The Sass Awakens Our Favorite Kylo Ren Memes

first_imgStay on target Star Wars x Adidas Ultraboost Photos Have Leaked’Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form Show me again, the power of the darkness, and I will let nothing stand in our way. Show me, Grandfather, and I will finish what you started.Kylo Ren—with his long inky hair, equally flowing black clothes, and occasional outbursts—gives off an undeniable air of emo.A subcultural quality that also seems to be bubbling up in Adam Driver, the 34-year-old former Marine Lance corporal, who gained worldwide acclaim for playing the Jedi Killer in the Star Wars sequel trilogy.Yet, in a recent Rolling Stone interview, the actor claimed not to know what “emo” is.“Between training for the Marines and training at Julliard to become one of his generation’s most extraordinary actors, Driver missed some stuff, including entire music genres,” the article said.That hasn’t stopped fans from lampooning his dark-and-moody character on the Internet.Check out some of our favorite Kylo Ren memes (and videos, and tweets):Kylo Rages on EverythingEveryone expresses anger differently. I tend to shout at people. Kylo Ren destroys things with his lightsaber.Motion designer Bill Bergen imagined Kylo’s everyday struggles in this 8-bit animation—”You know, like that scene from the movie.” It makes me laugh every time (and I’ve watched it many times).The Modern Adventures of Han & Ben Solo(via Solos are the very definition of dysfunctional family. But no one captures those flaws quite like Tumblr user mamalaz, who superimposes extraneous captions over gifs from The Force Awakens, and—perhaps even more hilariously—completely unrelated Adam Driver and Harrison Ford films and interviews. (Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Daisy Ridley also make appearances for added amusement.)Kylo Ren’s Top Five Most-Played iTunes SongsA sneak peek into Kylo’s “me time.” (And his psyche.)Kylo Ren: Undercover BossKylo Ren is the commander of the First Order, a massive regime dedicated to wiping out the galactic resistance. This week, Kylo is going undercover among Starkiller Base personnel as Matt, a radar technician.This Saturday Night Live parody of the oddly popular Undercover Boss series plays out perfectly—from the watercooler talk to Leslie Jones’ turn as a muffin-deprived co-worker to the heartfelt declaration by an employee whose family is going through “a rough year.”Emo Kylo Ren uncle lando said my helmet made me look like a depressed lampshade and then everyone laughed and high-fived himi hate this family so much— Emo Kylo Ren (@KyloR3n) December 25, 2015Following a breakout role in Girls, Adam Driver has proven his range in various roles. But his turn as angsty millennial Adam Sackler in the HBO hit has stuck to Driver like a remora to a shark. Thus, the Emo Kylo Ren Twitter account was born.In two years, Emo Kylo Ren has tweeted a mere 435 times, and follows only two accounts: Darth Vader and Hot Topic. Here’s to hoping next week’s The Last Jedi release reignites Kylo’s brooding.Safety First(via imgur)The designer of this brilliant meme remains a mystery; the creator’s name has since been deleted from imgur’s archived post. Will the real Responsible Kylo Ren please stand up?Kylo’s Daily FightStop — don’t pop! (via kylolife)So that’s why he wears a mask…(I’ve thought about it may days, myself.)A Day in the Life of Kylo RenI don’t need anger management, I need people to stop pissing me off (via’m sure they offer anger management classes on the Starkiller Base. General Hux? Captain Phasma? Help a sullen bro out? (Or at least gift him a bread knife.)In Which Kylo Ren is Very Bad at Flirting(via“Has anyone ever told you your eyes are the color of Darth Vader’s helmet glinting in the moonlight?”The guy just wants to Netflix and chill. (And by “chill,” I mostly mean kill people.) Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Surprise Half of Women in STEM Experience Gender Discrimination

