clear local sync data prompt on disconnectDescriptionMozilla plans to roll out an improvement to the Firefox browser’s Sync functionality; Firefox users will receive a prompt when they disconnect the browser profile from Firefox Sync that provides them with options to delete local sync data.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Fortune 500 company finally launches LGBTI inclusive policy

first_imgTata Steel is one of the world’s biggest corporations. | Photo: Facebook/Tata Steel GAYSTARNEWS- eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) One of the world’s biggest steel manufacturers has just launched an initiative to better support its LGBTQ employees. ‘We cannot remorse on the fact that we have not done it in the past, but we also do not want to repent many months or years later that we did not do it today.‘As a pioneering company, we have done number of pioneering things in the past, this is one such pioneering thing we can do for the steel industry.’The company leads the wayGay sex is illegal in India under Section 377 of the Penal Code. Many LGBTQ people struggle to find employment or have to stay in the closet at work.Foreign and multinational companies are leading the charge in promoting diversity in India. But Tata Steel’s Suresh Dutt Tripathi, admitted it might be hard to get the message across in rural Indian towns.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us .center_img Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… The Indian company, Tata Steel, launched it s WINGS, an Employee Resource Group for LGBTQ employees.Tata Steel operates in 26 countries around the world. It was listed in the Fortune 500 as one of the biggest corporations in the world in 2014.The company said it launched WINGS to improve inclusion and diversity in the workforce, according to a report in Gaylaxy.‘We are embracing LGBT policy because this policy should have happened many more years… many more months.. many more decades before we all came, and that’s the change which we want to bring,’ Tata Steel’s vice president of Steel (Sales & Marketing), Peeyush Gupta, said at the launch. Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

PACs Solís to seek party nomination

first_imgNo related posts. From the print editionWith his sleeves rolled up and his bright blue tie a bit disheveled, Luis Guillermo Solís, a history and political science professor at the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and a lifelong political activist, welcomed some 30 Citizen Action Party (PAC) loyalists to hear him speak Tuesday night at an old rubber factory in Escazú.Held in a spacious room decorated with Costa Rican flags, the event was organized around Solís’ pre-candidacy announcement for the 2014 presidential election. But instead, it developed into an intimate conversation about the 11-year-old political party, of which Solís is one of the leaders, along with the state of the nation and the qualities voters are looking for in their country’s next leader.“I was left very satisfied. It was an excellent turnout,” Solís said of the Tuesday night event. “It was a generous, significant and rewarding exchange.”It is no secret that members of PAC have disagreements on policy and the direction of the party, including with party founder Ottón Solís (no relation), who unsuccessfully ran for president in the last three elections.Ottón Solís said he will not seek the presidency in 2014, opening the door to new candidates from a party that has acknowledged its internal communications problems with core supporters and its failure to build support among working- and middle-class Costa Ricans.“We need to learn how to market ourselves better,” one PAC member said. “When the PAC communicates, … it does it the wrong way,” Luis Guillermo Solís responded.The 54-year-old political analyst has been actively working with PAC for the past seven years while continuing to teach political science and history at UCR. He has published several books on the same subjects and contributed numerous articles to different national and international publications.Solís has been involved with PAC since 2005, when he actively supported a campaign against the approval of the U.S.-Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). “Currently we cannot do anything against CAFTA because we must wait 10 years,” Solís said at Tuesday’s town hall meeting. “But we can create a moratorium for the pineapple producer that keeps polluting the waters and the lands surrounding its business.”Solís, who has been involved in politics since his early twenties, was part of the negotiating team during the 1987 Esquipulas II Central American Peace Agreement, where he worked as general director for policy at the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry under the Oscar Arias administration. Solís spent close to 17 years working for the National Liberation Party (PLN), which he abandoned due to ideological differences in 2004.Another issue affecting many Costa Ricans is the fight against drug trafficking in coastal regions, and the production of illicit drugs in some isolated and rural areas across the country.“It is extremely important to resolve the problem that feeds the conditions under which drug trafficking thrives,” Solís said. He also spoke of a lack of access to jobs and economic and educational resources in these areas. Solís has four daughters and two sons aged 6 to 27. Three are already professionals, including a lawyer, a doctor and a veterinarian, while two are in college and one is in elementary school. Two other candidates have announced their pre-candidacy for PAC: Claudio Monge and Juan Carlos Mendoza. There is internal party talk that Epsy Campbell, a presidential candidate during the last PAC primary, also might join the race. In October, PAC’s National Assembly will set the rules for a possible open primary, where any Costa Rican registered to vote can cast their ballot for the PAC representative of their choosing. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