first_imgStay on target NASA Invites U.S. Students to Name Mars 2020 RoverLego’s New Boost Coding Kits Let You Build and Control R2-D2 Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img Employment in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields has grown nearly 80 percent since 1990—thanks in part to burgeoning female interest in joining the STEM workforce.But for many of those women, the office is a hostile environment, where they experience discrimination and harassment more frequently than male colleagues.According to a new study published by the Pew Research Center, most STEM-based women who hold a postgraduate degree, work in male-dominated departments, or have a career in computers say they have been targeted as a result of their gender.“The challenges women in STEM face in the workplace echo those of all working women,” researchers Cary Funk and Kim Parker wrote in a report, released the day after a former Google engineer sued the search giant for victimizing white conservative men.Last summer (before the Harvey Weinstein scandal unfolded), Pew surveyed more than 4,900 U.S. workers, nearly half of whom are in STEM positions—i.e. life sciences, physical and Earth sciences, engineering and architecture, and computer, math, and health-related occupations.What the agency found is the unsurprising yet poignant fact that 19 percent of men claim they’ve experienced gender discrimination, versus 50 percent of women (compared to 41 percent of ladies in non-STEM jobs).That applies to all eight forms of workplace bigotry: earning less money, being treated as if incompetent, experiencing repeated slights, receiving less support from senior management, and feeling isolated, as well as being passed over for important assignments, turned down for a job, or denied a promotion.“People automatically assume I am the secretary, or in a less technical role because I am female,” one respondent—a white, 36-year-old technical consultant—said. “This makes it difficult for me to build a technical network to get my work done. People will call on my male co-workers, but not call on me.”Philadelphia-based writers Martin Schneider and Nicole Hallberg publicly proved that point in March, when the pair switched email signatures for a week.“I had one of the easiest weeks of my professional life,” Hallberg wrote in a blog post. “He… didn’t.”The experiment-cum-viral Twitter sensation, she said, helped Schneider realize “just how bad, and insidious, workplace sexism could be.”Read the Pew Research Center’s full study, “Women and Men in STEM Often at Odds Over Workplace Equity,” online.last_img read more

The Sega Genesis Deserves Better Than Another System From AtGames

first_imgStay on target Sega Genesis Mini Heats Up Retro Console WarsNo Joke, ‘Yakuza 7’ Goes Full Turn-Based JRPG This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) in Japan. Though the system ultimately lost the console war to the Super Nintendo, it certainly gave the House of Mario stiff competition during the early 90s. To celebrate the launch of its most famous system, Sega will release a “mini” edition of the classic 16-bit system. The diminutive console will first launch in Japan before releasing worldwide. While this is great news for fans of retro games, it comes with one huge caveat: the system will use AtGames technology.If you recall, AtGames is the company responsible for last year’s universally-loathed Sega Genesis Flashback console. This system looked nice, but featured a user interface that was less than user-friendly. Worst of all, games like Sonic the Hedgehog ran at inconsistent frame rates. That wasn’t even AtGames’ first attempt at making a Genesis clone either. The company has been at it for over ten years. Despite knowing all of that, Sega still decided to go and let the company handle the anniversary edition of their classic system.「メガドライブ」誕生30周年記念!『メガドライブ ミニ』(仮称)2018年発売決定!思い出の名作ゲームの数々が、これ1台で楽しめます!#セガフェス #メガドライブ #メガドライブ30周年— セガ公式アカウント (@SEGA_OFFICIAL) April 14, 2018There is perhaps one possible saving grace. As reported by Polygon, this system will use different emulation than the Flashback console. It will also have “additional features.” It is entirely possible the console will actually deliver a worthwhile Sega Genesis experience. The Japanese edition of the system has no cartridge slot, but other territories will. This means you can play your old Sega Genesis cartridges on the console. This isn’t a new feature for AtGames-produced Genesis clones, but it’s good to have regardless.With the (wild) success of the Nintendo and Super Nintendo Classic Edition systems, it makes sense for Sega to jump on the mini retro console bandwagon. It just would’ve been better if the company created their own system instead of once again having AtGames take on the task. I understand Sega isn’t exactly in the hardware business anymore, but the Genesis deserves better than this. With that said, perhaps AtGames will (finally) get things right this time. Even if this is everything we want it to be, don’t expect it to fly off shelves like Nintendo’s systems. Folks who’ve been fooled into buying into buying an AtGames console before won’t likely do so again, even if it’s decent.If you want to play classic Genesis games, you can always check out the excellent Sega Genesis collection on Steam. This same collection is also making its way to PS4 and Xbox One later this year. Even Switch owners will get some Genesis love in the form of the Sega Ages collection. You don’t exactly need to buy this AtGames system to play Genesis games. There are better alternatives out there.center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Watch New Tesla Model 3 Car Hits High Speeds on German Autobahn

first_img Software Engineer Embedded Tesla Model 3 Key Fob In ArmTesla EV Catches Fire After Colliding With Tow Truck in Moscow Stay on target Automobile enthusiasts can’t stop talking about the new Tesla Model 3 car. Now, fans can witness what it’s like to drive one of these high-tech vehicles, thanks to a Tesla Model 3 owner who posted a video of his new ride accelerating on a European highway.On Feb. 21, the owner shared footage of his quick drive on YouTube, which showed him hitting speeds up to 130 mph on the Autobahn, a federal controlled-access highway system in Germany. In the brief clip, the Model 3 cruises smoothly with minor bumps, as it changed speeds on the trip.The owner, who picked up the Model 3 at a nearby delivery center, explained how driving the car was fairly easy, yet he wasn’t used to driving on the concrete belt and decided to take it easy for safety reasons.“209KM/h (130 mph) while wifey is holding her laptop, no problem,” the Model 3 owner wrote on YouTube. “I was too afraid to keep pushing as I’m not used to driving on the Autobahn and it was difficult to judge when to apply brakes.”Even though the Model 3 car has many benefits (quick acceleration being one of them), it could be difficult to put the car at full throttle if there are other vehicles ahead. However, in the video, the car doesn’t seem to have breaking issues, as the driver carefully slows down when a car or truck comes near him.Dan’s Tesla also has a video on Autobahn speeds and road noise, which could be helpful for potential Model 3 owners.More on Dropped the Price of Its Model 3 Car AgainWatch a Tesla Model 3 Get Assembled From Start to FinishTesla’s New Vehicle Modes Protect Pets, Carslast_img read more

Captain Marvel Channels the 90s With Trippy Magic EyeStyle Posters

first_imgStay on target Who remembers these? #TBT #CaptainMarvel(4/5)— Captain Marvel (@captainmarvel) February 28, 2019 Captain Marvel is taking fans back to the ’90s with its new Magic Eye-style posters.On Thursday, Captain Marvel teased the posters on Twitter, which show Carol Danvers and company with the trippy, colorful images. Each poster was captioned with, “Who remembers these? #TBT #CaptainMarvel,” which brought back memories of Magic Eye, a series of books published by N.E. Thing Enterprises that contained vibrant 2D patterns.Who remembers these? #TBT #CaptainMarvel(5/5)— Captain Marvel (@captainmarvel) February 28, 2019 Who remembers these? #TBT #CaptainMarvel(1/5)— Captain Marvel (@captainmarvel) February 28, 2019The posters come just a week before Captain Marvel will hit theaters. Leading up to the big day, fans can also check out the film’s ’90s-inspired website, where they can read bios on all the characters and play an old-school Captain Marvel computer game.Captain Marvel, which stars Brie Larson, will hit theaters on March, 8 2019.More on’s ‘Captain Marvel’ Website Is a Throwback to ’90s Web Design‘Captain Marvel’ Unveils Badass Footage for Super Bowl TV SpotCrowdfunding Campaign Raises Money for Girls to See ‘Captain Marvel’ ‘Avengers: Endgame De-Feminized’ Edit Is World’s Worst Fan Film TrendDude Watched ‘Captain Marvel’ 116 Times to Break World Record Who remembers these? #TBT #CaptainMarvel(2/5)— Captain Marvel (@captainmarvel) February 28, 2019 Who remembers these? #TBT #CaptainMarvel(3/5)— Captain Marvel (@captainmarvel) February 28, 2019last_img read more

Zillows AIPowered 3D Home Tours Available Now on iOS

first_imgStay on target We’re all busy people. Between work, kids, Game of Thrones, taxes, and self care, who has time to schedule tours of potential new homes?No one, that’s who.That’s about to change, though, with the launch of Zillow 3D Home.The real estate firm this week unveiled its AI-powered mobile platform, which lets iOS users capture and view 360-degree panoramic photos for free.“Previously, 3D tours were only found on high-end or expensive homes, due to the high cost and time-intensive capture process,” according to Josh Weisberg, senior director of product development for Zillow 3D and computer vision. “Now with 3D Home, adding an immersive experience to a home listing is fast, easy, and free, which benefits buyers and sellers at all price points.”It’s especially handy among Gen Z and Millennial buyers, many of whom find 3D tours or recorded video of a home important in their decision-making process.(As a reluctant Millennial, I will admit that seeing a prospective rental in full—from the comfort of my couch—automatically puts the seller in good standing.)The 3D Home app, currently available only for iOS, walks users through the 360-degree-image capture process, then uses artificial intelligence to stitch together “seamless” tours. It can also enhance photo exposure and select thumbnail images to be represent each room.If you’ve ever used Google Street View, you’ll have no problem maneuvering through Zillow’s 3D Home program. Simply click on a specific space to go directly there, or drag and tap your way through the dwelling.Finished tours are accessible via the My 3D Home dashboard to edit, share privately, or add directly to a listing.Zillow piloted the program early last year in select U.S. markets, and quickly saw strong demand for the technology across the country; during field testing, nearly half of the thousands of 3D tours were generated outside markets supported at the time.Download the Zillow Real Estate & Rentals iOS app now to start touring homes, without ever leaving your own.More on Parker’s AR App Lets You Virtually Try on GlassesYou Can Virtually Try on Sneakers With This Cool AppWarm Up With a Virtual Tour of Lava-Covered Exoplanet 55 Cancri e McDonald’s Plans to Serve AI Voice Technology at Drive ThruCIMON Returns to Earth After 14 Months on ISS last_img read more