New lawmakers present bill to eliminate automatic wage increases for themselves

first_imgThe National Liberation Party’s (PLN) top lawmaker, Juan Luis Jiménez Succar, on Thursday submitted his party’s first bill to reform the “Lawmakers’ Salaries Law” in order to eliminate automatic wage increases of 5 percent that legislators receive twice a year.The bill recommends that lawmakers receive the same salary increases approved by the National Wage Council for all other public employees.New lawmakers, who took office on May 1, already will receive higher salaries than their predecessors, which as of this month will be ₡3.7 million ($7,000) per month. The next automatic increase is in November and would total ₡3.9 million ($7,500).“We believe that our country’s finances are exploding, and we have a fiscal deficit that, according to projections by the Central Bank, could exceed 10 percent this year,” Jiménez said on Thursday morning.The bill could be put up for discussion by the full Assembly as early as next Wednesday, the beginning of the ordinary period of legislative sessions. Lawmakers are expected to spend at least the first two days of next week discussing outgoing President Laura Chinchilla’s last State of the Nation, to be delivered on Thursday evening. Chinchilla leaves office on May 8.If approved, the bill would enter into force when published in the official newspaper La Gaceta. That would mean lawmakers’ next wage increase would be the same as other public-sector workers, which was passed by executive decree earlier this year. Public salary increases are discussed every six months by the National Wage Council.In addition to monthly salaries, the Legislative Assembly provides each lawmaker with 500 liters of free gasoline per month and ₡161,000 ($300) for monthly office and cellphone bills.Taxpayers also pay the salaries of up to five advisers for each lawmaker and other expenses including snacks and drinks served during daily sessions, meetings and social gatherings.The bill submitted by Jiménez contrasts with a proposal by previous PLN lawmakers in 2010, which sought a salary increase from ₡2.5 million to ₡4.3 million. That proposal, which was widely criticized by taxpayers, was not approved. Facebook Comments Related posts:3 political parties say new legislators will reverse a law passed by predecessors to set Assembly salaries 4 lawmakers attempt to boost their teachers’ pensions by calculating them based on higher Assembly salaries Costa Rican lawmakers reject 2015 budget, Assembly president passes it anyway Costa Rican lawmakers pass 2015 budget without a single cut in spendinglast_img read more

What Homebuyers Need to Know

first_img June 5, 2019 374 Views Buyers Credit homeowners mortgage 2019-06-05 Seth Welborn Consumers are still unsure of what is required to qualify for a mortgage, according to a recent study from Fannie Mae. “Despite increased exposure to credit scores and online resources, consumer understanding about what it takes to qualify for a mortgage has not improved since our original study in 2015,” Fannie Mae states. This means many potential homeowners may feel discouraged from buying a home.The report, published by Fannie Mae’s Mark Palim, VP and Deputy Chief Economist and Sarah Shahdad, Market Insights Researcher, notes lenders, servicers, and other mortgage market participants must work toward increasing consumer knowledge. For example, despite the fact that consumers are now more likely than ever to check their credit scores, close to half still cannot recall what it is. Additionally, many overestimate the minimum credit score and down payment necessary to qualify for a mortgage, and remain unfamiliar with low down payment programs.Palim and Shahdad note that this information indicates that current sources of mortgage education and information are insufficient, stating that “even those actively planning to become homeowners in the next few years (i.e., those who should be exposed to more information) are only slightly more confident or knowledgeable than others.”Fannie Mae offers several methods for closing the knowledge gap, including improving the quality of mortgage education programs. Palim and Shahdad state that “effective mortgage education should be timely, customized, convenient, and simple.” This information should include multiple channels for consumers, from digital to in-person, as Fannie Mae’s research reveals that people prefer a mix of digital and human contact. According to Fannie Mae, mobile and online resources alone may not be sufficient to guide consumers through the complexities of preparing for and getting the right mortgage.For the online portion of the mortgage process, mobile devices require optimization, as more and more buyers, especially younger buyers, are used to accessing financial services such as their bank from their phone.“If potential borrowers have the information to assess and improve their own qualifications to get a mortgage, they may be encouraged not to give up on their homeownership aspirations prematurely,” Palim and Shahdad conclude. in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Originationcenter_img What Homebuyers Need to Know Sharelast_img read more