Review Etherborn Is 2019s Trippiest Puzzle Game

first_img Etherborn is one of the most unique puzzles games I’ve had the pleasure of playing in recent years. It presents players with puzzles that force them to think outside of the proverbial box. The surreal environments not only function as puzzles, but they’re stunning to behold. Though brief, it leaves one feeling wholly satisfied. That’s a great accomplishment considering this is developer Altered Matter’s first title.Gravity is at the core of each of Etherborn’s five levels. To get to a stage’s end, players must walk (or run) along floors and walls. Transitioning to and from different surfaces requires an incline connecting that connects them. Doing so shifts the camera’s orientation, giving players a different perspective of the terrain. The goal is simply to make it to the end of a level. The challenge comes from the journey. Oftentimes, solutions are right in players’ faces. It’s a matter of observing the environment and remembering how the rules work. Etherborn is deceptively challenging, which makes completing stages all the more rewarding.Falling off ledges results in a swift death. Yet, you must sometimes drop from ledges in order to progress. Pink vines show where you can safely drop down, but not every stage or section has them. This forces you to make leaps of faith, especially when you’re unsure of what to do next. As long as you don’t drop from a great height, you’ll land safely. I’m emphasizing this specific mechanic because it is likely one most players will forget, even though it’s extremely crucial.There is a central hub called the Endless Tree. Completing levels opens up paths along the tree which you can use to access the new worlds. Between levels, a disembodied voice speaks about the origins of mankind and of the human condition. If there is a deeper meaning to the narrative, it went over my head. I had an easier time deciphering the mind-bending puzzles than I did the nebulous story. But I can’t hold that against Etherborn. We’re all here for the puzzles, not the story. Confusing or not, the narrative lends the game a dreamlike atmosphere that is in line with the otherworldly aesthetic. The story isn’t intrusive, which is a plus.Etherborn is the graphical equivalent of an expressionist painting. The player character is little more than a walking nervous system housed in a vaguely humanoid shell. It is somewhat disturbing playing as a clump of veins and arteries, but it somehow works. Each world has a distinctive color scheme that helps separate each visually. The soundtrack isn’t in your face but it helps draw you into the world with its subtle orchestrations. Presentation-wise, Etherborn delivers a relaxing experience.Depending on how fast you solve puzzles, you can complete Etherborn in a single sitting. After completion, you can try out New Game Plus. This is essentially the same experience as before since the levels remain unchanged. The main difference is the crystals used to complete certain puzzles are now located in harder to reach areas. Though I appreciate giving players this added content, I didn’t feel the need to revisit the same worlds.Etherborn is an excellent debut title. It delivers a solid puzzle game experience coupled with a pleasing visual style. The levels are challenging but never frustrating. The gravity-based gameplay forces players to truly think of every possible solution. Though relatively short, it lasts long enough to feel fulfilling without overstaying its welcome. If you’re looking for a cool and unique puzzle game, then you should give Etherborn a shot.Get Etherborn at Humble StoreMore on ‘Dragon Quest Builders 2’ Is Two Great Tastes in OneThese Are The Games You Should Check Out in July 2019Review: ‘Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night’ Is Bloody Awesome Sorry, You Can’t Date Keanu Reeves in ‘Cyberpunk 2077”Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form Stay on targetlast_img read more

John Cena to cohost NBCs Today show on 916

first_img Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Google+ WWE Superstar John Cena announced as part of cast for Suicide Squad Sequel Now Playing Up Next WhatsApp Hoda Kotb Named Matt Lauer’s Replacement What Did Matt Lauer Say To Hoda Kotb When She Replaced Him? Facebook Felicity Huffman To Be Sentenced In College Admission Scandal Now Playing Up Next Leigh Sales and Lisa Wilkinson deserve gold Logies.center_img Courtesy of Cena to co-host ‘Today’ WednesdayThe Champ is back on “Today”! John Cena will co-host NBC’s hit morning show during the 9 a.m. ET hour on Wednesday, Sept. 16, with Willie Geist and Natalie Morales.Cena returns to “Today” after two successful guest co-hosting stints during SummerSlam Week, when he surprised 500th wish kid Rocco, honored a deserving teen with the New York Yankees and even got in the “Today” show kitchen.For more on “Today,” visit videosPowered by AnyClipLeigh Sales and Lisa Wilkinson deserve gold Logies.Video Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 1:14/Current Time 0:04Loaded: 100.00%0:04Remaining Time -1:10 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Videos Articles Twitter Renee Zellweger Now Playing Up Next The Handmaid’s Tale got ‘closer to reality’ – author Margaret Atwood Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Pinterest WWE stars join “Brawlhalla” as Epic Crossovers in SummerSlam game event Two more WWE Superstars reportedly scheduled to appear at RAW Reunion showlast_img read more

Neighbors adjusting to life near Ilani casino

first_imgThe long-anticipated Ilani Casino Resort opened to much fanfare last week, and with it came a traffic backup of more than 8 miles and lots of idling cars at the Interstate 5 interchange.Those issues didn’t just frustrate drivers heading to the casino. They also irked those living in La Center who were diverted to back roads if they wanted to leave the city.As the backup grew on I-5, La Center city officials decided to close the main road leading to and from the city. They put up signs on La Center Road at Timmen Road, directing people to use the back roads to the Ridgefield I-5 interchange rather than the La Center onramp near the casino.“It was blocked off,” said La Center resident Jennifer Miller. “That seemed kind of wrong.”“It’s our road,” she added.La Center Public Works Director Jeff Sarvis said the decision to reroute traffic was made shortly after the casino opened, when it quickly became apparent that traffic at the interchange was going to be a mess for a while. Residents weren’t prohibited from using the interchange, Sarvis said; the city just advised against it.The city had plans in place to deal with increased traffic, but nobody anticipated the deluge of cars that backed up the freeway to the Interstate 5-Interstate 205 split within 90 minutes of the casino’s opening, Sarvis said.last_img read more

Public meetings for week of April 8

first_imgMondayBattle Ground School District, 406 N.W. Fifth Ave., Battle Ground.• 5 p.m., special meeting to discuss bond measure.•6 p.m., board meeting: department reports, high school requirements, sewer extension to Glenwood-Laurin campus, executive session on sale of property (no action), withdrawal of stadium turf financing contract.Hockinson School District, Superintendent’s Office, 17912 N.E. 159th St., Brush Prairie.• 6 p.m., regular meeting: 2018-2019 budget projections.Vancouver City Council, Council Chambers, 415 W. Sixth St., Vancouver.• 4:30 p.m., workshops: agenda includes an update on the urban forestry commission and the culture, arts and heritage draft plan.• 6:30 p.m., consent agenda: agenda includes pavement management contracts and a citizen forum.Washougal City Council, City Hall, 1701 C St., Washougal.• 5 p.m. workshop: Clark County Commission on Aging 2017 annual report, MCI Metro franchise agreement ordinance, professional services agreement with Berger Abam for Columbia River Trail final design, tree removal and trimming/pruning agreement with Arborscape.• 7 p.m., regular meeting: executive session regarding agency enforcement matters.Woodland Public Schools, Room 2203, Woodland High School, 1500 Dike Access Road, Woodland.• 5:30 p.m., regular meeting: school facilities and safety planning.TuesdayClark County Council, Public Service Center, 1300 Franklin St., sixth floor, Vancouver.• 10 a.m., council hearing: proclamations, changing council meeting times, set public meeting time for spring supplemental budget, approval to use funds for site for parking lot improvements at Harmony Sports Complex.La Center Planning Commission, Council chambers, 214 E. Fourth St., Vancouver.• 7 p.m., public hearings: transportation element of Capital Facilities plan, amendments to La Center Municipal Code.La Center School District, library, La Center High School, 725 N.E. Highland Ave., La Center.• 3 p.m., regular meeting: annual linkage meeting with classified and certified staff.La Center School District, conference room, La Center High School, 725 N.E. Highland Ave., La Center.• 4 to 8 p.m., special meeting: bond sale presentation, architect interviews discussion and selection of architect for new middle school project.Ridgefield School District, Room 311, Ridgefield High School, 2630 S. Hillhurst Road, Ridgefield.• 5 p.m., regular meeting: approve 2018-2019 calendar and changes to boundary and start times and lease agreement, and approve interlocal agreement regarding maintenance, reimbursement agreement and shared-use agreement between district and city for Outdoor Sports Complex.Washougal School District, District Office, 4855 Evergreen Way, Washougal.• 5:30 p.m., regular meeting: executive responsibilities on facilities.WednesdayClark County Council, Public Service Center, 1300 Franklin St., sixth floor, Vancouver.• 9:30 a.m., work session: Clean Water Commission 2017 annual report.• 10:30 a.m., work session: 2018 update to the vacant buildable lands model.• 12:30 p.m., council time.La Center City Council, City Hall, 214 E. Fourth St., La Center.• 6:30 p.m., public hearing: amendments to the La Center Municipal Code on sign regulations.Vancouver Parking Advisory Committee, City Hall Balsam Conference Room, 415 W. Sixth St., Vancouver.• 7:30 a.m., workshop: agenda includes an update to parking projects and a work session on the 20-minute free parking option.Vancouver Salary Review Commission, City Hall, 415 W. Sixth St., Vancouver.• 10 a.m., public hearing: commission will finalize its recommendation to increase mayor and council salary.ThursdayRidgefield City Council, Ridgefield Community Center, 210 N. Main Ave., Ridgefield.• 6:30 p.m., regular meeting: 2018 budget amendment, approval of Waste Water Treatment Plant operator agreement, approval of amendment to collection system transfer and operation agreement, approval of bid award for Ridgefield Outdoor Recreation Complex, intent to annex Cosgrove.last_img read more