Audiblecom bestsellers for week ending December 2

first_img bestsellers for week ending December 21:Fiction1. Christmas Eve, 1914 by Charles Olivier, narrated by Cameron Daddo, Xander Berkeley, Cody Fern, Damon Herriman, James Scott, John Beck, Lance Guest, Gabe Greenspan & Nate Jones (Audible Studios)2. Alien: Out of the Shadows: An Audible Original Drama by Tim Lebbon & Dirk Maggs, narrated by Rutger Hauer, Corey Johnson, Matthew Lewis, Kathryn Drysdale, Laurel Lefkow, Andrea Deck & Mac McDonald (Audible Studios)3. Zero G by Dan Wells, narrated by Emily Woo Zeller, Margaret Ying Drake, Josh Hurley, Eddy Lee, Jennifer Van Dyck, Allyson Johnson & David Shih (Audible Studios)4. The Diary of a Hounslow Girl: An Audible Original by Ambreen Razia, narrated by the author (Audible Studios)5. The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore, narrated by Rascal Flatts (Audible Studios)6. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, narrated by Cassandra Campbell (Penguin Audio)7. Mythology by Edith Hamilton, narrated by Suzanne Toren (Hachette Audio)8. The Christmas Hirelings by Mary Elizabeth Braddon, narrated by Richard Armitage (Audible Studios)9. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, narrated by Jim Dale (Pottermore from J.K. Rowling)10. A Steep Price: (Tracy Crosswhite, Book 6) by Robert Dugoni, narrated by Emily Sutton-Smith (Brilliance Audio)Nonfiction1. Becoming by Michelle Obama, narrated by the author (Random House Audio)2. 21 Days of Meditation by Aaptiv, narrated by Jess Ray (Aaptiv)3. Out of My Mind by Alan Arkin, narrated by the author (Audible Studios)4. Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins, narrated by the author & Adam Skolnick (Lioncrest Publishing)5. New Family Values by Andrew Solomon, narrated by the author (Audible Studios)6. Jingle Bell Pop by John Seabrook, narrated by Erin Moon (Audible Studios)7. Everyday Meditation by Aaptiv, narrated by Ceasar F. Barajas (Aaptiv)8. The Big Store: Inside the Crisis and Revolution at Sears by Donald Katz, narrated by the author & Brian Sutherland (Audible Studios)9. Sleep Better by Aaptiv, narrated by Jade Alexis (Aaptiv)10. Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, narrated by the author (Thomas Nelson Publishers)—–The Associated Press by The Associated Press Posted Dec 24, 2018 11:55 am PDT The top 10 audiobooks on Audible.comcenter_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

Last Three Phases of Lok Sabha Polls Will Determine Scale of Opposition

first_img bihar-lok-sabha-elections-2019BJPLok Sabha elections 2019muzaffarpur-s04p15 First Published: April 30, 2019, 1:58 PM IST Muzaffarpur (Bihar): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday asserted that the scales have been tilted in favor of the ruling NDA in the first four phases of the general election, and the remaining three would determine the magnitude of its victory and the opposition’s defeat.Addressing an election rally here, Modi said that his government has always displayed its resolve in combating terror but cautioned that the menace was far from over as was evident from the recent bomb attacks in neighboring Sri Lanka. “All those who are running factories of terror are in the cross heirs of this chowkidar,” Modi stated.In a veiled dig at jailed RJD chief Lalu Prasad, the prime minister said, “Those doing the rounds of court to secure bail are scared of a strong government in New Delhi”.He claimed that the opposition parties “were not fighting for their victory, but to augment their diminished strength”.”Beware, if they regain their strength, the days of lawlessness will return to Bihar, daughters would no longer be safe outside homes and people might have to stay indoors after dark,” he maintained.Underscoring the pro-poor stance of his government, Modi said, “We did away with the lal batti (red beacon) but brought batti (light/electricity) to the house of every poor.”Appealing to people to vote for the NDA in Bihar, comprising his BJP, the JD(U) and the LJP, he sought to remind the voters, “whichever of the three parties you vote for, your support will be for Modi.” last_img read more