Working in Clark County Mike McCoy owner of Snake Brand

first_imgFly-fishing, for many, is a passion and an obsession.There’s a history of fathers taking their sons to streams in the early hours to spend the day perfecting their cast — look no further than the 1992 film “A River Runs Through It.”Battle Ground resident Mike McCoy eventually channeled that fly-fishing passion into his business, Snake Brand. He spends his days working out of his house and garage, overseeing the creation of what are called “snake guides,” as well as other fly rod components, such as sleek reel seats (the handle to a fly rod) made of maple and buckeye.Using machines he designed himself, his business can produce up to 400 snake guides an hour. They’re shipped all over the world, he said, to customers as far away as Japan and New Zealand.To a non-fly fisher, maybe the words “snake guide” mean nothing — but at the very least, you may have heard how important getting the “perfect cast” is in the sport of fishing.A snake guide is one of the tiny metal pieces attached to a fly rod through which the fishing line is strung. Other guides, such as the ones you might find on an average fly rod, are shaped like a teardrop. McCoy said those guides have more “drag points.”last_img read more

In pursuit of pie in Clark County

first_img“As American as apple pie.”There’s a reason why that’s such a well-loved phrase. Our affection for our country isn’t represented by cake, or cobbler, or pudding, or cookies (though we do love our cookies).The dessert that crosses all party lines and political affiliations is pie.It’s right up there with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — something we hope we can help you find through the pursuit of the best pie in Clark County.Many slices of pie were consumed in order to bring you this information; but really, it was simply our patriotic duty.Prepare to dig in.Smitty’s Original Coney Island Hot DogsThe first place on our pie-eating agenda was Smitty’s Original Coney Island Hot Dogs (formerly Smokehouse Provisions) at 8058 E. Mill Plain Blvd., in a Vancouver retail development known as The Mill. I visited on a weekday afternoon with food blogger and photographer Sue “Birgerbird” O’Bryan and Rachel Pinsky, The Columbian’s Food & Drink columnist, who had recommended the caramel apple pie to me via text message — “This pie is ON FIYAH,” she wrote, with a tiny fire emoji.She was right: As far as caramel apple pies go, this one was tops, with tender slices of cinnamon-laced apple enveloped in a blanket of shiny caramel topping. It came adorned with a fluffy poof of whipped cream and a sprinkle of crunchy peanut tidbits.“This pie tastes like my favorite soft caramel apple,” noted Sue, “but off its stick. Should we order another slice?”The underlying crust was soft and almost cakey but robust enough to support the filling. The portion size was exactly what you’d need after eating a couple of sauce-slathered coney dogs and cheesy fries — modest, but enough to gratify the desire to end a savory meal on a sweet note.last_img read more

Trump says US will begin deporting millions

first_imgWASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is threatening to deport millions of people living in the United States illegally, heralding a plan that could help energize his supporters just ahead of formally announcing his reelection bid.The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement next week will “begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States,” Trump said in a pair of tweets Monday night.“They will be removed as fast as they come in,” he wrote.An administration official said the effort would focus on the more than 1 million people who have been issued final deportation orders by federal judges but remain at large in the U.S. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to explain the president’s tweets.Other U.S. officials with knowledge of the preparations have said the operation was not imminent, and that ICE officials were not aware the president would make public sensitive law enforcement plans on Twitter. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.It is unusual for law enforcement agencies to announce raids before they take place. Some in Trump’s administration believe that decisive shows of force — like mass arrests — can serve as effective deterrents, sending a message to those considering making the journey to the U.S. that it’s not worth coming.last_img read more

Ronaldo has no plans to retire from Portugal

first_imgCristiano Ronaldo has revealed that he has no plans whatsoever to retire from representing Portugal at international level, even if he wins the World Cup in RussiaThe Real Madrid superstar recently added his fifth Champions League title to his mounting collection of silverware and finally ended his long wait in winning a major trophy for Portugal after leading the national side to the European championship in France two years ago.Now for the five-time Ballon d’Or winner, there is only one trophy remaining that has eluded him throughout his entire career – the World Cup.But, even if he wins the biggest trophy in world football this summer and fulfils his childhood dream, Ronaldo insists that he will have no plans to retire as he still has plenty left to give.Franck Ribery, FiorentinaFiorentina owner: “Ribery played better than Ronaldo!” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso was left gushing over Franck Ribery’s performance against Juventus, which he rates above that of even Cristiano Ronaldo’s.“Winning the World Cup is the best thing you can possibly achieve in your career because you represent your country and it is so difficult to win,” said the 33-year-old, according to the Daily Mail.“So if we could do it, then for me it would be the maximum. To give a World Cup to Portugal would be the greatest dream of my life and mean that I would have won everything a player can aspire to win.”He added: “Some people may think if I win the World Cup it would be time to retire, but I am ambitious and I still have a lot to give to this sport.”Portugal will begin their World Cup campaign against Spain in their Group B opener.last_img read more

Zlatko Dalic compares Croatia to Greece

first_imgCroatian coach Zlatko Dalic prepares for 2018 World Cup finals with his national side.He compares Croatia’s run in Russia to that of a fellow Mediterranean country –Greece – that surprised the football world at UEFA EURO 2004.“I see the connection between Croatia now and Greece in 2004, although they are two different styles of football,” he said via FIFA.“No one believed that they could be the [European] champions, but they were compact and had great teamwork.”Euro 2020Euro 2020 Qualifiers Betting: 06/09/19 Stuart Heath – September 6, 2019 With the international break in full-swing, here at we are going to take a look at Thursday’s Euro 2020 qualifiers match-betting odds.With a…As the smallest nation to reach a World Cup Final since Uruguay back in 1950, Croatia coach is confident Croatia can win the Trophy on Sunday evening.“There are two top teams in the World Cup Final,” he said.“This will be our biggest game and our toughest opponent, for sure. France are very dangerous on the counter-attack. We had a tough journey to the Final, but there are no excuses, we are ready for the last game of the tournament.”last_img read more

Agent Vinicius Junior not returning to Flamengo

first_imgThe agent of Vinicius Junior has dispelled rumours that he could be on his way back to Flamengo on loan in JanuaryThe 18-year-old winger was signed by Real Madrid this summer for €46m from Brazilian side Flamengo.However, Vinicius has struggled to break into the first-team and head coach Julen Lopetegui has since demoted him to the Real Madrid Castilla team.Rumours have emerged of a supposed clause in his contract that will allow Vinicius to return to Flamengo in January to gain more top-flight football experience.But his agent, Frederico Pena, has denied such a clause.Sergio Ramos, Real MadridZidane reveals Sergio Ramos injury concern for Real Madrid Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane has put Sergio Ramos’ availability for Real Madrid’s trip to Sevilla next weekend in doubt after withdrawing him against Levante.“This option does not exist in his contract,” Pena told GloboEsporte, via AS.“The plan is being strictly followed, so a return to Flamengo in January is unlikely.”Pena explained that Real Madrid’s plan is to closely monitor Vinicius’ progress amongst their own ranks.After a quiet first game for Castilla, Vinicius scored a brilliant brace against Atlético Madrid B last time out.However, the match ended in controversy after Atletico B captain Tachi attempted to bite his head.last_img read more

Thilo Kehrer Training with Neymar Mbappe will make me a

first_imgTraining with the likes of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe will help me reach my full potential, says new Paris Saint-Germain defender Thilo KehrerThe Germany international completed a €35m switch to PSG from Schalke last month following a breakthrough campaign last term.Since arriving at the French capital, Kehrer has made two Ligue 1 appearances.Although the 21-year-old will have to compete against captain Thiago Silva, Marquinhos and Presnel Kimpembe for a starting spot at PSG.PSG, Neymar, Ligue 1PSG ultras sent a warning letter to Neymar Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Brazilian superstar Neymar might play today his first game of the season for Paris Saint-Germain and the team’s ultras have warned him.However, due to the star quality at his new club, Kehrer is feeling confident that he’s at the right place to fulfil his potential.“Now that I’m at PSG, I’ve set myself the target of reaching the highest playing standard,” he told the DFB website.“Training with and defending against world-class players like Neymar and Mbappe will only help me become a better player.“I’d also like to be playing and helping the team on the pitch, of course. That would also help me make progress with the national team.”last_img read more