Lok Sabha Election 2019 These 20 Red Alert Constituencies Have 3 or

first_imgLok Sabha Elections 2019 | Three or more candidates in the fray from 20 of the 51 constituencies going to polls today during the fifth phase of Lok Sabha Election 2019 have criminal cases declared against them. The Association of Democratic Reforms calls these ‘Red Alert Constituencies’.Bihar’s Madhubani constituency tops the list with 8 of the 16 candidates analyzed by ADR having criminal cases declared against them. Two of them are independents while the rest have been fielded by political parties like BJP, INC, Bhartiya Mitra Party, Jago Hindustan Party, Purvanchal Janta Party(Secular) and Rashtriya Jansambhavna Party. Next is Uttar Pradesh’s Amethi constituency where seven of the 26 candidates analyzed by ADR have criminal cases filed against them. These include four independents and three candidates fielded by INC, Bahujan Mukti Party and Bharat Prabhat Party Bihar’s Sitamarhi constituency has six of the 20 candidates with criminal cases. Two are independents while the rest have been fielded by AAP, JD(U), Kisan Party of India and RJD Jharkhand’s Kodarma, West Bengal’s Hooghly, Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag, Jharkhand’s Hazari Bagh have five candidates each with criminal cases declared against them. Five of these are contesting as independents while the rest have been fielded by BSP, CPI(ML)(L), Jharkhand Vikas Morcha (Prajatantrik), Moolniwasi Samaj Party, Rashtriya Jansangharsh Swaraj Party, BJP, INC, BSP, CPI(M), CPI(ML)(L), Jammu & Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party, CPI, Bharatiya Jan Kranti Dal (Democratic) and Peoples Party of India (Democratic)Uttar Pradesh Kaushambi’s constituency, West Bengal’s Arambag and Howrah constituencies have four candidates each with criminal cases declared against them. They have been fielded by BJP, INC, Jansatta Dal Loktantrik, SP, AITC, CPI(M), Bharatiya Nyay-Adhikar Raksha Party and SHS while two are contesting as independents. Faizabad, Gonda and Sitapur constituencies in Uttar Pradesh; Bangaon and Barrackpur in West Bengal; Rewa in Madhya Pradesh; and Hajipur in Bihar also has four candidates each with criminal cases in the fray. They have fielded by BJP, INC, SP, BSP, Pragatishil Samajwadi Party (Lohia), AITC, CPI(M), AARAKSHAN VIRODHI PARTY, Peoples Party of India (Democratic), Shri Janta Party, AIFB, Peace Party, Jai Prakash Janata Dal, LJP, RJD, SUCI(C). Six are contesting as independents. Uttar Pradesh’s Rae Bareli, Dhaurahra and Bahraich constituencies have three candidates each with criminal cases declared against them. They have been fielded by BJP, BSP, INC, Aajad Bharat Party (Democratic), Rashtriya Kranti Party and SP. One candidate is contesting as an independent. amethibahujan samajwadi partyBharatiya Janata PartyBihar Constituencies First Published: May 6, 2019, 10:22 AM ISTlast_img read more

Varalaxmi Slams Vishaal Krishna Over Derogatory Remarks on Her Father Sarathkumar

first_imgAll is not well between actress Varalaxmi and her ex-boyfriend actor Vishal Krishna. In his latest campaign video during Nadigar Sangam election, Vishal Krishna has highlighted the failures during Sarathkumar’s leadership, slamming him for his work. While he might have done it as a tactic to win the election, due on June 23, the move has not gone down with Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Who has now criticised the Sandakozhi actor for slamming her father.In a letter released on Twitter, Varalaxmi wrote, “Dear Vishal, I’m saddened and shocked at how low you have stooped down in your recent election campaign video. Any respect I have left for you is now gone… it’s so sad to see you harp on my father’s past especially when you have NOT been able to prove squat… since you keep saying the law is the highest… According to that same law any person is innocent until proven guilty… If he was guilty he would have been sentenced by now… So have some class and grow up… When you make such cheap videos it shows your class can’t blame you, I guess cos that’s the way u have been brought up… let’s not behave like you are a saint… I think we all know your double standards and lies. @VishalKOfficial #NadigarSangam2019Elections you just lost my vote..!— varalaxmi sarathkumar (@varusarath) June 14, 2019 Varalaxmi and Vishal were best friends for several years. However, things turned sour during the October 2015 Nadigar Sangam elections, when Vishal Krishna not only accused Sarathkumar and Radha Ravi of mismanagement of funds, but also filed a case against them. If you were such a saint I don’t think people from your own so called #pandavarani would have left and created a group just to bring you down. If you are so proud of what you have done why don’t you showcase that instead of bringing down my dad when he’s not even involved this time. So many people can’t be wrong about you… all this time I respected you and I have been there for you as a friend always. Now you have taken it too far… it’s so sad instead of making a positive video about the things you have achieved you resorted to the lowest form of campaigning. Well I guess you are a true actor at least off screen after all..!! Like you say I really hope the truth prevails… Well you just lost my vote.”center_img kollywoodNadigar Sangam electionsOctober 2015 Nadigar Sangam electionsPandavarani First Published: June 14, 2019, 3:22 PM ISTlast_img read more