LoftusCheek keen to break into first team

first_imgChelsea midfielder Ruben Loftus-Cheek is keen to break into the club’s first team this season despite only featuring sparingly so far.The midfielder who started England’s friendly match against Switzerland on Tuesday has struggled for game time so far since he returned back to Stamford Bridge after the World Cup.Loftus-cheek was a part of England’s 23 man squad to this summer’s World Cup after impressing whilst on loan at crystal Palace last season.So far he has struggled to do so, playing just 33 minutes of football for the Blues in two substitute appearances this term.Asked if he could head back to Palace in January, Loftus-Cheek told Sky Sports:“Possibly, but it is still far away, there are still a lot of games to play and I just have to see what happens.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…“Right now I am at Chelsea and my focus is at Chelsea and learning at Chelsea. That is in the future and we will deal with that when it comes.“I’m not sure when I am going to play. It is just down to me working hard in training, I don’t know whether I am going to play or not play but for me it stays the same, I still train well and do everything the right way in case I do play.”“There are a lot of games coming up so I think there will be more opportunities coming for players that are not playing every week,” he added.“We have to be ready and do our best when we get the chance. We had a lot of talks in the past couple of weeks and he [Sarri] said to me that I need to learn tactically so a lot of my focus and effort is learning his tactics and his ways in training.“I think the quicker I get then the more opportunities I will get to play. He is helping me and Gianfranco is helping me every day to learn it as quickly as possible and that is great for me.”last_img read more

John Terry says hes not ready to be a manager

first_imgThe former England national team footballer took his first coaching role as an assistant manager to Dean Smith in Championship’s Aston VillaJohn Terry is working on his first coaching role as an assistant manager in his former club Aston Villa.The English Championship club has recently hired Dean Smith, who will be Terry’s boss on this new challenge.But the former national team footballer wants to be a manager himself, although it will take more time for this to become true.Danny CowleyCowley explains why he changed his mind about Huddersfield Manuel R. Medina – September 9, 2019 Last week Danny Cowley rejected the chance to coach Huddersfield Town in the English Championship, but today he accepted saying it was a good opportunity.“I have aspirations to be a manager one day but that is in four or five years – I’m nowhere near the finished article,” Terry said according to Team Talk.“Even my first day was a real eye-opener for me – as a player you don’t realize the depth and the amount of work that goes on.”“You turn up as a player and get on with the session. Yesterday we were going through it for an hour beforehand, and then another hour and a half afterward,” he added.“I am still building my ideas and my philosophy. I have learned over the years from many great managers – I am a sponge and I am keen to learn from him [Smith] and [assistant] Richard O’Kelly.”last_img read more

Dzeko joins European top 10 scorers

first_imgRoma striker Edin Dzeko netted a brace for Bosnia & Herzegovina last night, taking him into the top 10 European goalscorers of all time.Dzeko, 32, raised his tally to 55 goals in 97 caps, putting him joint 10th on the log in terms of international goals for a European nation.The Bosnian is level with Robert Lewandowski of Poland and the former Czech Republic striker Jan Koller, four behind Spain hero David Villa and Hungarian forward Imre Schlosser.UEFA European ChampionshipEuro 2020 Qualifiers Betting: 05/09/2019 Stuart Heath – September 5, 2019 With the International break upon us and the fans out in force. Here at we take a look at Wednesday’s 2020 Euro Qualifiers…That puts him equal 10th, though Koller achieved his 55 goals in six fewer caps, while Lewandowski has three more.Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo currently leads the way with 85 goals, one ahead of Hungarian legend Ferenc Puskas.All-time European international goalscorers: 1) Cristiano Ronaldo [Portugal] – 85 goals 2) Ferenc Puskas [Hungary] – 84 3) Sandor Kocsis [Hungary] – 75 4) Miroslav Klose [Germany] – 71 5) Gerd Müller [Germany] – 68 6) Robbie Keane [Republic of Ireland] – 68 7) Zlatan Ibrahimovic [Sweden] – 62 8) = Imre Schlosser [Hungary], David Villa [Spain] – 59 10) = Jan Koller [Czech Republic], Edin Dzeko [Bosnia & Herzegovina], Robert Lewandowski [Poland] – 55last_img read more